What are the Common Problems with iPhone 6 when playing Slot Machine Games?

iphone 6

Though the iPhone 6 iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.3.1 updates fixed few bugs, a number of concerns still exist. Here, as slot machine player, I’m pointing out how to deal with the most common iPhone 6 problems and issues easily. On this regard, back in April, Apple back-to-back releases iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1 updates.

All these issues that I’ve listed below experienced by me; thus offering some custom fixes to those who are using iOS 8 and iOS 9.

10. Battery Life Problem

iphone battery

This is one of the most common issues on versions of iOS 9 and iOS 8. I figured out, sometime it’s an app that causing the issue. Some game apps are built in such a way, that they are pressing hard on your battery power in order to run seamlessly. If you start noticing that after any specific game app installation, your iPhone’s battery life is declining, then either remove it or take a look at your list of installed apps. This way you may maintain solid battery life year after year and enjoy game on your iPhone.

9. Wi-Fi Issue

iphone 6 wifi

I know, without an active internet connection, during games, many times you feel disgusted. So any issues with Wi-Fi whether it is not working or unstable speed, should not be there. To escape, first reset your iPhone’s network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings). Keep your Wi-Fi password with you in order to complete the process. Hopefully you never face anymore problems with Wi-Fi. If not, turn off your device’s Wi-Fi Networking (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services), wait for a few seconds before reboot the phone and turn on. Even then if the issues still poking you, forget your Wi-Fi network (Settings > Wi-Fi > Select your connection > Tap Forget this Network), wait for a few moments, and reconnect.

If possible unplug your router and restart to see if that works. Otherwise check whether the router was installed / functioning properly or not.

8. Bluetooth Problem

iphone bluetooth

To deal with iPhone 6 Bluetooth problems on iOS 9 or iOS 8, reset phone’s settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings). Keep all the necessary backup of data with you before doing this. If the problem still persists, nest step will be first forget your Bluetooth network (Settings > Bluetooth > Select your connection > Tap Forget this Device) and then reconnect your iPhone 6 with Bluetooth network.

If you are facing issues with Bluetooth in the car, in a terminal or in a station or any other particular place, contact Apple’s support service.

7. Issues with App

iphone apps

Some apps simply aren’t compatible with iOS 8 or iOS 9. iPhone 6 users, specifically noticed that some of their favorite game or utility app performance suddenly start weakening. To deal with that, make sure all your beloved installed applications are updated. Many iPhone users feel shy about updating apps – please don’t do that for your own benefit. You may think about turn on auto updates feature to use always the latest versions.

6. How to Improve Performance of the device by my own?

iphone series

There are number of ways to raise the performance level of your iPhone 6. Reduce animations, remove cool effects, reset phone settings and restore factory settings are only a few common steps to rebuild your device’s performance. These fixes are applicable from 4s to iPhone 6s models.

Remember don’t reset factory settings too often. I’ve seen that iOS 9.2.1 is the best performer out there till now so try to go for it.

5. Landscape Issue on iPhone 6

iphone 6 landscape

If you get trapped in landscape mode for an indefinite period, try turning the phone in your hand to see if you can get out. Otherwise press the home button and the power button together until the phone resets. And with reboot, you should be fine.

4. Problem with iMessage


iMessage is a common pitfall for iPhone 6 users. What I did was, turn off iMessage from Settings. Then I reboot the phone and turn on the service. If it is back to work then good, otherwise reset your device’s network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings). Reboot the phone and check.

3. Random Reboot

iphone reboot

Random reboot is a thing which annoy me most especially when I’m about to receive a free spin or entering into a bonus slot round as a iPhone 6 user. Just imagine, how you feel, when you’re playing an exciting slot and suddenly the phone reboots. Sadly, as far as I know, there’s no guaranteed fix however you can obviously go for a trial and error method.

First, try restarting the phone. If that doesn’t help, reset all of your device’s settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings).

Watch after install/uninstall which recent apps, the problem just stopped/started. Accordingly decide which app is good for your phone and which is not?

You may also consciously downgrade your system if the problem start occurring after any upgradation, or else, wait for Apple’s next update.

2. Keyboard

iphone keyboard

I’ve experienced issues with iPhone 6’s keyboard while planning to write an email or iMessage. Sadly many of my friends support that they have found issues too. To negate, try turn off Documents & Data in iCloud (Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data) first. If everything back in shape then turn it on. If not, try reset all settings (General > Reset > Reset All Settings).

1. Cellular Network or Data Issue

iphone 6 data usage

I’ve seen many like me who are suffering from slow connections, no connections and other random problems on their iPhone 6.

To fix, restart your phone first. This has helped me many times in the past. If that doesn’t help you, try cellular data switch off and on (Cellular > Cellular Data > Toggle Off). If still no success, try turn the Airplane Mode on, waiting for a few moments, and then turn it off. It worked for me earlier, see if it is works you.

3 additional DIY solutions if nothing else work..

If none of the aforementioned works for you, do the following things.

– First, contact Apple’s Customer Service team (https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201398)

– Second, take the device to a local Apple Store in order to find out the root cause

– Third, do a factory reset (Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings) which essentially clean the memory and return the phone to its original state

Caution: Take a back up before doing this to stay safe if in case anything goes off beam.