Discover the Top iOS Only Apps

Even though most apps have crossed over to both platforms, some stayed true to iOS. From voice recording to photo editing, these iOS only apps are dedicated to making our lives easier. They work together with Apple’s tools to create something truly unique. This unity is what makes iPhones stand out from the rest. While other brands have blended to the point where they’re all indiscernible, Apple remains unique. This unwavering individuality is what keeps their customers loyal even when faced with tempting options.

While most iOS only apps revolve around optimizing Apple’s software, others are purely for entertainment. These give users a slew of action packed options that can turn the dullest moment into an adventure. With so many apps crossing over, finding exclusive iOS apps can be difficult. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best iOS only apps in 2017. They are tried and true, so prepare to be impressed by their capabilities!

Best iOS only apps in 2017

iOS Only App
Create breathtaking images!

iOS Only App #3: Enlight – Scoot over Adobe Photoshop, there’s a simpler alternative for iOS users. For only $3.99, clients can download this all in one photo-editing tool. It has all the amenities of a premium photo editor, but can be acquired for a fraction of the price. The versatility of this app has made it undeniable, even securing it a feature at the 2017 Apple Design Awards. From seamless effect blending to vibrant tone controls, this app holds nothing back when it comes to editing photos.

What sets this app apart from the other photo editing apps is the fact that it’s easy to use. Even though it’s capable of pulling off complicated feats, its interface remains simple. This lets users from all backgrounds enjoy the cutting-edge features of this app. We just scratched the surface of what it’s capable of, so purchase it to unlock its true potential!

iOS Only App
Correct your speech with this innovative app!

iOS Only App #2: Ummo – For those who routinely stumble over their vocabulary, this app is a godsend. It’s the speech coach we never had, and it’s ready to polish your voice. Ummo works directly with the iPhone’s built in microphone to analyze your speech. It tracks the amount of times the client uses filler words such as “umm”, “like” and “you know”. On top of letting you know how much text is viable, it also tracks your pace, word count and clarity.

By examining all these factors, strategies for achieving clear speech can be implemented. They train your tongue and brain with recorded transcript, and graphs that highlight progress. It caters to both US and UK English, so no iOS user is left behind. Priced at $1.99, this app is a bargain for anyone who’s struggling to get people to understand them. Take the guesswork out of speech therapy, it’s easy to fix with a little guidance!

iOS Only App
Jumpstart your new podcast!

iOS Only App #1: Overcast – This app aims to prove that you don’t need an expensive recording system to start your own podcast. Instapaper creator Marco Ament went the extra mile with this app’s clean design and crisp audio management features. It also helps you keep track of your favorite podcasts and shows everyone how they can get a piece of the action.

On top of being free, this app shines with its audio features. Their Voice Boost artfully normalizes speech sound levels by raising quiet voices and lowering loud ones. While this is a blessing for those who aren’t used to being recorded, Smart Speed is also extremely helpful. This option automatically cuts out gaps and silence in your podcast. It does it in such a way that the audio remains intact. The free version is just a taste of its capabilities, so all the features can be unlocked for $4.99. That’s a lot cheaper than springing for new audio equipment, so start your podcast today!