Are NBA Betting Games Returning to Ontario?

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NBA betting games are finally making comeback in Ontario, Canada.

The provincial gambling monopoly of Ontario has recently added the NBA games to its range of sports betting products. The NBA games betting is returning after a 21-year absence. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has announced that it will offer NBA games starting with its latest season. The OLG expects a huge turnout during the NBA’s 2016-2017 season, and expects younger bettors to wager on NBA games.

The OLG was compelled to ditch the NBA games from its Pro-Line Sports Lottery offerings in 1995. It was the same year when the Toronto Raptors have joined the league as an expansion franchise team. The NBA has expressed its unfavourable issues regarding betting, which prompted the OLG to drop the NBA games betting.

The similar thing happened when the NBA obliged the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to drop the NBA games from Pro-Line when the Vancouver Grizzlies joined the league as well. The ban was lifted after the Grizzlies franchise moved to Memphis in 2001.

New Leadership Paves the Way for Sports Betting

Reports have emerged in 2010 that the NBA has reconsidered its stance regarding the NBA games betting. These reports were not confirmed by either the NBA or OLG. The big idea here is that Adam Silver is assuming the mantle of NBA commissioner from David Stern. The NBA betting games in Ontario was stalled during Stern’s term. Silver is now taking a more pragmatic stance towards NBA games betting.

Parliamentarians to Amend Single-Betting Restriction

The law states that Canada’s provincial gambling monopolies are prohibited from offering single-game sports wagers. Canadian bettors have no choice but to wager more online via international licences operators covering the Canadian marketing. It has urged Canada’s federal parliamentarians to return work on C-221. C-221 is the recent legislative proposal to repeal the single-game betting prohibition.

What’s Next for the Canadian Sports Betting Scene?

The good news is that C-221 has had 2 of 3 required readings in the House of Commons already. However, the ruling Liberal Party has a strong majority in the House, and expressed opposition to C-221’s approval. Recent developments report that Liberal backbencher Chris Bittle was clamouring for support from his colleagues and Liberal leaders to enable MPs a free vote on its merits. Ontario native Bittle is also known for advocating the establishment of local casinos to bolster the country’s tourism efforts.

What do you think of NBA games betting making a comeback? Should the Canadian government allow it in other provinces?