Best iPhone Slots for Real Money

Fortunately for iOS users, thousands of slot games for iPhone offer players the chance to win real money. During the last few years, the race has been on for developers to create real money slot machine apps. Even though Android’s Google Play has more forgiving policies for casino slots, iPhone users weren’t excluded from this gaming revolution. Today there are countless real money slots for iPhone that accept payment from both MasterCard & PayPal. These provide access to everything from penny slots to full feature modern releases.

The best part about this new wave of games it they accept access from a slew of countries. Many real money slots for iPhone are available for punters to enjoy in Canada & Australia. These markets are massive, which has made them too irresistible to be ignored by online casinos. Every year, a staggering amount of real money slots apps for iPhone are released. While this flood of new choices is great, it provides its own unique challenges.

Today there are so many real money slot games to choose from that most players get overwhelmed. There are literally too many options to try them all, which forces iOS users to play the first games they see. This is a tragedy, since too many quality choices are available for players to waste their time on subpar games. To help guide our readers, we compiled a list of the best real money slots themes for iOS. These games are superb, so dive into a new level of slots with these epic themes!

Top Real Money Slots for iOS

iPhone Slots
Enjoy some laughs while spinning the reels!

Slots Theme #3: South Park Slots – Ever since the first episode of this unapologetically raunchy show aired in 1997, it was destined to become a hit. The rest was history, since South Park’s 23rd season just got renewed by Comedy Central. Over 287 episodes have aired, and they are showing no signs of running out of material. With a fan base that’s in the millions, South Park has branched out into a full-blown franchise.

Multiple video games are based on the show, so it’s no surprise that there’s a slot game too. This 5-reel, 25-payline video slot manages to combine brutal satire & character traits to create a delightful gaming experience. On top of sporting familiar material for fans, the game features wilds, bonus games, free spins & 3 mini features. To ease up access, it was connected to NetEnt Touch. It’s also compatible with iOS & Mac laptop/computers, which makes it a great choice for Apple users!

iPhone Slots
All your favorite superheroes are featured in this slots game!

Slots Theme #2: Avengers Slots – After taking Hollywood hostage, this blockbuster hit is taking online casinos by storm. Playtech used their signature design, graphics & sound to create a masterpiece. This 20-payline, 5-reel game is bursting at the seams with familiar characters. From the Hulk to Iron Man, no superhero is neglected in this epic slot game. Playtech created this game to be compatible on all major platforms so iOS users can get in on the action!

iPhone Slots
This infamous slot theme boasts massive jackpots.

Slots Theme #1: Mega Fortune Slots – Boasting larger than life progressive jackpots, no slot theme has made more players millionaires than Mega Fortune Slots. By providing three possible jackpots, NetEnt gives users multiple ways to win big. This 5-reel slots theme can be approached from 4 bet levels on 25 bet lines. All the reels feature exclusive luxury items that are accompanied by a 70’s style disco track. This game is available on Mac & iOS, so there’s no excuse not to test your luck with this theme!