iPhone XR to be Available in Two New Colors – Green and Lavender


iPhone XR to be Available in Two New Colors - Green and Lavender 1

The news is that a new Apple A13 processor has entered production. It is just one of those times of the year when Apple takes the spot for the no.1 contender in the technological industry. The processor is rumored to be used in the new iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. New colors are also being reported for the new iPhone XR.

The report justifies that the new iPhone XR will be released in six different and vibrant colors of white, black, yellow, red, green, and lavender. These color options are going to replace the current coral and blue options so hard luck to the coral and blue admirers.

The General Idea

iPhone XR to be Available in Two New Colors - Green and Lavender 2

New colors are being added to the yet to be processed iPhone XR that is going to replace the original coral and blue colors being lavender and green. So according to a report, there are going to be six colors with two completely different comprising of white, black, yellow, red, lavender and, green.

This has been a bold step since the last iPhone to use colors other than black, white, and gold was the iPhone 5C so it has been a while. The color of the device has been an amazing advertising cause for the new iPhone XR.

With people having high expectations this year, they are expecting them to show something new this year as well. In the process of the featuring of the new A13 processor, it also has the dual-camera setup on the back. It is rumored that the iPhone 11 is going to use a triple back camera. Other features include a redesigned antenna setup, bilateral wireless charging, and a larger battery for longer battery life.

All in all, the anticipation level is high. The people are patiently waiting for another masterpiece to inspire the technological industry and innovate newer, more eclectic ideas in their minds as to how to keep on evolving in this industry with such tough competitors.