How To Play Slot Races At iPhone Casinos?

How to play slot races at iPhone casinos?
How to play slot races at iPhone casinos?

Slot races are a new feature available at online Canadian casinos, which means you are never bored at a casino. These races are something more fun to win. The exciting thing is that you can compete against other players on the site. Many Canadian-friendly online casinos offer such races for punters. Such races add an extra layer of excitement and competition to every game you play. Each slot race gives you more opportunities to win great prizes, and better yet, it’s free to enter.

How to play slot races at online casinos?

Playing slot races at online casinos is a very easy process.

  • First, you need to find a casino offering slot races. Don’t worry most of them now do have slot races on their games lobby.
  • Here is an example let’s talk about Box24 casino that accepts Canadian punters.
  • Visit the online casino with your mobile iPhone or PC or tablet.
  • Simply type the casino URL on the web or safari mobile iPhone browser and hit enter to access the site
  • Once done, on the homepage see two tabs above the right-hand side that say LOGIN and JOIN NOW
  • If you already have an online casino account then log in with your name and password. If not then click on JOIN NOW and create your casino account.
  • With a short form rolling down your screen, fill in a few details like name, address, country, phone number, etc.
Races at Box 24 casino Canada
Slot Races at Box 24 casino Canada

When you have completed the form for registration, you will be asked to opt for a deposit bonus.

Bonuses at Box 24 casino Canada
Bonuses at Box 24 casino Canada- Slot races

At the time of writing Box24 casino was offering a 100% Cashback bonus and a first deposit offer of up to $10000 for a 200% bonus along with 30 free spins with a 35X wager for a period of 7 days.

I choose a 100% cashback bonus and headed to make a deposit

Deposits at Box 24 casino Canada
Deposits at Box 24 casino Canada- Slot races

Now choose the deposit option to fund your online casino account with like VISA, American Express, Bitcoins, Ecopayz, Instadebit, Neosurf or any from the list provided. The Minimum deposit to make at Box 24 Casino is C$10 only.

Once you have made the deposit head to the casino homepage and locate the Races section.

Races at Box 24 casino Canada
Slot Races at Box 24 casino Canada

To be able to play, you need to go to the middle left side of the page, click on Races and choose the one that is available. After that, click on Join Race and choose a slot game that is listed for that particular race.

Each Race will be played with an exact number of spins, mentioned in the description and will have a minimum bet required, mentioned as well (if you bet lower amounts, the bets will not count for the tournament).

How to play Races at Box 24 casino Canada
How to play Slot Races at Box 24 casino Canada

The Races can be also played with both bonus and cash balance.

Online casinos offer a fair and diverse number of races each day. For more details, you can check the Races page or contact one of their Customer Service representatives.

Simply make winning bets in any of the eligible games and you’ll be awarded Leader Board points.

Note that in Races that allow playing over multiple games, you may only play one game at any given time, but may switch between eligible games at any point.

In the Races section, on top of the said page, the History button can be found and there the Player will be able to check his activity.

Because the points are based on multipliers of your win over your best round of spins or hands, you don’t need to be a high roller to win – so long as the minimum bet of the Race is met, a player betting a few cents per spin can beat someone betting the maximum.

When the Race ends, players on top of the Leader Board are instantly awarded a prize.

The leaderboards are updated automatically every five minutes.

The prize type of each Race is mentioned in each Race description, on the Races page. Depending on the prize type, the winnings can be withdrawable or could have a wager attached. Regular bonus rules apply.

The winnings are credited automatically to the account after the leaderboards are updated.

How are the points calculated in Slot Races?

In slot races, the points system is based on total accumulated multipliers over the course of the race or rounds of spins/hands. Points per spin/hand are calculated as multipliers – the amount won in each spin is divided by the amount wagered and then multiplied by 100. The total score, or highest accumulated round score, will be applied to the final Leader Board.

Every race is unique, therefore rules, minimum stake, max spins, paid leader board places and prizes are subject to change from race to race, so please make sure you see your in-game widget for the specific rules applicable to your race.

How to play Races at Box 24 casino Canada
How to play Slot Races at Box 24 casino Canada

To win a race, you need to accumulate points by playing those slots. The online casino has tried to create a level playing field in these slot-short tournaments, including accruing points for losses and not only for winnings. If you are the player with the most points at the end of the race, you’ll win a fantastic prize.

  • For every win you make – you will win five points
  • If you win 3 times in a row – you will win 15 points
  • If you have 3 losses in a row – you will win 20 points
  • If you have a big win (defined as 10 x your bet amount) – you will win 150 points.

You can keep an eye on your position on the leaderboard throughout the race. Simply click on the race log which is situated on the upper right-hand side of the page, to see where you stand and how far off you are from winning a prize.

Note that Races will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and each Race can run for a different period.

How to play slot races with your iPhone
How to play slot races with your iPhone

As said above Race winners are determined based on a player’s position in the Leader Board at the end of the race. In the event of a tie, the player with the highest number of spins recorded during the Race will be assigned the higher position. If this does not break the tie, the player who registered for the Race first will be assigned a higher position. Rewards include Free Spins, Casino Instant Bonuses, and cash but also have special rewards for certain races.

Also note that if your game is interrupted during a Race, restored hands/spins will not count towards points for that Race. However, the winnings from that game will be credited as normal once the interrupted game is resolved.

Points to note

  • Real-money gameplay on only the eligible slot games will contribute to the tournament.
  • The eligible games can be checked under the races tab in your account.
  • The leaderboard is updated daily and can be checked in the race menu.
  • Prizes will be revealed at the end of each race.
  • Points will be added for each spin irrespective of whether you lose or win in it.
  • Different races run each day can be checked by going to the races tab in your account.
  • The time for each tournament will be shown in your time zone depending on your last log-in.
  • Each race may have a different minimum bet and the total number of spins which should be checked before you start playing.

Why do many online casinos name races as 5th Street races?

How to play 5th street slot races with your iPhone
How to play 5th street slot races with your iPhone

Fifth Street is the name of the gaming company that provided such kinds of races. Fifth Street provides gamification technology and reward management for industry-leading VIP and loyalty programs. There has been a considerable investment made to improve the existing technology of their clients’ casinos and several exciting features have been added, including monthly promotions, VIP benefits and regular Races to be held on a daily basis.

The online casinos providing 5th Street races are Rich Casino, 888 Casino, 7 Reels, 21 Dukes, Casino Moons, Winward, Blackdiamond Casino, Box24casino, 7 Spins and many more casinos in its impressive line-up.

These Races are mini-tournaments with low minimum bets of under $1 and top prizes of $1,000 or more per game. The Races are to be held every hour throughout the day, every day of the week. They are free to join and in order to win players must simply accumulate as many points as possible, but there is a limited number of spins and you have a set time limit in which to score. Players also have the option to play up to four games at once, so the enjoyment isn’t limited to just one race!

In addition, there will be two main races held each day with higher prices, that are also completely free to join. These main Races run for 55 minutes each and will be held at set times of the day and run on one game only. Players must join the Race before it starts as there are no admissions once the Race is on!

Prizes are determined by the player’s position on the leaderboard and you can keep an eye on your score right from the game window, as well as check remaining spins and how much time is remaining on the game.

How-to-play-5th-street-slot races-with-your-iPhone

One of the great things about them is that you accrue points for losses as well as wins! Each win will net you 10 points, with 30 points for 3 wins in a row. 3 losses in a row will award you 40 points and if you make a big win (of at least 10 times your original bet), you will bag a whopping 300 points to boost you up the leaderboard!

The Fifth Street name adds real value to all its associated brands, with the most benefits being passed directly to the player, through better customer care, better technology and more frequent opportunities to win.

Now join the Canadian online casino of your choice that offers races and have fun with this new format of playing slot tournaments.


1. What are slot races at iPhone casinos?

Slot races are competitions held at iPhone casinos where players compete against each other to see who can win the most on a specific slot game within a set time period. The player with the highest score at the end of the race wins a prize.

2. How do I participate in a slot race at an iPhone casino?

To participate in a slot race, you need to first find an iPhone casino that offers slot races. Then, you’ll need to sign up for an account and make sure you have funds available to play with. Finally, you’ll need to find the specific slot game that the race is being held on and start playing.

3. How do I win a slot race?

To win a slot race, you need to have the highest score at the end of the race. Your score is based on how much you win in the specific slot game during the race period. To increase your chances of winning, it’s important to keep playing and spinning the reels as quickly as possible, using all of the features and bonuses available to you.

4. How do I keep track of my progress in a slot race?

Most iPhone casinos will have a leaderboard or a scorecard that shows you where you rank in the race. You can check this periodically to see how you’re doing compared to other players.

5. Can I use any slot game to participate in a slot race?

No, slot races are usually held on specific slot games chosen by the casino. Make sure to check the rules of the race to see which slot game you need to play.

6. What happens if there is a tie in a slot race?

If there is a tie, the prize will be split between the players who have the same score.

7. Are there any strategies for winning a slot race?

One strategy is to play as quickly as possible to increase your chances of hitting winning combinations. It’s also important to use all of the bonuses and features available to you in the game. Finally, be mindful of your bankroll and try to pace yourself so you don’t run out of funds before the race ends.

8. Can I participate in slot races for free?

Some iPhone casinos may offer free slot races as a promotion or as part of a loyalty program. However, most slot races require you to use real money to participate.


We hope that all of your queries and questions regarding the procedure to play slot races at iPhone casinos have been answered. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you are investing your time in this.