How to Play the Fun at Home App on your iPhone in Canada?

Fun at home app Canada
Fun at home app Canada

Fun at Home App was recently launched by Rogers Canada Ignite TV for kids. This is a new educational interactive app launched from  Toronto-based zone tv, which also has offices in Santa Monica, California.

According to Jeff Weber, CEO of zone·tv, “Starting with Fun at Home, we are responding to the needs of families coping with work from home and learn from home situations, where it is so important that family members are able to discover and engage in productive pursuits.”

Zone·tv brings interactive event-based channels to your television. Interactive channels provide hours of fun for the whole family with movies, sing-alongs, interactive games and more.

The Fun at Home app is available free for Rogers customers and debuts in Canada for the first time, exclusively on Ignite TV. It is being dubbed as an “edutainment-centric” interactive service for kids of all ages. Aside from education categories, there are various movies and casual games “designed to stimulate and train young minds.”

Rogers Ignite TV customers can access Fun at Home through the Apps Menu or by mentioning the app’s name on the Ignite TV voice remote.

Fun at home app Canada from Zone TV
Fun at home app Canada from Zone TV

Rogers is the first Canadian TV service provider to introduce this innovative new experience to customers through its premium TV service.

Fun at Home is the first to launch in this series of new applications designed to help families during these unprecedented and challenging times. Fun at Home is an “edutainment-centric” interactive service that’s safe and captivating for kids of all ages, with learning categories that include art, math, science, life skills, geography and history. The application also includes a selection of movies and highly interactive casual games designed to stimulate and train young minds.

How to play the Fun at Home App on your iPhone in Canada?

Fun at home app Canada - How to play on iPhone
Fun at home app Canada – How to play on iPhone

As this app is not available right now at the app store what you need is first to download the Ignite Tv app on your iPhone to play Fun at Home.

You need a good internet connection or a WIFI to run all things smooth

Click here to download Ignite TV App on your iPhone

Once downloaded on your iPhone Swipe from left to right to open the main menu.

Also, you need  Ignite TV subscription to one or more eligible channels to watch live or On-Demand videos.

Once you open your account you can log in with your MyRogers username and password.

Select one of the following ways to watch:

  • Saved: View the For You screen, your completed and scheduled recordings, your Favourites and your purchases and downloads. This section is also where you can Download & Go.
  • Live TV: View All Channels (all your channels with TV listings), your Favourite Channels (channels you’ve Favourited) or TV Go Channels (channels that can be watched on the go).
  • Browse: Browse On Demand movies and TV shows by genre, including TV, Movies, Sports, Networks, Kids and News.

In the Kids, section find Fun at Home and begin to play

You can change settings as you want and manage your Ignite TV App

You can even download a program to your mobile device

Learn how to use the Download & Go feature of the Ignite TV™ app, which lets you download a program to watch on your mobile device.

Tap Saved. All your Ignite TV recordings and purchases will display.

You can tap the program you want to download. Once downloaded to your mobile device, the title will be “checked out” from the rest of your Ignite TV – so you can only access it on your device until you return the title to the Cloud.

Even you can return a program to the Cloud

In the Ignite TV app, tap Saved. Tap the downloaded program you want to return. Tap Return.

Returning a program to your PVR removes it from your device and makes it available to watch TV or download on another device.

The Ignite Fun at Home app offers family-safe interactive content to entertain and educate kids, including over 200 kid-safe videos and curated video playlists, read-along children’s books and interactive games. The app provides children’s content from trusted and family-forward content providers such as Teen Vogue, Brain Candy and Hoopla Kids. It also includes a Movies section including a mix of free and rentable Video on Demand titles.

The Fun at Home app is available to all Rogers Ignite bundle customers and SmartStream customers, regardless of their package. Streaming Fun at Home content on Ignite TV or SmartStream counts toward your monthly internet data usage.

You can access the app using either the voice command of your remote or in the apps section of your Ignite TV or SmartStream menu (the app is available in English only). Here’s how:

Using Voice Command

  • Press and hold the Mic button on your Rogers remote.
  • Say, “Fun at Home.”
  • The Fun at Home app will open.

Using the Ignite TV or SmartStream Menu

  • Press the Rogers button on your Voice Remote to open the main menu.
  • Select Apps.
  • Select Fun at Home and press OK.
  • The Fun at Home app will open.

You can close the Fun at the Home app by selecting Exit on the app itself.

If you’re still experiencing issues, try Rebooting your Ignite TV Box

If you’re still unable to launch or use the Fun at Home app after rebooting your Ignite TV box, you can reach out to their technical support team through their Contact Us page.


These are the steps you need to follow to play the Fun at Home App on your iPhone in Canada.