Best End of Year Apple Sales

Best End of Year Apple Sales in 2022
Best End of Year Apple Sales

In an effort to spread the holiday cheer, Apple is wrapping up 2019 with a slew of epic sales. These deals cover everything from laptops to iPhones and allow everyone to get a piece of the action. This is welcome news for Canadians since they are some of the most loyal customers Apple has. Out of all the products Canadians use every day, no one can compete with Apple. Over 70% of the Canadian population owns smartphones, and a majority of these devices are iPhones. Over 54.9% of all smartphones in Canada operate on iOS, which breaks down to 15.9 million devices.

Even though iPhones are normally used by wealthy, higher spending consumers, Apple aims to break that stereotype. Through the introduction of various sales, the playing field is being evened out for consumers. These products are still far from cheap, but they are a lot more feasible to purchase when discounted. This is a welcome burst of savings since the holiday season is rife with overspending. Over 1.4 billion Apple devices are being used around the world, and this number is expected to jump during the holidays. From Christmas to Hanukah, plenty of gifts are going to revolve around Apple products.

Fortunately for the savvy customer, you don’t have to be indulging in the holidays to get a new Apple device. There’s no better way to wrap up the year than treating yourself to a high-end product, especially when it’s available at a discount. Apple is going the extra mile to treat its customers this season, so now is the prime time to jump on its bandwagon. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of the best Apple sales. These discounts are available until the end of the year, so start with new technology that doesn’t break the bank!

Top End of Year Apple Sales

Apple Sales
The cheapest iPad just became more affordable! – Apple Sales

Sale #3: iPad 10.2” 32GB ($80 Off) – When it comes to getting an iPad, this is the only model that doesn’t scare off customers. Even though this is the cheapest addition to the iPad lineup, Apple decided to make it even easier to attain during the holidays. Now users can purchase this coveted tablet for $249, which is $80 off its base price. Don’t let this discount fool you, this is still a great iPad. Users get access to a bright display, robust battery life and keyboard support. This is an exceptional deal, so get your hands on this quality tablet!

iPad Air
Get access to unlimited entertainment on the go!

Sale #2: iPad Air 64GB ($100 Off) – For those who demand quality features and portability, this tablet is indispensable. On top of being extremely light and portable, the iPad Air packs a punch. Its 10.5” Retina display is powered by an A12 Bionic chip and secured with a Touch ID sensor. These features are also complemented by an 8MP rear camera, 7MP selfie camera and surprisingly powerful stereo speakers. All this innovation is crammed into a 1 pound, 6.1mm thin device, which makes it the perfect addition to any trip. The 256GB model is also available for $100 off ($549), so add this versatile device to your arsenal!

Apple Sales
This is the best laptop the company has to offer.

Sale #1: MacBook Pro 15” 1TB ($800 Off) – If you were entertaining the thought of diving deep into Apple’s lineup, now’s the time to jump. For a limited time, the 15” MacBook Pro is available at BestBuy for $2,999.99. Even though this is an intimidating price tag, it’s $800 off its base price. For this hefty investment, users get access to nothing but Apple’s top technology. Its 1TB of memory is complemented by a 6-core Intel Core i9 processor, Touch Bar/Touch ID, Brilliant Retina display and Ultrafast SSD. This laptop defines Apple’s superiority, so get an edge over the competition with this sale!


These are a few best Apple end of the year sales. We hope that this was satisfactory to your liking.