iPhone6s – The Launch and Pre Order in Canada


Are you pre ordering/ordering your iPhone 6s? Why not ! After all the long wait on 12th September unlocked pre orders of iPhone 6s for Canadians  went live on Apple.ca and now the telecom carriers like Rogers, Telus and Bell followed its course all geared for the new launch. But let us understand and learn few basic guiding tips and about this iPhone 6s pre-ordering unlocked device.

Cost and Shipping

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus unlocked phone from Apple costs:
iPhone 6s

  • 16GB – $899
  • 64GB – $1029
  • 128GB – $1159

iPhone 6s Plus

  • 16GB – $1029
  • 64GB – $1159
  • 128GB – $1289

Shipping is free and customers are limited to 2 models each. You have 15 days to return the iPhone (free returns) if you’re not happy with it.

Pre-ordering from Apple

For Pre ordering from Apple you have to use the Apple Store iOS App. You can download the Apple Store iOS app and make your purchase. It is most reliable and fastest way to pre order Apple products.
app store
You will have to setup your payment method online enter in the security code and process the payment. If you have multiple iOS devices, have them ready with the Apple Store app signed in and do the order.

Reserve and Pick Up

This year at Apple.ca you can avail this service of Reserve and Pick Up The specific reservation link from last year doesn’t work, as Apple has made unique links generated only when you add a specific model to your cart and click on the Reserve and Pick Up link.
reserve-pick-up reservation

Pre-ordering from Rogers, TELUS and Bell and Other Stores

Rogers Tellus and Bell also have online reservation systems for iPhone 6s . Just look for their online timings. Other stores that offer iPhone 6s reservations
Best Buy

  • Best Buy is also offering iPhone 6s pre-orders for Rogers, TELUS and Bell customers. All you need to do is visit in-store, put down a $50 deposit and your name will be on the list.
  • Wireless Wave: they took Rogers and Bell pre-orders last year for iPhone 6; $50 refundable deposit
  • Costco Wireless Kiosks: some took unofficial pre-order lists with pen and paper
  • Other stores to try: London Drugs, The Mobile Shop within Real Canadian Superstores, Tbooth Wireless, any Glentel chain, Walmart, Target, The Source, Staples, etc

How long will it take to receive iPhone 6s pre-order

The iPhone 6s launch takes place on September 25, 2015. That’s when you’ll receive your iPhone if you live within Zone 1 delivery areas according to Apple’s delivery map. This time around, Apple wants you to enter your postal code via this link ONLY if you have a ship date of 9/25-9/29, to tell you when your phone will arrive.
arrive details
If you pre-ordered through Rogers, TELUS or Bell, delivery depends on how much stock they receive. Also you can track your consignment from UPS by putting your tracking consignment number. Do not worry if you miss the pre order you can order any time you wish from the Apple store and on receiving enjoy your new iPhone and share your experience!