Real Money iPhone Video Poker Apps

Real money iPhone video poker apps

Video poker is another casino game that works best when played on mobile. Seamless touchscreen controls allow you to play much faster than on any other device and, although the graphics are not at the forefront here, and if played on a tablet or a larger screen still creates a more pleasant visual experience.

Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps come in several variants. The most popular ones are Jack or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker’s Wild. Almost every iPhone casino has at least one of these variants to play with real money.

With practice, you can enhance your Poker skills like a Pro Player and then play video poker for real money on any of our trusted and recommended websites. All you need is to build your disposable bankroll, practice a bit, and then let the fun begin!

 Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker
Online Video Poker- iPhone Video Poker Apps

Video poker is a card-based online game usually played with one regular deck of 52 cards. In some variants like Joker Wild Video Poker, a Joker card is also added and is considered as a wild card that can take any card value to make a successful poker hand.

Since this is all online, you don’t need to worry about downloading a gambling app on your mobile device. The rules of the game are quite easy to understand. You simply got to make one of the paying poker hands with the five cards that are dealt to you, and the best part is you can use your skills and instinct to select which card to hold and which card to redraw.

Web-based video poker is even more engaging and lucrative as compared to playing video poker in a land-based casino.

Advantages of playing Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps

Advantages of playing Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps
Advantages of playing Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps

In one single stake, you can even play multiple hands at once. Some of the video poker sites allow playing up to 25 hands in a single draw.

You can even play for fun or practice play without staking any real money, something which a land-based casino doesn’t allow. Also, you also get the anonymity of playing alone.

The gameplay is a lot faster as the computer deals the cards and calculates winning hands much faster than a land-based casino croupier.

There’s no worry of the human dealer making a mistake in card dealing, as an automated, licensed and trusted computer program deals you the cards and calculates the winning poker hands. These websites are rigorously tested and only then approved by licensing authorities like Kahnawake or Malta Gaming Authority and others.

Also, the best part is you don’t have to leave your home couch to visit any far-off casino to have all the fun. There are no time restrictions and it’s available 24×7.

Where can I play iPhone Video Poker Apps for real money?

The internet offers you a plethora of options for video poker sites for money, however not all the advertised websites are trustworthy.

The online casinos that we recommend are the sites to play video poker.

These sites are well attuned to all sorts of bandwidth and hardware devices. So that means you don’t have to rush for a 5G connection if your area falls under a 4G or 3G or for that matter even a 2G spectrum. The recommended online casinos for Video poker run smoothly everywhere. All you need is a smooth Internet or WIFI connection on your iPhone from any Canadian telecom be it Rogers or Bell and get going.

Best Real Money iPhone Video Poker Apps

Here are a few of the best Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps or casinos to play video poker online

1. Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas Casino Canada Mobile
Royal Vegas Casino Canada Mobile- iPhone Video Poker Apps

Royal Vegas Casino is a wonderful real money iPhone video poker app that offers Canadian to play slots and video poker with their cellphones. You can pick any of your latest Android or iPhone in real-time with real CAD.

As a new player, you are offered CA$1200 in bonus cash. You will also love four-player rewards levels at this casino that stands out exclusively for loyal players. Royal Vegas app offers many bonus offers for Canadian punters.

Some of the popular video poker games at Royal Vegas include:

  • Jacks or Better Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • Aces & Eights
  • Joker Poker

There are over 20 Video poker games to play here

Click here to play now

2. Betway Casino

Betway Casino Mobile
Betway Casino Mobile

Betway casino is one of the online casinos to enjoy pokies, sports betting,  table games, video poker and other casino games to enjoy with your mobile smartphone. You can enjoy rich casino games and tournaments for real money with your mobile either instantly without any download or choose to download the software and get started to play.

You’ll get a 100% Match Bonus up to $250 on your first three deposits. The maximum Bonus amount you can claim is $750.

Click here to play now

3. Spin Casino

Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps- Spin Casino
Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps- Spin Casino

Spin Casino Canada is another real money iPhone Video poker app to play awesome poker games.  At first, there was only one version of Video Poker, Jacks or Better. You can still enjoy this at Spin Casino and will be paid out if you are holding a pair of Jacks or anything higher. Since then, the popularity of these casino games has grown so much that there are also several other variations available.

They all follow the same basic structure, with a few differences in the rules to make them more interesting. As you play you’ll have a better idea of what to do when you see your cards, but to start off with we suggest using strategy charts. These tell you exactly what to keep and exchange, for every hand you might be dealt, and give you the best chance of winning.

You are offered CA$1000 as a welcome bonus to play poker games.

Click here to play now

4. Jackpot City

Jackpot City Mobile
Jackpot City Mobile

Jackpot City offers over 13 video poker games and is considered the best Real money iPhone Video Poker app in Canada. The casino live section too has lots of poker tables to explore. The welcome bonus for new players is match deposits plus free spins. 100% up to $400 CAD free plus free spins on slot machines is simply superb.

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Rules to play video poker

Rules to play video poker
Rules to play video poker- iPhone video poker apps

The rules of playing video poker with your mobile are quite simple and are readily listed on the game panels of most video poker sites.

You simply have to make a winning poker hand out of the five cards dealt with you, can use your skill to choose to hold or redraw and then get rewarded according to the paytable of the particular video poker variants.

An example of poker hands and their payout in the video poker variant “Jacks or Better” is:

A winning poker hand is considered as following in the order of increasing payouts –

  • Jacks or better pays x1
  • Two pairs pay x2
  • Three-of-a-kind pays x3
  • Straight pays x5
  • Flush pays x6
  • Full House pays x9
  • Four-of-a-kind pays x20
  • Straight Flush pays x40
  • Royal Flush pays x250

Note that the payouts for each of the poker hands can be tweaked based on the volatility of the particular poker variant and game rules. Some of our recommended sites also allow you the feature of a gamble, i.e. double up or none for your winnings.

The payout to the player is very good comparatively in online video poker and can even go upwards of 99.5% RTP (Return To Player).

Strategies to play online poker

Strategies to play online poker
Strategies to play online poker- iPhone video poker apps

With some skill and optimal playing strategies, you can further enhance your winning potential.

As an example, in the video poker variant Jacks or better, you can look at the paytable to determine all reasonable ways of playing your hand and select the play that is highest paying on the list. If a hand play is not on the paytable, then it should never be played.

Suppose your dealt cards can make a potential flush or two pairs, then should you sacrifice the possible flush and keep the low pair or vice versa. The optimal strategy suggests keeping the potential flush cards and discarding the low pair as the payout for a flush is higher than the payout for two pairs. You can similarly determine the strategies for other winning hands in the context of your dealt cards and the game payout rules.

Winning potential

Winning potential
Winning potential- iPhone video poker apps

Video Poker has one of the best winning potentials among many other pokies machines, card or dice games. The house edge is low and thus it’s more rewarding for you.

Also at times return to players can even go beyond 100% if you factor in casino bonuses and incentives, such as deposit bonuses, cashback options, free plays, and other casino complimentary offers.

Are you playing just for fun and entertainment, then perhaps you can choose to play a low volatile variant of video poker. Otherwise, if you have patience and would like to make it big then you should choose the high volatile variants where you may not win often but when you win, you really win big! The choice is yours.

For the different variants of video poker games, you can simply compare the payout of the highest win possible. If the win multiplier is higher, then it’s a highly volatile game and if the highest win multiplier is low comparatively then it’s a low volatile game.

The winning potential also varies based on the cumulative payouts of all the win combinations listed on the paytable. For example –

  • Jack or Better video poker generally offers a win potential of 98.4% to  99.6%
  • Deuce Wild video poker offers a payout between 96.7% to 98%
  • Joker Wild video poker offers a win potential of 97% to 98%.

Poker game variations

Poker game variations
Poker game variations- iPhone video poker apps

Video Poker continues to grow in popularity among the online player community and over time many variants have evolved globally. The good news is that some of the most entertaining versions are now available to Canadian players at internet casinos with video poker.

  • In the Jacks or Better variant, the payout starts when you get a pair of Jacks, followed by other poker hands in ascending order of payout.
  • In the Deuces Wild variant, the lowest card i.e. the deuces are considered wild and can take up any card value to make a winning combination.
  • In the Joker Wild variant, one or more jokers are also added further to the standard deck of 52 cards.
  • In the variant White Hot Aces, you get an additional large payout for making a hand of 4 aces.

Pai Gow video poker also known as Double Hand Poker is especially popular among Canadian players and has a few unique features like you are dealt 7 cards and you use your skills to make a five-card “high” hand and a two-card “low” hand.

Also, there are many other variants of video poker. Explore all these exciting choices on recommended Canadian casinos, where you can play for free to practice and then use your skills acquired to play and win with real money.

Which is best: Virtual Video Poker or Live

Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps- Best poker games
Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps- Best poker games

Whether you chose to play video poker virtually against a computerized 2D/3D dealer or play it at a live casino site, you are guaranteed to get great fun.

In virtual video poker, the gameplay is faster as a computer deals you the cards based on random numbers and you then use your skills preponderantly to hold or redraw the cards. You can also play multiple hands, simultaneously for the same bet amount.

In live streaming video poker, you get to play against a nice-looking croupier. You can even chat, talk and interact with the croupier and this is more fun.

Real money iPhone Video Poker Apps demand real cash to play and you win real money. But for those who want to play for fun and avoid spending money, there are iPhone video poker apps for free. These apps also come exclusively for iPhone punters and are all free to download from the app store. All you need is to go to the iTunes store and on the search bar type video poker apps. You will get the list of games that you can then browse and download to play and get first-hand experience on how to play video poker online.

Now pick your iPhone and get started to play video poker games and have a blast.


These are some of the real money iPhone video poker apps to play for free.