Does Unibet Canada Offers Bingo Games To Play

Does Unibet Canada offers Bingo games to play with your iPhone?
Unibet Bingo

Unibet is the best Canadian online casino that offers Bingo games to play with your iPhone. Playing Unibet bingo for real money is simple at online casinos as all you need is to choose a Canadian online casino that fits your gaming needs, like LeoVegas or Spin Casino or Unibet. Sign up and register an account with the casino of your choosing and make your first deposit, browse the casino’s games categories and explore the Bingo options to play even with your iPhone. Moreover many online and mobile casinos in Canada offer Bingo to play for free and win real money with simply no deposit bonus offers.

Online Bingo

Online bingo comes in video format at online mobile casinos. You can even set the game on autoplay and it’ll keep track of the game while you are away from your computer or phone screen. The bingo software will even ‘press’ the bingo button for you when you win. Also, you can choose whether or not you want to be social by chatting with other players. Many players are very chatty online, so getting to know your fellow bingo lovers is easy. But if you don’t want to simply turn off the chat or play a one-player game if that’s what you prefer.

In fact, if you get bored playing Bingo you can easily switch to the slot games of your choice.

Unibet Canada Offers Bingo Games

There are quite a few versions of bingo in the online or mobile gaming industry, but the main bingo variants are 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, and 90 Ball Bingo.

  • 75 Ball Bingo: This is the simplest version of bingo. You have fewer numbers to keep track of, making this game the easiest to play. This version of bingo is a great choice for both new and veteran bingo players.
  • 80 Ball Bingo: This bingo variant is based on the land-based game known as Shutterboard or CashLine. The game is played in the same way as 75-ball bingo but has extra bingo balls.
  • 90 Ball Bingo: This bingo version has become the most popular of the online bingo variants. Since the computer can keep track of how you are doing, having more balls in the game doesn’t make it more complicated when you play online.

Unibet Bingo

Unibet Bingo games
Unibet Bingo games

There are lots of awesome games available at Unibet to play Bingo. To play Unibet bingo at Unibet Canada with your iPhone Visit on your phone and get playing.

Once registered as a player head to the Unibet Bingo section and you’ll choose your chat name and your lucky ball. This means you can live chat with other bingo players as well as keep an eye out for that special ball number! Then, you will see which bingo games you can join. Each game has a minimum bet amount, so this is a good way of knowing which game you should start if you’re a beginner.

When you find a game you want to play, you choose how many cards you want to use. The more cards you use, the higher your stake in the game. Once you have chosen your number of cards, you can alternate exactly which numbers you want to bet on. This means you can stick with your lucky numbers throughout the game.

Numbers will then be announced in order. If you complete a row, you will win a small prize. There is another prize for a second row, and if your card is completed first, you win the big prize!

The great thing about live bingo is you can chat with other players via their live chat feature at the side of each game. You can also see how many players are competing in your game, so you know what the prize pot will be!

Bingo Jackpots and Tournaments

Unibet Bingo Tournaments
Unibet Bingo Tournaments

At Unibet bingo, a huge variety of jackpots are being offered that you should be aware of when you join a game. This does not correlate with players winning lines, but is instead the jackpot for whenever the game finishes. Usually, this is within a certain number of balls being drawn. The sooner anyone gets a full house, the larger the jackpot will be which is then shared among the line and full-house winners. You will see the jackpot totals at the start of the game.

Here are some of the jackpot types that can be triggered when the game is finished. Some players like to play games with certain jackpots.

  • Fixed jackpot: A jackpot of a certain amount is fixed before the game even starts. For example, the Arena hall may have a fixed jackpot of $200 for 57 balls or fewer. Of course, there are still prizes if you win lines or the Full House and the game lasts longer than 57 balls, but the jackpot cannot be obtained.
  • Progressive jackpot: This is when the jackpot is progressively bigger the earlier you win. For example in Grand Prix bingo, the jackpot will be highest if you can win in 37 balls. This jackpot amount decreases as the number of balls increases.
  • Escalator jackpot: Escalator jackpots occur over a number of games. If the jackpot isn’t won in one game it gets turned over to the next one. The more games the jackpot isn’t won, the greater the escalated jackpot becomes.
  • Community jackpot: This is a popular jackpot when you’re hitting a bad streak in bingo because even if you don’t win the game or a line, you can still win a share of the jackpot. Whoever claims the Full House and therefore ends the game will get a percentage of the community jackpot. The rest will be shared among all players who had a ticket in the game.
Bingo Tournaments
Unibet Bingo Tournaments

Unibet bingo tournaments are a great way to improve your bingo range and also compete with others for big cash prizes. Unibet has created a huge number of tournaments in the bingo suite, so there is always something for everyone! Tournaments work by pitting players against each other, so you’re competing with other bingo enthusiasts. When you join a tournament, you will have a period of time to complete certain tasks. This could be collecting tournament points through bingo wins or securing the biggest win in a specific game.

Each tournament will specify which games you can play in order to secure qualifying points for that tournament. For example, in Big Bang Bingo, you can play seven different bingo games in order to collect points. Whoever collects the most points over the five-day tournament wins their share in a $1,000 prize pool.

Basic bingo tournaments are free to opt-in, so there is little risk to the player. The risk only comes with you paying for bingo tickets for the games. But if you were going to do that anyway, you might as well enter a tournament and see if you can win bonus prizes!

There are mini-games as well to play in between Bingo play at Unibet. Go to our next post for more details on Mini Games at Unibet Canada.

Bonus offers at Unibet Bingo

Bingo Unibet Bonuses
Unibet Bingo Bonuses

There are lots of Bonuses to play at Unibet Bingo. Bingo vouchers can be awarded to players in a number of different ways. You can pick them up by playing on the loyalty wheel once you’ve passed a level. You can also be given them in promotions or win them through bingo chat games.

Once you’ve won a voucher, it will appear in the ‘My Bingo’ section at the top right of the screen. You will be able to see what the voucher offers as a bonus, and what wagering requirements are attached to the voucher in order to cash it in. You will also see which vouchers are active and which are queued, as well as the expiry date of the voucher if it has one.

Bingo vouchers are a great prize available to players new and current at Unibet.

Another prize you can win through the Bingo Loyalty Points system is free spins. You can win free spins on the loyalty wheel, by competing in bingo chat games and also from promotions. Free spins can be then used in the Unibet Casino on the slot machines. You will discover if you have free spins by clicking on the ‘My Bingo’ section in the top right of the page. Here, you’ll also find out which game the free spins are allocated to. For example, you might get free spins on a particular mini-game.

In Unibet Bingo Boost Free Spins, Unibet offers players every Tuesday the chance to earn free spins in the mini-games. To get 10 free spins, you’ll have to wager a certain amount on the slot machine Blender Blast!

You will have to Opt-In to play for Bingo Boost Free Spins each week and you can always read the terms and conditions of the game before deciding to join.

The loyalty program is not the only loyalty scheme available to players in the bingo suites here at Unibet.  For example, you can play the $5,000 Super Saturday bingo game, where Unibet boosts the prize pot of a particular game! On the last Saturday of each month, the casino adds $5,000 to the Super Saturday bingo game to increase the payouts for players, no matter how experienced or new to the game they are. To play the $5,000 Super Saturday, all you have to do is buy your tickets to the correct Supersized game. Or, buy tickets in The Arena before the game starts.

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Tournament bingo also offers great rewards, such as Weekend Winner Spins. Here, you can earn free spins on the slot machine Book of Dead by earning points in the bingo suite. Simply play bingo and earn points the more you play. The top 100 players at the end of each weekend will earn Free Spins!

Making a deposit and withdrawal at Unibet Bingo

To play real money Unibet Bingo you need to register your Unibet account. Then you’ll be required to give some personal details and set up your security questions. There’s no need to worry about handing over your details – Unibet uses advanced SSL technology, keeping your info safe, secure, and completely encrypted.

Once all of your details have been verified, it is time to make your deposit. You’ll just click the “Deposit” button, choose your amount, and select your payment method. You have a few payment options to choose from, including:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Instant Banking
  • Ecopayz
  • Paysafecard

Withdrawing your funds is done in pretty much the same way as depositing them. You’ll visit your casino account, choose “Withdraw” and select the amount and payment method. Just remember that if you are playing with bonus funds, you need to meet the bonus requirements before the money can be withdrawn from your bank account.

If you withdraw using a bank transfer, you can expect the money to show up within 3 days. Credit and debit cards could take a bit longer, usually between 5 to 7 business days. If your funds still haven’t shown up within this time frame, just give Unibet Bingo a call at their customer support and solve your issues instantly.

At Unibet, you can also play slots, do sports betting, live casino or play poker that’s your choice.


These are some of the games that Unibet Canada offers you to play on your iPhone including Unibet Bingo.