11 iPhone Apps Every Canadian Women Must Have

iPhone is a great app for anyone regardless of their sex. However, if you look in app store, you will find that it has got a specific segment for the ladies. Most of the developers are now focusing on the ladies and developing new apps for them. In the below, we will tell about 11 iPhone Apps Every Canadian Women Must Have.

  1. Nike Training Club

This is the perfect app for health freak ladies. It has got some amazing and easy exercises which are quick yet effective. The ladies will find it really helpful as it comes with step by step instructions and videos of exercises that will keep them fit and healthy.


  1. Gilt

This is an app for the ladies with a keen interest on brand. With the help of this app, ladies can get upto 60% discounts on their favorite brands. This app can also tell you where to find branded products for guys and children as well.

  1. Fidme

This is an app for your coupons. When you have lots of coupons and can’t find the coupon at the time of shopping, this app will help the ladies. It can store all the coupons so that the ladies do not go crazy at the time of shopping.

  1. Umano

Ladies who love to read will find this app really helpful. With this app, the ladies can listen to article which are actually narrated by professionals.

  1. MyPill

Ladies who are using contraceptive pills can use MyPill app. This app reminds them to take the pills right on time and makes sure that the ladies never miss taking their pills.

  1. OPI Nail App

This is a fun app which helps the ladies to try different color of nail polishes without wasting time to paint their nails. It has lots of colors and it gives you a preview on how your nails will look like. With this app, you can now go crazy and innovative with your nails.


  1. Hair Color Booth

If you want to try a new look with your hair color, this is the app to try. With the help of this app, you can see how you will look in different hair color. This is truly fun and free app.

  1. Grocery Gadget

This is an amazing iPhone app that helps the ladies with grocery shopping. This app can remember your grocery shopping list, take photos, share them and also remember the aisles for different product line.

  1. Period Tracker Lite

This is a must have app for the ladies who want to track their period. This is a light and free app that can tell you when you are going to have your period so that you can plan your schedules ahead.

  1. Wanelo

This is a must have app for the ladies. It has got hundreds of stores with millions of items that you can regularly track and when there is a big sale, you can finally get the item you have been looking for.

  1. Toilet finder

Most of the ladies face problems when they are looking for a toilet. But thanks to the app they can now easily find all the nearby toilet no matter where they are.