How to Play Craps Casino Game Online?

How to play Craps online

When you visit online casino with your iPhone or PC or laptop there are so many casino games that you can enjoy. In the tables games section there is a very popular and interesting dice game known as Craps.  It is played with a pair of dice in which players bet on dice rolls. When one is playing Craps, money is then wagered against either the casino or the other players in the game.

This game of Craps also available at live casinos within online casino where the player has the option to play against the live dealer which is quite exciting and fun. With your iPhone it’s very easy to play the game of Craps online.

You need to visit the casino by typing the URL of the casino on the Safari browser on your iPhone and enter the online site.


You can download the casino app on your iPhone to play and enjoy.

  • Both ways you have the choice to play the game of craps in Instant play mode or with Download casino software.
  • Also you need to register at the casino and open your real money account by funding the casino account with real cash in CAD or Bitcoins.
  • The online casinos or iPhone apps provide many Canadian friendly deposit to fund your casino account with real money to play the games of craps.
  • All these casinos offer safe and secure transactions when you make a deposit with your iPhone or web browser.
  • Also these online casinos are legit, licensed, trustworthy having their own exclusive casino apps for easy access to the game of Craps.
  • They also provide 24.7 help support too in case you need to clarify any doubt playing craps for real money or for free.

How to play craps casino game online?

There are many Canadian friendly online casinos and iPhone apps that provide the game of craps to Canucks either to play for free or to play with real money CAD.

Once you have registered to play at the casino of your choice.

  • Go to Table games tab on the games menu and select the game of craps. Most popular one found is Vegas Craps where as other craps variations are also available according to the gaming software the casino uses.
  • You have the choice to play real money Craps or play for free and have fun and practice the game before indulging in real money CAD.
  • When you tap or click on the game it will load on your iPhone or PC screen in minutes of time.
  • Now select the amount you want to wager by clicking on the chip of that denomination.
  • The selected chip will animate.
  • You can decrease the amount wagered by clicking on undo button.
  • Once the wagers are placed on one or more positions, Roll, Undo and Clear Bets buttons are enabled. The ‘Roll’ button will be enabled only if a bet equal to or more than the minimum bet is placed on PASS LINE or DON’T PASS.
  • After completing the current round, “Repeat Bet” and “Repeat Bet and Roll” buttons are enabled.
  • Once a come-out roll has “come-out” (i.e. a 4,5,6,8,9,10 has been thrown) then the only option available is “Roll”. At this point a player can place more chips on valid bets. If they place more chips, the Undo and Clear Bets buttons become available. Clear Bets only clears bets made since the last roll. Once the Point number or a 7 has been rolled, game will end on the bets PASS LINE or DON’T PASS.
  • To start a new round with the same bet(s), click on the ‘Repeat Bet And Roll’ button.
  • To repeat the same bets without starting a new round, click on the ‘Repeat Bet’ option.
  • To remove bets for any given position, click on Undo or Clear Bets button.
  • Your game balance is displayed at the bottom left-hand side of the game screen.
  • Click on ‘REBUY’ to buy more credits into the game from your Account.
  • Click on ‘RULES’ to view the game rules.
  • Click on ‘GAME LOGS’ to view the logs of the games you have played.
  • Click on ‘VERSION’ to view the current version number of the game.
  • TURBO ON/OFF: By default the game will be in TURBO OFF mode, during which the dice animate when thrown. Click on ON to turn off the animation.
  • To exit the game, click the X button in the upper right-hand corner.
Online craps

Playing with real money CAD

Craps for real money at online casino you need to add funds to your Account, click on ‘DEPOSIT’ in the ‘Cashier’ menu, then select the desired deposit option or click on ‘DEPOSIT’ in the ‘Cashier’ option on panel in Main Lobby or home page, then select the desired deposit option. You can also add funds to your account by clicking on ‘REBUY’ on the game screen and then clicking on ‘Deposit Now’. The time taken to transfer funds and the fees charged will vary depending on which deposit option you choose.

About the game of Craps

Game of craps online Canada

Craps is played with a pair of dice. One player rolls the dice, while everyone can bet. The total of the pair of dice’s spots are the result. When that player’s turn is over, the dice are then passed to the next player. The rolling player (called the shooter) bets a specific amount of money in the center. If the shooter throws a 7 or 11, they win immediately. If they throw a 2, 3 or 12, they lose immediately.

Any other result is called a “point.” The shooter then rolls until they either get the same result again, which is called “hitting their point,” or they get a 7. If they hit their point, they win; if they get a 7, they lose.

Bets in Online Craps

Know the bets in the game of craps online

There are over 40 possible bets on a craps table, but a beginner can focus on only two: the Pass Line bet and the Don’t Pass Line bet.

The Pass Line bet is that the shooter will win. In essence, you are betting that the shooter will either get a 7 or 11 as the initial roll, or that they will hit their point before they roll a 7. Suppose the shooter’s come out roll shows a 3 and a 5, resulting in a total of 8. Eight then becomes the point, and the dealer will indicate this by placing a marker on the number 8. If the shooter rolls an 8 again before a 7 or an 11 is rolled, the passline bets win.

The Don’t Pass Line bet is that the shooter will lose. You are betting that the shooter will either get a 2, 3, or 12 to start. A 2 or 3 cause you to win, and a 12 is a push. With any other result, you are betting the shooter will roll a 7 before they hit their point.

As you begin to understand more about the game and the odds of various rolls, you may want to explore some additional bets. Each of these bets has different odds. In each case, you are betting on the behavior of the dice – what numbers will come up before the point or seven, how numbers will be rolled, and more.

Once a point is rolled, you have the option to buy or lay odds. The payout and likelihood of winning depend on what point has been rolled. Buying odds is an additional bet that the point will be rolled before a seven. Laying odds is an additional bet that a 7 will come first.

Here are some of the payouts for odds:
• Point 4 or 10: Payout 2:1 for buying and 1:2 for laying
• Point 5 or 9: Payout 3:2 for buying and 2:3 for laying
• Point 6 or 8: Payout 7:6 for buying and 5:6 for laying

A come bet allows you to bet on the next roll of the dice the same way you would on the initial roll. With this bet, a 7 or 11 causes you to win and a 2, 3, or 12 causes you to lose. Any other result establishes a separate “come point,” and your money is a bet that the come point will appear before a 7.

A don’t come bet is the opposite. On the next roll, you win if the roll is a 2 or 3. A 12 is a push. Any other result creates a “come point,” and your money is a bet that the shooter will roll a 7 before the come point appears.

When you stick with the basic bets, craps can be an easy and exciting game. As you get more experienced, you can try out the various side bets that are available as said above. Either way, you’ll have a great time with the ability to win real cash online

So to play online craps its best first to practice the game in free mode or demo mode and understand the different bets and how to play the craps online. But one thing to note here that not all online casinos offer the free mode on this game. But those that offer you can utilize and once you are assured and have gained confidence in playing you can start playing with simple bets at low values and increase your bets trying varied betting systems to get the best of wins.

Now try playing craps at various Canadian online casinos like Spin Casino, Royal Vegas, Rich Casino and many others. Don’t forget to grab the wonderful bonus offers it has for you to play craps that will be a big booster for you to your bankroll.