The Best iPhone Plans in Canada – Rogers vs Fido vs Telus vs Bell

The Best iPhone Plans in Canada - Rogers vs Fido vs Telus vs Bell
The Best iPhone Plans in Canada – Rogers vs Fido vs Telus vs Bell

If you love iPhones as much as I do but don’t have the money to buy a cell phone, there is only one option for you, a contract from the cellular service provider.

Best iPhone Plans in Canada

When considering the best iPhone plans in Canada, factors to consider include network coverage, data allowances, talk and text features, and additional perks. Here are some major carriers in Canada that offer iPhone plans:

  1. Rogers:
    • Rogers is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Canada. They offer various iPhone plans with different data options, unlimited talk, and text.
  2. Bell Mobility:
    • Bell is another major player in the Canadian telecom industry. They provide iPhone plans with features like unlimited Canada-wide calling and various data options.
  3. Telus Mobility:
    • Telus is known for its strong network coverage. They offer iPhone plans with unlimited calling, texting, and various data options.
  4. Freedom Mobile:
    • Freedom Mobile is known for providing more affordable plans, and they often include features like unlimited talk and text. However, their coverage may be more concentrated in urban areas.
  5. Koodo Mobile:
    • Koodo is a subsidiary of Telus and offers competitive plans with flexible options, including the ability to bring your own device.
  6. Virgin Mobile:
    • Virgin Mobile, owned by Bell, provides a range of iPhone plans with different data and talk features.
  7. Fido:
    • Fido, a subsidiary of Rogers, offers a variety of iPhone plans, including data-heavy options and perks such as international calling options.

When looking for the best iPhone plan, consider your usage patterns, budget, and any additional features or perks that carriers may offer, such as international roaming options or bundled services. It’s advisable to check the latest offerings and compare plans directly on the carriers’ websites or visit their stores, as promotions and plan details can change. Additionally, customer reviews and feedback can provide insights into the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

These cell phones will be factory unlocked and you can use any kind of SIM connection in them without any hassle. However, you will have to spend a big amount on these phones. But if you buy the same from a network service provider, you can get the phone at a cheaper rate which can be almost half of the price. Lucky for you, there are a couple of network service providers in Canada such as Rogers, Fido, Telus and Bell that provides iPhone with different contract duration and at amazing prices.

Initially, you can buy the phone with a contract and if you want, you can unlock these phones for free as well. For smart people, this is the only way to buy the latest iPhones. In the given information below, we will tell about the offers from such leading network service providers in Canada.

Why Do Bell, Rogers and Telus Services Look The Same?

There are three country-wide telecommunications companies that aid Canada; Telus, Bell, and Rogers. Bell, as well as Telus, began as a telephone company whereas Rogers used to just provide cable television. Once all of these three started providing home broadband internet and the diversity of services they provided grew. Today, all of these three offer overlapping services containing telephone, cable television, and home internet. Most importantly, all of these three offer country-wide wireless services.

Rogers, Telus as well as Bell are a trifecta of national cell phone companies in Canada. All of these have high-speed countrywide networks that cover almost all Canadians, yet multiple parts of their wireless plans are quite expensive and developed for customers who want quality services. 

Rogers Telecom
Rogers Telecom
  • CA$85 month
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited text messaging, call display, voicemail, call waiting
  • Data: 25 GB/month
  • Save $20/mo every time you add an additional line

You can change the unlimited Canada-wide calling option to the North America-wide calling option by paying an additional $15/month

Rogers customers travelling to the U.S. can pay $5/day for roaming that includes incoming and outgoing calls and texts within the U.S. and Canada

Save $10/month off your plan when you bring your own device on certain Share Everything plans

Bell Telecom
Bell Telecom
  • Get the brand new Apple Watch Series 8 for $29.11/mo with funding and get your own smartwatch plan free, both of them for 24 months when you start on select plans.
  • Get $10/mo off the Rogers Infinite 40GB+ plans which are applicable in QC as well as 45GB+ plans for 12 months in ON. This is supposed to be an online deal only.
  • Additionally, get a $50 SSF scratched off when you activate your plan online.

Calls to the U.S. are 50 cents/minute or a $20/month feature can be added to get unlimited calling to the U.S.

Access to Cell Phone TV for three months

Bell customers travelling to the U.S. can pay $5/day for roaming that includes incoming and outgoing calls and texts within the U.S. and Canada and 100 MB of dedicated data per day that doesn’t come out of your regular home data

Although, if you are a heavy user, you can go to Telus too. Telus has wide coverage and reaches 99% of Canadians in the process. There are multiple prepaid options as well as traditional plans that the customer can choose from. Additionally, they can also buy pre-woned phones at lower prices than usual.

Telus telecom
Telus telecom
  • Get mobile with an unlimited 5G+ plan as well as save $120 while you are shopping as an online new customer you can also add another line
  • Get an iPhone 14 Pro and save around $530 with the Bring-It-Back scheme.
  • Bag a brand new Apple Watch with a TELUS Health Companion for just $54/month.
  • You can begin your school year with a staggering 20GB of data at 5G speeds for around $55 per month. (ON)

Calls to the U.S. are 50 cents/minute or a $15/month feature can be added to get unlimited calling to the U.S.

If you are interested in Fido plans then you can have the best of them

  • Save a huge 50 percent bonus per month for around 12 months on the unlimited Fido Home Internet when you connect it with a mobile plan. This saves you up to $540! (ON)
  • This offer stands for an online-only purchase for $5/mo off for 12 months! (ON)
  • Save around $25/mo for about 12 months on the Fido Home Internet
  • Collect your certified pre-loved phones beginning from just $3/month.
  • With the help of Fido XTRA, postpaid customers are rewarded with new deals as well as giveaways.
  • Earn 5 extra hours of unlimited data each month with little to no extra cost. All of this is available with Data, Talk as well as Text plans.
Fido Telecom
Fido Telecom

Calls to the U.S. are 55 cents/minute or you can buy the value pack add-on for an extra $5/month and pay only 1 cent/minute

The value pack also includes premium voicemail-to-text (35 voice messages), name display and WhoCalled and 2,500 call forwarding minutes and 6 month’s subscription to Spotify Premium

All of these contracts from Bell, Rogers, Fido and Telus are almost similar with a slight difference. But price shouldn’t be the only factor when you will be looking for an iPhone deal. You should also consider network coverage from these networks while selecting your iPhone with a contract.


These are a few plans that you might be interested in purchasing while your time in Canada.