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Highest casino payout rates refer to either slot machines have the highest payout percentage and the casino that pays you instantly. Even though Canada’s gambling industry is booming, most Canadian players are oblivious to which online casinos have the best payout rates. Despite routinely flying under the radar, Canada is home to a robust amount of gambling options. Boasting over 219 casinos, 40 horse tracks, 67 poker rooms and 81 bingo halls, this country is a gamer’s paradise. On top of attracting millions of players every year, Canada’s gambling industry generates over CA$17.3 billion annually. This staggering amount of revenue is only the tip of the iceberg, since a new gaming renaissance is stealing the show.

Every year, more Canadian players are switching to playing their favorite games online. Between the easy access to unlimited amount of options, there’s no denying the advantages of online gambling. During the last decade the number of casinos have exploded, but this innovation has come at a cost. Not all online casinos treat players fairly, especially when it comes to highest casino payout rates. Even though most websites use the same software, the rate at which they pay their users varies wildly. This puts players in a unique conundrum, since wagering at the correct site makes all the difference.

To showcase which online casinos go the extra mile to treat customers, we compiled this list of sites with the highest casino payout rates. To filter out fake claims by new casinos, we also took their longevity into account. Through tedious research, our experts were able to identify the best online casinos for iOS with highest casino payout rates. These highest casino payout rates sites are the best bet for iPhone users, since their vibrant games help all of Apple’s quality features come to life. Explore which online casinos can’t be missed by any responsible Canadian punter!

Casinos with the Best Payout Rates

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Casino #3: 888 Casino (96.64% RTP) – When it comes to game selection and experience, few sites can compete with 888 Casino. Founded in 1997, this is one of the oldest casinos on the internet. Through quality software and strategic partnering, 888 Casino has evolved into an international powerhouse. Even though their headquarters are in Gibraltar, they have offices in New Jersey, Spain and Denmark. This impressive reach allowed 888 Casino to become the first online casino to get licensed in the United States.

Even though this coveted title was groundbreaking to attain, it’s far from their most celebrated feature. From slots to live dealer games, no casino classic is neglected in their 170 plus game roster. This impressive amount of games is complimented by a generous RTP, which makes 888 Casino impossible for any respectable punter to ignore. This is an industry pioneer, so come enjoy the perks of over 20 years of experience!

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Casino #2: BetWay Casino (97.27% RTP) – Despite enduring some recent controversy, this is undeniably one of the best online casinos in the world. When BetWay launched in 2006, they took the industry by storm. Over time, they built up their gaming catalogue to over 500 games that range from roulette to blackjack.

This impressive selection of options averages out to over 97% RTP, which makes BetWay one of the most generous casinos online. As proof of their dedication to treating customers, BetWay got certified by eCOGRA and received registration from the UK Gambling Commission. Over 2 million players use this site, so register today to see what all of the fuss is about!

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Casino #1: SpinIT Casino (98.3% RTP) – Despite being a newcomer, in the last two years this casino has stolen the show. Ever since it was established in 2016, SpinIT Casino has been daring players from around the world to win. They offer a staggering selection of 1,200 plus games that boast some of the most generous RTP’s in the industry. While the main focus is on slots, users get access to live casino and table games. They secured licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, so this newcomer is here to stay!