How does ‘Find my iPhone’ App works

We all love our iPhones, iPods or iPads. These are pretty awesome gadgets and they serve us for everything on a daily basis. This is why; we carry them everywhere and they are always with us. But there is a problem with this as well. Since they are really expensive, they are really lucrative to thieves. The number of stolen in the market has been rising on a rapid pace for last few years. In addition to that, many people also tend to lose them. But worry no more as “Find my iPhone” app is there. This is a free app from iTunes that you can install and it will help you to retrieve your lost or stolen iPhone or any Apple device in no time.

How does “Find my iPhone” app work?

This is small little free app from iTunes works in a simple but in a creative way. This app, when installed in your iPhone or Apple device, uses GPS location tracking to monitor its locations and send the location to the actual owner. In addition to that, with this app, you can also control your device such as locking it, erasing data on it as well as disable it for good. To use this app, you will need an Apple account, an Apple device and iCloud.

Find my iPhone

How to install “Find my iPhone”?

Installing this app is really easy. To install “Find my iPhone” app, you will need

  1. Go to iTunes or Apple store from your mobile and search for “Find my iPhone”
  2. Click install and the app will be installed in your Apple device i.e. iPhone or iPad
  3. Open up the app, log in with your Apple ID
  4. You must have iCloud account to use this app
  5. Go to the app setting of this and follow the instructions and options such as password, owner number etc.


How to use “Find my iPhone” app?

Using this app is pretty easy. When your iPhone is stolen or lost, you will need

  1. Another Apple device or a PC to go to their website
  2. Log in to their site with your Apple ID & password
  3. It will immediately show you the location of your iPhone or other Apple devices
  4. If the device is turned off, it will show you the last location which might be the current location of the phone or not
  5. When the device is turned on, it will show you a green icon
  6. From the dashboard, you can now use different option such as lost mode to activate the lock screen with your number on it or even the Erase function to delete any data on the phone
  7. You can also send an alarm or sound to the phone through this to know near about position of the phone as well.

Find my iPhone

This is how; you can use “Find my iPhone” app. This is truly an easy and useful app for ever Apple lovers.