Discover the Most Influential Apple Products

Apple is the biggest company in the world, and this coveted title was attained by releasing some truly revolutionary products. On July 30th, 2018 Apple made history by becoming the first company to surpass $1 trillion in net worth. The following month the tech giant peaked at $1.129 trillion, which is the highest any company has ever reached. Even though Apple’s net worth settled down to $932.42 billion, it remains the undisputed champion of the tech industry. Apple products revolutionized how we interact, and have gradually become crucial to our daily routines.

This impressive integration into modern society has made Apple synonymous with human progress. Boasting over 500 retail stores in prime positions throughout the globe, Apple is the most recognized brand in the world. Even though the company name is larger than life, a handful of products set the stage for this empire. These staggering accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible if Apple didn’t take some risks in the name of innovation. For this reason, their catalogue is just as legendary as their current standings in the industry.

To showcase what an impact these products had, we compiled this list. It’s easy to forget how one simple innovation can change the course of history, and nowhere is this more apparent than with certain Apple products. These releases helped launch Apple out of a garage in California to the top of the world. The company’s rise to power deserves an entire article, so discover which products made this transition possible!

Most Influential Apple Products

This computer consolidated PC’s into one machine.

Product #3: Macintosh – When this PC debuted in 1984, it was the first all-in-one computer that the world had ever seen. It boasted a mouse, graphical user interface and Motorola 6800 processor, which at the time was a truly spectacular combination. Its 9-inch black and white CRT display allowed users to indulge in the highly acclaimed MacPaint and MacWrite applications. These impressive features allowed the Macintosh to retail at $2,495, which given inflation equates to $6,161.16 today.

Despite this hefty price tag, plenty of people believed the Macintosh was a wise investment. 70,000 units were sold in 3 months, and 280,000 Macintoshes were purchased within the first year. The success of this release caused various MS-DOS based PC’s to flood the market, and PC computers as we know them were born. The Macintosh set the foundation for what Apple is today, but it was far from their only innovation.

Apple Products
This release propelled an MP3 revolution.

Product #2: iPod – Through one legendary release, Apple single-handedly revolutionized how people listened to music. During the 80’s and 90’s, the Sony Walkman dominated the mobile audio industry. When MP3 digital music files were introduced, the doors were opened for a renaissance. Apple scrambled to create a more complete listening device, and they inadvertently hit a home run. Once the iPod made its debut in 2001, the music industry was never the same.

Boasting 5GB of storage that could accommodate up to 1,000 songs, the iPod shattered previous stereotypes. It was compact, had an integrated rechargeable battery and was backed up by Apple’s iTunes Store. This proved to be a winning combination, since it made the competition obsolete. The wild popularity of the iPod inspired Apple Computer to change its name to Apple Inc. This rebranding introduced the world to Apple, the versatile consumer electronics company. At this point, Apple had proved that they were capable of making more than just computers. Even though the iPod’s impact was epic, their next release would make an even bigger impression.

Original iPhone
This phone changed the way consumers perceived smartphones.

Product #1: iPhone – No matter where your loyalty lies between Android and iOS, there’s no arguing the importance of the first iPhone. When it released in 2007, the industry was dominated by Nokia. The only smartphone available was the BlackBerry, and it was mostly used by business people. Boasting a vibrant touchscreen and interesting store filled with apps, the original iPhone introduced casual consumers to the benefits of smartphones. Even though its features pale in comparison to what’s available today, the revolution it sparked was groundbreaking.

Hailed as the “Jesus phone”, the first iPhone put the focus back on smartphones. Customers waited for days in line to purchase one, and this raging popularity caused cellphones as we knew them to become obsolete. Today iPhone sales account for over 60% of Apple’s $900 billion plus revenue. It was a historic step for mobile phones, and the impact of this bold release still echoes throughout the industry. Human interaction will never be the same, and it all comes back to the first iPhone.