Things to Know About yet to Release Apple iPhone 11R

Even after not having all the bells and whistles as the iPhone XS and XS Max have, iPhone 11R still has a great design, amazing performance, and much more. Due to its much-reduced price, this phone can probably become the iPhone to be loved by the majority of people. It appears that the company is planning to launch a follow-up to the iPhone XR, which can be called the iPhone 11R.

This phone cannot be released until September, but leaks and rumors are not going to stop any time soon. If you also want to know about these leaks that have started popping up online and planning to buy the iPhone 11R for yourself, here are the details that you would love to know about this unreleased device.


Things to Know About yet to Release Apple iPhone 11R 1

As per the recent leak, it has been suggested that the iPhone 11R might have at least a few tweaks to its design. For instance, the device may include the rumors square camera bump instead of the triple-lens setup on the higher-end devices, and there might be a dual-lens setup. This leak has been initiated by Twitter user OnLeaks, in partnership with PriceBaba. As per the report, the leaks come from CAD files leaked from Foxconn’s factory. It also displays the iPhone 11R in a variety of colors, which means that the device will be available in the same colors as the iPhone XR.

In addition to the square camera bump, the iPhone 11R appears to be the same as its predecessor, which is not a bad thing as it looks pretty cool and nice.


Things to Know About yet to Release Apple iPhone 11R 2

Apart from the switch to a dual camera, there is no leaks regarding the iPhone 11R have been released yet — but we still can speculate. We can expect that this iPhone XR will have an Apple A12 Bionic chip like the iPhone XS. Due to this, you can expect the iPhone 11R to have Apple’s new A13 chip as well.

It might also feature at least 3GB of RAM, although Apple rarely makes public the RAM power that the iPhone offers. When we talk about the storage, chances are Apple will stick with the minimum of 64GB, although it would be great if the company switch up to at least 128GB of storage.


As per the above leaks and speculations, I am sure you would have gotten fairly a good idea about the design and specifications of the yet to release iPhone 11R. Just wait for its release and you would be able to buy one. Who knows it would be gifted with some added features as well then we have expected.