Loto-Québec Launches Legal eSports Betting

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Loto-Québec has announced that state-regulated eSports betting is now available in Québec. eSports aficionados now have the opportunity to wager on their favourite eSports as Loto-Québec launched the legal eSports betting service.

Loto-Québec’s first event was Dreamhack Montreál in August. It promises that eSports betting in Québec will be at par with international calibre contests. The service is now available on a new tab via the Mise‑o‑jeu sports betting site.

“With the increasing popularity of e‑sports, there is more and more demand for opportunities to bet on this type of competition. With Mise‑o‑jeu, Loto‑Québec is filling the gap by offering a secure and honest environment for placing bets. A new E‑Sports category has now been activated on our platforms. We will continue to track interest in this type of betting over the coming months,” said, Louis Beaudet, director of sports and entertainment betting.

Why is eSports Betting Legal in Québec?

Mise o jeu sports betting site

The Mise-o-jeu offering is the first legal and secure gaming environment for placing bets on eSports in Québec. eSports’ target audience of video and online gaming enthusiasts are excited to wager on the new sports betting service.

Canada provinces have the right to regulate their own online gambling. The federal law is ambiguous in terms of the legality of online gambling from offshore operators. The good news is that Loto-Québec is the monopoly licensed provider authorized by the Canadian government.

Loto-Québec Supports Local eSports and Game Developers

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Loto-Québec advocates for the eSports industry. It has recently sponsored its free space at the Indie Zone convention that allowed independent local gaming studios to feature their work. Québec shows that it has major interest to develop online gaming.

Aside from Québec, Montreal is home to Amaya, the parent company of the biggest poker website in the world – PokerStars. Thanks to its business support infrastructure for the online gaming industry, Montreal has been enticing international investors.

Offshore Operators Pose a Threat to Local eSports

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The Québec government recently passed a new legislation that requires Internet service providers or ISPs to block access to unlicensed offshore gambling sites. The legislation comes from the initiative to unify Québec’s monopoly position. It also prevents the loss of tax income from players using offshore eSports betting sites.

With this in tow, the Québec government is adamant to ensure a secure and regulated online gambling environment and puts a premium on eSports betting.

Are you in favour of Québec monopolizing eSports betting in their area? What do you think are the advantages of supporting local eSports betting instead of offshore betting?