How to Transfer an Existing Telus SIM Card to eSIM on iPhone?

How to transfer an existing Telus SIM Card to eSIM on iPhone
How to transfer an existing Telus SIM Card to eSIM on iPhone

So you want to know how to transfer a Telus SIM Card to eSIM on iPhone? Telus and Koodo recently launched support for eSIM for iPhone and Android phones bringing support for Dual SIM. This means wireless users can have two phone lines on their smartphones—one physical SIM card and a digital eSIM.

According to Telus, the company had stated eSIM was only available as a secondary line for iPhone users, and eSIM as a primary line only for Android users. But it’s actually possible to switch your physical Telus SIM card to eSIM for iPhone users and use the latter as your mainline.

Apple’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and later devices like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max support eSIM. Some iPhone in Canada readers is able to switch over their physical Telus SIM cards (BYOD plans) to eSIM only on an iPhone as their mainline, switching their phone number tied to a physical SIM card over to eSIM.

Telus SIM
Telus SIM

Doing this frees up your physical SIM slot, so if you’re an avid traveller, you can pop in a local SIM card for cheaper data rates, while retaining your main line on eSIM. Vice versa, eSIM travel options are available too, if you are saving your eSIM for travelling such as Airalo.

To transfer an existing Telus SIM Card to eSIM on iPhone

telus SIM transfer
telus SIM transfer
  • First, go to Telus store to purchase an eSIM voucher for $20 (give them a ring to ensure they have stock before you head down)
  • Then use online self serve to make the switch.
  • You will need to ensure you have Wi-Fi available before you start this process Wi-Fi is available at Telus stores so set this up beforehand if you’ll be switching in stores.

To transfer your existing Telus SIM Card to eSIM on an Apple iPhone

Telus SIM swap
Telus SIM swap

Buy an eSIM voucher from a Telus store for $20. Tell the store you’ll do self-serve for the switch.

Ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Once you make the switch from physical SIM to eSIM, your data connection will be cut temporarily.

Log in to My Telus online, then go to Mobility plans & devices > Devices > Swap your SIM card and follow the steps.

Launch the camera app on iPhone and snap a picture of the Telus eSIM voucher. You should see “A cellular plan from TELUS is ready to be added to the iPhone,” and follow the steps. You can set the labels for your lines to whatever you wish.

Telus default
Telus default

Some final steps, you should ensure Wi-Fi Calling (Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling > ON) and VoLTE (Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > ON) are enabled still on your iPhone.

You’ll also want to double-check your iMessage and FaceTime settings on iPhone.

For iMessage, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and make sure your number is set under “You can receive iMessages”.

For FaceTime, go to Settings > FaceTime and double-check your number and Apple ID is selected in the “You can be reached by FaceTime at” section.

You can try this or plan to switch over your Telus BYOD plan physical SIM card over to eSIM Many over on Reddit were also successful in doing so.

Swapping your SIM

swapping your SIM
swapping your SIM

If you already have your new phone and it uses the same SIM card size as your current one, you can simply transfer your SIM into it.

If you’re switching to a new phone that requires a new SIM card or you wish to replace your current SIM card with a new one, you can do so online in My TELUS.

You must be an Owner or Manager on the account, and you’ll need the following:

  • A new TELUS SIM card and its 19-digit SIM number
  • An active phone (on which you are swapping the SIM)

To swap your SIM card online:

  • Log into My TELUS. If you don’t have an account, register now
  • Go to Mobility plans & devices
  • Select the Device tab
  • Select Swap your SIM card
  • Rest Follow the steps

Telus and Koodo will finally support eSIM for iPhone and Pixel devices. With eSIM, select iPhones are able to support Dual-SIM alongside the traditional nano SIM. This means with the digital eSIM, you’ll be able to activate a cellular plan without using a physical SIM. This can be handy when travelling, as various eSIM providers offer data plans cheaper than traditional roaming options (such as GigSky or Airalo).

TELUS Stores and Koodo Shops on both TELUS and Koodo (prepaid and postpaid) will be able to purchase an eSIM voucher for $20.

For iPhone users, eSIM is only available as a secondary line. For Android smartphones on Telus (3a/3a XL; 4/4 XL; Moto Razr), eSIM can be either the primary or secondary line.


We hope now you understand the mechanics of how to transfer an existing Telus SIM Card to an eSIM in iPhone.