How do I Restore my iPhone

iPhone is a great little gadget and can work as our camera, mobile, web browser, GPS locator, MP3 player and so on. But there are a couple of times when you will need to restore your iPhone to its original state. Sometimes your iPhone might be too slow, it might have got some slogs or if you want to use your iPhone as a completely new device, you will need to restore it. Once you restore your iPhone, it will lose all its data, app and settings. So it will become like a new iPhone internally. So before you restore your iPhone make sure that you back up all your data if they are really important to you.

The good thing about restoring iPhone is that it is a simple process and there are many ways to do so. You can restore your iPhone from the phone itself, by using iTunes or even iCloud. Here are the ways you can restore your iPhone

A. Through the iPhone

  1. Back up all your data on your iPhone through iTunes or Cloud
  2. Disable “Find my iPhone” app if it is already installed
  3. Go to Settings then General and scroll down reset, click it
  4. There are multiple options to restore your phone such as network, keyboard and so on. Select “Reset All Settings”
  5. It will pop up a new menu where you will have select Erase iPhone to confirm restoration
  6. Wait until the restoration process ends and then set up your phone once again.

Restore my iPhone

B. Through iTunes

If you want, you can also restore your iPhone through itunes. Here are the step by step processes to restore your iPhone

  1. Back up your iPhone through iTunes or iCloud and disable “Find my iPhone” app
  2. Plug in your iPhone to your PC with the USB cable
  3. Open iTunes and select the phone that appears on it
  4. In iTunes, go to iTunes tab then click “Check for updates”. From the nest window, select Restore Backup and it will restore your iPhone after which you will need to set up your iPhone.
  5. Make sure that you have a backup of your phone or you will need to download a stable backup from internet.

Restore my iPhone

C. Through iCloud backup

If you have a backup of your iPhone on iCloud, you can also restore your phone there. For this

  1. Go to Settings, General then Reset. Click “Erase all content and settings”
  2. It will erase all data from your phone
  3. Now go to Setup Assistant and select “Set up your device
  4. At this time, sing in to iCloud
  5. Go to “Choose backup,” then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud. The process will take some time and after this you will an iPhone like a new one.
  6. After this, you will need to set up your iPhone once again.

Restore my iPhone

These are ways to restore your iPhone. Just keep it in mind that you should always back up your iPhone before you restore it.