iOS 8 features that Apple Rarely talk About Officially

Apple do not get around to talk about every new inclusion or change that it’s making to iOS onstage. Apple has recently posted a comprehensive website of everything new in iOS 12. Let’s find out what those cool and small features are that didn’t get any stage time.

1. iPad Features Inspired by iPhone X

Just to create an enhanced consistent feel between its iPhone X and the iPad, Apple is introducing some of the former’s swipe gestures to the iPad. You need to swipe down from the top right corner to bring up Control Center, and a swipe “from anywhere on the dock” will get you home — which is a replication of the iPhone X’s swipe from the bottom to get to the home screen. This is the best way to get ready for a future iPad Pro with no home button and Face ID.

2. Sleek Animations

Sr. Vice President – software engineering of Apple said things like faster launch of apps, faster opening of the camera, and the swift popping up of keyboard are the new improvements but Apple says that it is in general, iOS 12 has faster animations. Hopefully now no more stuttering and other annoying weirdness. Actually no one like to encounter such weirdness on their expensive smartphone. In addition, filling in passwords from third-party password managers will be easier.

3. SMS one-time Passcode Autofill

You do not have to switch over to Messages to copy and paste a two-factor authentication code with apps you’ve logging into. Now iOS 12 will identify these codes when they appear and suggests them as an autofill option.

4. Siri becomes Password Finder

Apples say Siri will be able to display quickly a particular password that you request in iOS 12. As Siri is conversant with celebrity data, motorsports, and food related facts. Apple is out to enhance Siri’s knowledge base with several data based about famous people, motorsports (standings/schedules/rosters/stats) including food.

5. Password sharing between Mac and iOS Devices Nearby


With iOS 12, Apple will help you easily track a password that might be on your iOS device but not your Mac or vice versa. With the help of continuity you could theoretically already copy and paste this password between two platforms, but it can save you some precious time. Apple will enable you share Wi-Fi passwords in the same way.

6. Stronger Passwords and Notifications about Reused Ones

iOS 12 will ask you to create a unique and strong password within the apps that you can save to your iCloud Keychain for further easy access and autofill. As it already exists in Safari, but now Apple is implying it to any of the apps that you might use on your phone. Apart from this, iOS 12 will notify passwords you’ve already and reused in multiple places so you can immediately change them and make sure every app or service has its own unique password for better security.

7. Critical Warning can Avoid Do Not Disturb

New “critical Alerts’ has become a new feature in iOS 12 that should be used by the user. These are useful in getting a notification even after Do Not Disturb feature has been enabled. This can be helpful as the user will not miss out any important alerts which might have been blocked due to activation of Do Not Disturb like healthcare providers’ message that needs to be attended immediately.

8. Better RAW Photo Support

Apple has made its devices more capable of supporting and editing RAW image files, and iOS 12 is again a next phase of this effort. Using this new update users can “import and organize RAW photos on their iPhone and iPad and edit on iPad Pro. Although some of this is already possible in iOS 11, but Apple is improving it and making it easier to separate RAW and JPG versions of a photo and to edit it in Photos — at least on the iPad Pro.