How Much Does an iPhone Cost and Best Places to Buy it

iPhone is considered as the best mobile in the market. To some people this is a great gadget and to some this is a great brand to show off. No matter how people see it, this is a great phone without any doubt. Everyone wants it but the problem is that it could be really expensive. But there are couples of places in Canada where you can get great deal on latest iPhones.

It could be either iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 that you can buy depending on your budget and need. So here are a few places where you can buy iPhone.


Apple Shops in Canada

Apple has a number of shops in Canada and you can also buy from their shop online. Just simply browse to and you will find latest iPhones from their category. Right now they are promoting iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The previous model is 4.7 inches while the iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches.

There is also some difference in their configuration as well. You can get the iPhone 6 from $839 and the iPhone 6 plus from $969. If you do not have that much money, you can go for iPhone 5S. There is iPhone 5S with 16 GB storage that you can get for $719.00 and there is also iPhone 5S with 32 GB that will cost you around $789.00. But we would recommend you to go for the 32 GB version which is $70 higher in price. You just need to place your order online and they will deliver the phone to your house or you can also buy it from their shop in person.

Large Retailers such as BestBuy

If you are looking for a good deal on latest iPhone, you can also buy them other retailers such as BestBuy or Amazon. Compared to Apple store, their phones are a little bit cheaper as they come with agreements or special promotions. For example an iPhone 6 with 64 GB storage will cost you around $479.99 if you buy it with 2 years contract from Telus. You can also get Koodo Apple iPhone 5s 16GB with a Koodo Tab Plus at only $349.99.

There is also iPhone 6 Plus 16GB with a Koodo Tab Plus at only $474.99. You can also find similar deals in Amazon or other online shops as well.


Mobile companies

If you want you can also look for your favorite iPhone from the local mobile companies as well. There are different mobile service providers in Canada. For example, you can get iPhone 5S from Bell at only $719 .95 with no term or contract or at $99 .95 with a 2-year term.

From the same provider, you can get iPhone 6 at $839 .95 (No term) or at $348 .95 with 2-year term. However, when you will go for iPhone 6 plus it will cost you $969 .95 with No term or $478 .95 with 2-year term. You can also get similar offer from Telus, Rogers or even Fido.