Top Slots Games Downloads for PC

Top Slots Games Downloads for PCes Downloads for PCTop Slots Gam
Top Slots Games Downloads for PCes Downloads for PC

Now that online casinos have taken the gambling industry by storm, a slew of slot games is available for PC. When examining the shocking growth of online casinos, this news isn’t surprising. In under a decade, the online gambling market grew from $20 to $50 billion. It’s set to reach $60 billion by 2020, so this trend isn’t going anywhere. This staggering amount of investment has created a new bonanza. Today there are so many online casinos that one player cannot join them all. Here are the Top Slots Games Downloads for PC.

Slots Games Downloads for PC

PC Slots are Still Popular
PC Slots are Still Popular- Top Slots Games Downloads for PC

Even though many users access online slots from their phones, a majority still use their PCs. This is one of the Top Slots Games Downloads for PC and offers a comfortable gaming experience. Unlike land-based casinos, there’s no dress code and the larger screen provides intimate access to games. Millions of punters play slots off their PCs every day, which has opened doors to a slew of options. Thousands of slot game PC downloads are available on every major platform, including Windows 8 & 10.

While this huge selection is advantageous for punters, it also creates its unique conundrum. There are too many games to choose from, which causes many quality games to get overlooked. Fortunately, doing proper research takes the guesswork out of finding quality slot games. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best PC slot games. These epic pokies themes have made users rich, so don’t miss out on the action and start wagering online!

Slots Games for PC That Everyone Needs

Slots Game #3: Simon’s Slots

PC Slots Games
Test your memory with this diverse slots game- Top Slots Games Downloads for PC

For those who love a new challenge, this game can’t be missed. From classic-styled Vegas themes to rhythm slots that challenge your memory, this game is full of surprises. Both novices and experienced players can enjoy this robust collection of themes. All the action is complemented by larger-than-life jackpots, so start winning big while exercising your brain!

This is a casino-style game and also Top Slots Games Downloads for PC and Phones that focuses on one-armed bandits. It has a host of slot machine styles to let you enjoy Vegas-style gaming while on the go or from the comfort of your home.

You will find slot machines ranging from the old-school Lucky 7 style slots to a more modern, Glitzy Kitten-designed machine. Overall, Simon’s Slots is a colourful and entertaining casino-style game for Windows PC and Phones.

Earn Bonuses

Earn Bonuses - Simon’s Slots
Earn Bonuses – Simon’s Slots- Top Slots Games Downloads for PC

Using the menu, you can return to the gaming lobby, view the game’s settings, view the pay tables for the slots, have an option to contact the developer and view the gaming credits. You can earn some bonus gifts which will help you save your gaming progress.

The gameplay is the typical slot machine action. With a minimum of 50 credits of bet, you can tap the spin button. You do have buttons to automatically bet the maximum (100,000 credits) and if you tap/hold the spin button, you will send the game into auto-play.

Three Play Modes

You will find three play modes to keep you busy. Just tap the cherry cluster icon on the gaming screen to pull up the play mode menu. The Classic Mode is your basic slots action. Tap the spin button and test your luck. The Zen and Mastery Modes are almost the same in that as the slot wheels spin, squares are highlighted and once everything stops, you have to tap the squares in sequence.

Simon’s Slots is a free, ad-supported game available for Windows PC and Phones. While playing games will not require an internet connection, you will need a connection to download and install any machines that you unlock and want to play.

Slots Game #2: CSI: Slots

Slots Games
Start solving crimes while spinning the wheels- Top Slots Games Downloads for PC

When it comes to Android slot games, this theme stole the show. Gameloft went the extra mile to treat fans of the show by packing this slot game with video clips and familiar characters. There are enough references to treat even the most die-hard fan. Thanks to this rare attention to detail, users can unleash their inner detective while playing slots. This game which is one of the Top Slots Games Downloads for PC is available to play on PC, which gives users a closer look at the reels. Start investigating crime scenes, interrogating suspects, and solving crimes with this gripping game!

The slot machine screen isn’t too different than any other slot game. At the bottom of the screen, you will find your betting and spin options and the machine itself is a five-reel slot. The winning lines are not dependent on the amount of your bet.

Investigate Crime Scene

In the story mode, you will find all the actions. You will visit the crime scenes, autopsy, the interview room, and the crime lab. Each stage of the story will have a set of goals that have to be achieved with your slot machine skills to advance through the story. You’ll play the slots with each scalpel appearing getting you a step closer to finding and using the scalpel. All of which will reveal clues to solving the crime.

You follow the leads, collect evidence, and interrogate subjects throughout the multiple chapters of the story.

Slots Game #1: Slotomania

PC Slots Games
Slotomania has taken online slots to a new level- Top Slots Games Downloads for PC

When renowned developer Playtika launched this game in 2010, they inadvertently changed the industry. Sporting a robust amount of pokies themes and vibrant graphics, Slotomania became an instant hit as one of the Top Slots Games Downloads for PC. For many players, this was the game that converted them to online gambling. Over time more levels were added, and today they sport over 100 themes. This impressive collection of pokies themes has made Slotomania a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout the years, no game has made such a profound impact on pokies. Instead of waning in popularity, Slotomania managed to stay relevant. To this day they boast over 4,179,000 monthly users and 912,000 daily players. The sheer resilience of this game against time is a testament to its quality. Slotomania can be played on iOS, Android, Mac & Windows 10. Download it on your PC to hop on board this revolution! It is the Top Slots Games downloads for PC.


These are some of the best slots games downloads for PC.