Best Slots Games by Zynga on iTunes

When examining their wide portfolio of hits, it’s no surprise that Zynga has created some truly exceptional games. Boasting over 80 million active monthly users, Zynga is one of the largest social game developers in the world. Ever since it was founded in 2007, they helped redefine social gaming with a slew of popular releases. Their first hit FarmVille managed to generate 10 million daily active users within six weeks of its release. They managed to follow up this classic with Zynga Poker and CSR Racing 2, which cemented their reputation in the industry.

Even though their other releases steal the show, Zynga has made some impressive contributions to slots. By utilizing vibrant graphics and free to play opt in features, they were able to bring their usual perks to slot lovers. Despite losing 13% in shares when announcing that they wouldn’t develop real money games in 2013, Zynga is on the rebound. Led by the former head of mobile for Electronic Arts, the company is firmly committed to strictly creating social games. This refocus paved the way for some truly addictive games, including free to play slots.

While naming all of Zynga’s releases is a daunting task, identifying the best games isn’t. Even after captivating an entire generation, these themes continue to attract millions of active players. To showcase the versatility of the company, we compiled a list of Zynga’s best slots releases on iTunes. Each entry made a profound impact on the industry, so prepare to discover a new way to kill time!

Top Zynga Slots Themes in the App Store

Zynga Slots
Follow Dorthy on a surprisingly lucrative adventure…

Game #2: Wizard of Oz – By expertly capturing the details of one America’s most popular films, Zynga made an instant classic. The game allows users to accompany Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion on their adventure to Emerald City. Instead of the usual wishes, this Yellow Brick Road leads to a diverse amount of free spins, mega wilds and huge payouts. This constant flow of coins allows users to indulge in nearly endless gameplay that can be augmented with in-app purchases.

This mixture of vibrant graphics and familiar characters proved to be a winning combination. Despite originally being released in 2014, this games’ wild popularity has provoked updates all the way till 2019. Wizard of Oz remains one of Zynga’s most successful slots games, and has solidified its place on iTunes. This theme provides plenty of coin bonuses that allows users to get started for free, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Zynga Slots
This game compiles all of Zynga’s top slots releases!

Game #1: Hit It Rich! – This is yet another Zynga release from 2014 that managed to continue captivating users in 2019. Instead of sticking to a theme, this download provides access to all of Zynga’s finest slot games. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, The Terminator, Ghostbusters and I Love Lucy are just a few of their high profile themes. On top of putting multiple blockbuster films on the reels, plenty of shows and famous actors have their own games. The amount of games is staggering, which makes downloading the app the easiest way to preview the options. Upon sign-up, users get access to 10 million coins. Free coins are also available every 24 hours, so don’t miss out on the action!