Top 10 Slots Games on Facebook For Free

Top 10 Slots Games on Facebook
Top 10 Slots Games on Facebook

As the public’s interest in social gaming continues to grow, free casino slots on Facebook are exploding in popularity. The global social casino industry reached $5 billion & is expected to surpass $6.6 billion by 2023. These impressive numbers are fuelled by the wild popularity of social gaming in Asia. Thanks to over 500 million monthly active users, Asia’s social game revenues exceeded $2.5 billion in 2017. This staggering figure is 84% app-based social gaming, and a huge chunk of these programs revolve around social casinos. This intense infatuation with testing the odds has spread throughout social media.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is the most popular platform for social casino games. Out of all social media gamblers, 61% place their bets on Facebook. While some players want to win real money, the only prizes allowed are free coins. This has proved to be a winning combination. Millions of users indulge in free slots on Facebook every day, which creates a flood of in-app purchases. Due to the wild popularity of their apps, over 19% of Facebook’s revenue comes from Zynga. Facebook has controlled 75% of the multi-billion social casino market since 2012, so players can expect more slot games.

To truly understand the magnitude of the social casino industry, examining the most popular slots games on Facebook is essential. For this reason, we compiled a list of the most popular social casino apps of all time. These games have captivated millions of players from around the world, which fueled this online sensation. Discover which slots games changed the way the public viewed social gambling with this epic list of wildly successful programs!

Most Popular Slots Games on Facebook

1. Lucky Slots

slots games
Lucky Slots helped pioneer social casino gaming on Facebook- slots games

Thanks to a wide range of interactive features, this game has managed to stay relevant. Even though it was first released in 2013, it still commands over 1 million users on Facebook. Their page has over 6.7 million likes, which is a testament to the quality of their games. Over 6.2 million users still follow the page, since their developers regularly release bonus games. This consistent burst of fresh content has made this iconic release a timeless classic on Facebook. Join now to see what all of the fuss is about!

2. Double Down Casino – Free Slots

slots games
Over the years this social casino has retained its popularity- slots games

When this social casino was founded in 2010, it inadvertently started a gaming revolution. Thanks to their enticing themes, players flocked to their wide selection of games. Despite offering everything from poker to roulette, their slots games stole the show. Today their Facebook page boasts over 7.6 million likes & 7.2 million followers. Over 5 million users play their games every month, which makes them one of the most influential casinos on Facebook.

3. Slotomania

slots games
This release took social gaming on Facebook to a whole new level- slots games

When examining social casino games, it’s impossible to ignore Slotomania’s legacy. By offering only slots, this was the first social casino game to fully win over the masses on Facebook. Their name became synonymous with social casino gaming, and they retain the title to this day.

Even 8 years after being launched, Slotomania still maintains 5.4 million monthly active users. Their Facebook page has a staggering 13.7 million likes & 12.5 million followers. This overwhelming display of devotion showcases how Slotomania managed to resonate throughout the world. It’s played from China to Arizona, which makes it the most popular slot release of all time. Every month they add more colourful themes, so it isn’t too late to get in on the action!

4. Zynga Slots

Zynga Slots
Zynga Slots- slots games

The quickest growing game on Facebook is the Zynga Slots. It has attained the rank of the top gainer as it has the highest number of both active daily users as well as active monthly users. The game’s stardom originates partly due to its availability on mobile devices, as it can be enjoyed on the iPhone, iPad, as well as Android phones. The gameplay in itself is way more than alluring.

With insanely rich graphics, you spin the reels and can dash across multiple magical as well as exciting worlds to win different coins. You can invite get your friends to join the steaming hot jackpot and when Lady Luck gazes upon you with high favour, you collect the cash before they can even realize what has happened. Facebook provides the app with an option for sending it to your cellular device simply called “Send to Mobile.”

5. DiLiGo Games

DiLiGo Games
DiLiGo Games- slots games

DiLiGo Games is considered to be one of the most surprisingly fun slots games on Facebook. It is free to play and you are provided with 500 free tokens for spinning to win. The slots application comprises bonus games, upgrades, progressives, and the majority of the themes stand up to other applications. You are rewarded with mandatory tokens each day while playing these games.

Moreover, you can compare your score with your many Facebook friends. As you get infatuated with these Facebook slot games and become a daily player, you metamorphose into a VIP and start to receive even better benefits such as more treats as well as enhanced features, that ultimately give off an enhanced player experience. The only thing you need to do to enjoy DiLiGo Games is to create a Facebook account and add in the application.

6. 3D Slots

3D Slots
3D Slots- slots games

With greater than 1 million Facebook users, 3D Slots is an ever-growing Facebook slots app. With around 1,000,000 coin winners each week, this is considered to be one of the most communicating Facebook slot apps available. The Weekend Bonus is offered out each Saturday and everyone wins. With amazing graphics as well as slot game titles, it’s doesn’t surprise anyone why so many Facebook slot players have picked 3D Slots as their go-to Facebook slots app.

7. Slots Farm 

Slots Farm
Slots Farm

Even though social gaming goes on to undergo multiple changes in its scope, regular entertainment pertains as a consistent cornerstone. Slots Farm introduces itself with around 20 lines as well as a farm theme where players have assured rewards whenever the crops they grow have ripened. Additional items like eggs, that hatch after a couple of days, can also be earned as players experience a charming with a fun presentation. The catchy sound effects with the picturesque graphics will definitely keep you hooked.

8. myVEGAS Slots 

myVEGAS Slots
myVEGAS Slots

myVEGAS Slots has more than 500,000 players on Facebook, with a gradually increasing count as it is the social website’s one and only casino application that provides players with a chance to earn meals, rooms and show tickets in Sin City. Even though players cannot acclaim cash prizes, the opportunity to visit Vegas for free is definitely attractive enough for players to try it. The graphics might not be the most enticing, however, some fine slot action makes up for the graphics. The game moves around the Arthurian legend and provides a genuinely engaging experience.

Players can earn VIP rewards while they wager genuine money on myVEGAS Slots. These rewards contain luxury gifts, invitations to many promotional events, customized holiday packages, and if you’re even luckier than that, you could also win a customized holiday package to any destination of your choice.

9. Jackpotjoy Slots 

Jackpotjoy Slots
Jackpotjoy Slots

Jackpotjoy Slots was initially created for land-based casinos, however, with the rising prominence of the social gaming industry, players can now enjoy one of their fan favourite slots games on Facebook. Even though simple, the graphics are created quite brilliantly. The creator of Jackpotjoy Slots – Playtech – has ordained true to itself with convenient presentation embedded with relentless playability. Unlike the customary slot machine, players can acclaim all the mini-games from the start and no unlocking is needed. If you’re keeping an eye out for simple gameplay, catchy music as well as an overall fun experience, Jackpotjoy is definitely up there with the best simple games ever made.

10. House of Fun

House of Fun
House of Fun

Available on Facebook as well as mobile devices, House of Fun is an amalgamation of many slot machines that comprises only exclusive games that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the internet.

Rather than providing you with the same old Vegas slots, this game concentrates on a completely different experience than, as the name suggests it’s quite a bit of fun.

Just as Slotomania, there are multiple quests as well as milestones to reach. Every one of them enhances your account’s volume, and it’s spectacularly fun to spin as well as gather collectibles all the time.

You can also invite your Facebook friends and race on who gets ahead faster!

All the action is free to experience, hence, there’s no need to waste any money on this game. You can purchase additional coins if you want to, however, we found that the number of daily freebies is enough to stay busy for ages.


These are a few slots that are popular on Facebook. The majority of them are free to play and currently trending on Facebook. We hope that you find your pick among these.