How to Play Slots on your iPad [Guide for Canadians]

all slots casino ipad
all slots casino ipad

You no longer have to drive to a casino to enjoy the thrill of playing slots. Better yet, you no longer have to be stuck on your small-screened iPhone.

It even looks like you’re in a full-fledged casino. Getting setup is easy and you will be playing in no time.

While you are able to do a simple search on your iPad’s app store to get access to many casino slot games, this isn’t always the best way.

iPads use a less popular platform called html5 rather than the more widely used Java Flash. This makes them less compatible with many apps because that app would have to be specifically designed for an iPad.

This is not to say that it can’t be done.

While it may require a deeper search in your app store, there is another way. One that in fact works better than a simple download.

Using your web browser to visit mobile casinos websites is a much better way to go for two reasons:

  1. You don’t use up extra space or storage in your phone as there is no app downloaded
  2. This will allows you to jump through different casinos with ease

This isn’t to say that there aren’t many iPad app games that can be downloaded if preferred. Casino app developers are becoming wise about the issues with Apple and are therefore redesigning their apps to be more suitable for iPads.

This means that the number of casinos you will be able to use is ever-growing.

A simple google search will take you to the many companies who have worked against the issues with the apple network and help you to find the best one for you.

Real Money Apps are Not Allowed in the App Store

Play Slots on your iPad

You can play slots on your iPad to your heart’s content. Having the chance of making real money by playing slots is exciting.


You stand the same chance of scoring it big as you do in the casino.

But if you are looking for a way of playing with real money don’t look for apps in the app store. Apple restricts this type of app and is largely not allowed through the store.

How to Play Slots on your iPad for real money


If you are looking to play with real money simply go to a casino’s website and search for their app. The only issue with this is that certain casinos don’t allow you to sign up on a tablet or smartphone.

To sign up you may need to jump onto your laptop and enter your information. Once this is done simply login into the app with your information and you are all set to win big money.

How to find apps

Spin Casino Canada
Spin Casino Canada

There are many ways you can find apps to play with real money. Spin Casino is a great place to start if you want an easy-to-use app with the potential to make real money.

The beauty is that all of the real money sites and apps also offer free-to-play versions. So if you’re running low on cash and still want to get the thrill of slots you can. If you are looking for purely free-to-play options the app store will be your best bet.

Just remember that there will be no option to play for real cash.

Best iPad slots games to play for fun

1. Sakura Fortune

Sakura Fortune
Sakura Fortune

There are multiple reasons for this slot game to make it onto this list of the very best iPad slots, and with about 40 pay-lines available, that slot is something that does provide players plethoras of opportunities for creating one or more winning combinations.

It is a slot that enters with the evergreen Oriental theme, and with a wide range of multiple staking options, a better long term envisioned pay-out percentage, as well as a free spins bonus game just waiting to get triggered it is a slot that all slot players shall experience playing when they are in the mood for playing slots.

2. Romanov Riches

Romanov Riches
Romanov Riches

It is quite incredible that the Romanov Riches slot has its own unique Russian-centred theme, and as it is a slot with about 20 pay-lines it is a slot that all players can afford to experience, regardless of what their personal slot playing bankroll might be.

With a genuine playing structure, as well as its own unique bonus games with features, and some of the most stellar animations, graphics as well as sound effects, this is a slot that you are fated to love experiencing, even more, while its bonus games begin to trigger when you are enjoying them on an iPad!

3. Rise of Poseidon

Rise of Poseidon
Rise of Poseidon

When it comes to slots, the Rise of the Poseidon slot game is also mesmerizing in its own flair. The theme of the game, as you can guess from the title, takes place underwater. This game is completely free and compatible with all models of iPad and will have you, for the most part of it, at the edge of your seat.

4. Warlock’s Book

Warlock’s Book
Warlock’s Book

Something that you are going to find in this slot is that there are various slot machines being offered to iPad users that have quite similar playing styles to the Warlock’s Book slot game, although there isn’t any substitute for the original one which will provide you with quite an exciting slot playing experience regardless of when or where you decide to play it.

5. Wacky Wedding

Wacky Wedding
Wacky Wedding

Something that is always quite influential among iPad slot players is the low to medium-variance slot games. This is because those slots aren’t as riskier to experience as the high variance slots. Hence, if you do love to play lower-risk slots wherein there are multiple winning combinations should spin in, then ensure that you do provide the Wacky Wedding slot games with some of your precious play time on your iPad soon!

6. Vikings Go Berzerk

Vikings Go Berzerk
Vikings Go Berzerk

When it comes to one of the best bonus featuring slot apps, you will not have any complications guessing the theme of the Viking’s go Berserk slot game, for it does brag about quite a colourful cast of Vikings as character reel symbols. Some of these have amassed already a huge amount of jackpots atributed to them when you line all of them up.

Are these fair?

Just like in real casinos slots for your iPad are always fair. If they were rigged in favour of the casino nobody would play them and nobody would make any money. So fear not, all of these applications and web apps are fair.

Playing slots on your iPad is easy, fun and exhilarating. You get all of the features of a real casino without leaving your home or getting out of your pyjamas.

A fun way to get the thrill of gambling while having a real chance at winning some extra money.

Have you experimented with playing slots on your iPad? If so, let us know your experiences with it in the comment section below.


We hope that with this it’s much clearer now how to play slots on an iPad.