Revisit Big Fish Casino

Out of all the casino games that made their debuts in the Apple Store, few have enjoyed as much success as Big Fish Casino. When this social casino platform launched in 2012, it unintentionally sparked a gaming revolution. Their fun themes and wide selection of games were so attractive to players that it made social gaming a hit. Within a few years, Big Fish Casino had millions of loyal players and was giving out 16 billion chips every day. This wild success catapulted its parent company Big Fish Game’s revenue to over $413.7 million in 2015.

By proving that the market was ready for social casino games, Big Fish Casino reshaped the entire industry. This unlikely hit eventually became one of the highest-grossing apps in the United States, and these numbers were too enticing for other developers to ignore. Due to their free-to-play games, social casino releases were able to be openly featured on Facebook. This easy access allowed social casino games to become a hit amongst both millennials and teens. In 2013 social casino games were the new frontier, and everyone from major casino companies to small startups scrambled to get a piece of the action.

This led to a tsunami of new releases, but none made a more profound impact on the industry than Big Fish Casino. By offering all the games players love and abundant amounts of free chips, this daring casino provides the best of both worlds. Between the staggering amount of revenue they generated and their overwhelmingly positive reviews in both app stores, Big Fish Casino’s popularity can’t be ignored. This winning combination set the stage for a $990 million buyout from Aristocrat Leisure in 2017.

Even 7 years after its release, Big Fish Casino continues to be relevant. They have over 150,000 five-star reviews in the App Store and remain within the top 100 casino games currently being played. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, this longevity is an impressive feat. To showcase the novelty of this casino, we decided to re-showcase it with an in-depth review. Big Fish Casino has withstood the tests of time, so come get an intimate glimpse at the game that made social casinos relevant!

Revisiting Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino
This casino’s introduction includes plenty of free bonuses.

As soon as I completed the signup, I was given a 100,000-chip welcome bonus. This was complemented by a 5,000-chip return bonus, a treat that would raise up every time I came back to play. From there I was brought to the Daily Spin wheel where I won an additional 20,000 points. This brought my total number of chips up to 125,000, which was more than enough to dive into the games.

Social Casino
The lobby is bursting at the seams with options.

Once I was loaded up with chips, I made my way to the lobby. Here I was greeted with icons for slots, Texas Hold’em poker, blackjack and roulette. Even though this was an intimidating selection of games, I already knew what I wanted to indulge in. Without a second thought, I dove headfirst into the slots.

Mai Tai Millions
This fun theme was easy to get into.

This proved to be a wise choice since their pokies selection was absolutely massive. After scrolling through themes that ranged from Big Fortune Valley to Jackpot City, I ended up in Mai Tai Millions. This fun game boasted a monkey dressed up like a laid-back captain with a massive cocktail. Curious to see what this game was about; I allowed myself to get plunged onto a cruise ship that was filled with interesting characters.

Online Slots
Each level up unlocks new games.

All of the patrons at the bar were animals, so I raised the bet to the max and started spinning. Exotic fruits, tiki torches, tropical letters and cocktails ran wild across the reels. After a few spins, I levelled up! This gave me 10,000 chips, access to new games and 25 VIP points. Delighted by this quick progress, I continued spinning with a passion.

Big Fish Casino
The number of games available rivals any land-based casino.

For the next hour, I played as many casino games as possible. Even though this was a decent amount of time to play, I barely managed to scratch the surface of what was available. The number of games was absolutely overwhelming, and each one was fun enough to play for multiple days. Enchanted by the possibilities, I closed the game with immediate plans to return.


Against all odds, Big Fish Casino is still a great game to play. Even stacked up against 7 years of competition, this fun casino still holds its weight against any contender. The themes were fun and filled with wins that kept the gameplay interesting. Big Fish continuously awarded me multiple points, which allowed me to play to my heart’s content. This release helped redefined online casino games, so don’t hesitate to revisit this industry pioneer!