Latest Survey Says Canadians are Anti-Gambling Expansion


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Canadians don’t want more gambling in their Great White North.

The latest Angus Reid Institute poll reveals that only 1 in 10 Canadians approve of expanding gambling operations in their province. Another poll showed that 4 in 10 Canadians would like to reduce gambling operations. While only 1 in 10 agrees to have more gambling activities, it was a surprise that over 60% of respondents have favoured their province’s current gambling regulations and conditions.

It’s an astounding finding that more than a half of respondents think that online gambling is the most harmful type of gambling. Online gambling was seen as a threat considering that family members have endured problem gambling issues with other forms of gambling.

Here are the results of the Angus Reid Institute survey:

What’s the most popular form of gambling?

  • Lotteries(82%)
  • Charitable Gambling (43%)
  • Casinos (32%)
  • Video Lottery terminals at a bar or pub (14%)
  • Sports Betting (13%)
  • Racetrack Betting (10%)

How’s Canadian Online Gambling Now?

The provinces that have online gambling through lottery monopolies have a higher online participation. Online gambling provinces like British Columbia (18%), Atlantic Canada (16%) Quebec (15%) and Ontario (14%) scored higher rates. Alberta (12%) and Saskatchewan (10%) don’t have an online gambling presence yet.

Canadians who admitted gambling online 24% spent nothing in the previous 30 days, 37% spent less than $25, 29% spent between $25-$100 and 10% spent over $100. Online gambling was seen as the most harmful type of gambling.

Online Gambling’s Effects Remains to be Seen in Canada

The most interesting finding from the Angus Reid survey is that online gambling was the least cause of a family member’s problem gambling issues. The survey says (9%) ranked well below VLTs (30%), casinos (23%) and lotteries (19%).

This only shows that the effects of online gambling have yet to become an issue in Canada. It also shows that the online gambling industry is just starting to develop in a number of Canadian provinces. Amendments to regulate online gambling are in the legislative discussion agenda already.

Are you in favour of increasing gambling activities in your area? Will it be beneficial or harmful to the community?