How does the Find my iPhone App works

How does 'Find my iPhone' App works
How does the ‘Find my iPhone’ App works

Have you ever had to use the Find my iPhone app? We all love our iPhones, iPods, or iPads. These are pretty awesome gadgets and they serve us for everything on a daily basis. This is why; we carry them everywhere and they are always with us. But there is a problem with this as well. Since they are really expensive, they are really lucrative to thieves.

The number of stolen in the market has been rising at a rapid pace for the last few years. In addition to that, many people also tend to lose them. But worry no more as the Find my iPhone app is there. This is a free app from iTunes that you can install and it will help you to retrieve your lost or stolen iPhone or any Apple device in no time.

How does the Find my iPhone app work?

How does the 'Find my iPhone' App works
How does the ‘Find my iPhone’ App works

This is a small free app that you can get from iTunes that works in a simple yet creative way. This app uses GPS location tracking to monitor its location and send the location to the actual owner. Apart from this, using this app you can also control your device such as locking it, erasing data on it as well as disabling it for good.

Addition security options

To use this app, you will need an Apple account, an Apple device, and iCloud. In addition to locating a device, the service provided three additional options:

  • Play sound – You can make the device play a sound at maximum volume, making flashing on-screen even if it is muted. This feature is great if the device has been mislaid, and is similar to finding a mislaid phone by calling it using another phone.
  • Lost mode – It flags the device as lost or stolen, allowing the user to lock it using a passcode. If the device is an iPhone and someone finds the device, they can call the user on the device.
  • Erase iPhone – You can entirely erase all content and settings, which is necessary if the device contains sensitive information, but the device cannot be located after this action is performed. Starting with iOS 7 or later version, after the erase is complete, the message can still be displayed and the device will be activated locked. So, it is hard for others to use or sell the device. An Apple ID password is needed to turn off Find My iPhone, sign out of iCloud, erase the device, or reactivate a device after a remote wipe.

How to install “Find my iPhone”?

How to install “Find my iPhone”
How to install “Find my iPhone”

Installing this app is really easy. To install the Find my iPhone app, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to iTunes or Apple store from your mobile and search for “Find my iPhone”
  2. Click install and the app will be installed on your Apple device i.e. iPhone or iPad
  3. Open up the app, log in with your Apple ID
  4. You must have an iCloud account to use this app
  5. Go to the app setting of this and follow the instructions and options such as password, owner number etc.

How to use the “Find my iPhone” app?

How to use “Find my iPhone” app
How to use the “Find my iPhone” app

Using this app is pretty easy. When your iPhone is stolen or lost, you will need

  1. Another Apple device or a PC to go to their website
  2. Log in to their site with your Apple ID & password
  3. It will immediately show you the location of your iPhone or other Apple devices
  4. If the device is turned off, it will show you the last location which might be the current location of the phone or not
  5. When the device is turned on, it will show you a green icon
  6. From the dashboard, you can now use a different option such as lost mode to activate the lock screen with your number on it or even the Erase function to delete any data on the phone
  7. You can also send an alarm or sound to the phone through this to know about the position of the phone as well.

This is how; you can use the Find my iPhone app. This is truly an easy and useful app for every iPhone lover.


This article provides everything there is to know about the mechanism of How does the “Find my iPhone’ app works.