6 Best Lightning Cables for your iPhone

6 Best Lightning Cables for your iPhone
6 Best Lightning Cables for your iPhone

Below are the 6 best lightning cables for your iPhone. For the convenience of the user, long lightning cables have been introduced that are best for charging your respective iPhone and iPad. If there is some difficulty for you to carry the cable across rooms to charge the device, worry no more because the problem is solved with the new Lightning Cables. The perks of it being is the efficient use of your iPhone while charging it to a farther socket and the durability of the wire against tugs and turns.

Lightning Cables for your iPhone

Below are the best-quality lightning cables.

1. Anker Powerline II Cable

Koodo plans on iPhone- 6 Best Lightning Cables for your iPhone
Koodo Plans on iPhone

At an affordable price, the Anker Powerline II Cable is a lifesaver in situations when you have to transfer data or charge your phone. Certified by Apple, certain reinforcements have been made due to the addition of Kevlar. With a durability of 175 pounds, it can survive around 12000 bends and twists. Different colours such as black, white, blue, red, or gray are also available. A Velcro tie is also available as well. It has a $14 cost price on Amazon.

2. Native Union Cable Collection

iPhone XR plans on Koodo
iPhone XR plans on Koodo

The specifics of the Native Union Cable is that for its new Cosmos Collection, it has installed a DuPont Kevlar fibre that adds extra toughness to it increasing its durability. It also eliminates the general weak point of normal cables being the point between the cable and the Lightning Connector. It also comes in various colours such as a cool gray and white combination.

3. Unbreakcable Lightning Cable

iPhone SE Plans
iPhone SE plans

With a length of 3.3 feet or 8 inches, the Unbreakable Lightning Cable can thrive by undergoing 30000 twists or bends at a 90-degree angle. Of course, there is no such thing as an unbreakable lightning cable. The weak spot is the Lightning Plug itself. However, what the Unbreakcable cable has done so exceptionally is add a tin plate underneath the plug section to absorb the jerks and jolts and the wire itself is also of high durability. There is a lifetime warranty guaranteed as well. It is sold for $12 on Amazon.

4. Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable

iPhone X plans
iPhone X plans

The Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable is hardwired with a Kevlar core RF shield and a PVC jacket which are all enclosed within 1000-denier nylon. This increases its durability drastically. A special silicon rubber tie helps you to keep the cable long and sturdy. The length is predefined but you can extend it as long as 4.9 feet. It is a USB 2.0 version and can be used on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Its cost price on Amazon is $30

5. Fuse Chicken Titan Plus Cable

6 Best Lightning Cables for your iPhone 1

With the title of the toughest Lightning cable built on this planet, the Fuse Chicken Titan Plus is sandwiched between two layers of flexible steel. Hence, the durability is exceptionally high. It can survive almost everything without any damage. Due to its exceptional sturdiness, it can be difficult for one to coil it up and carry it around. It even has some serious faults regarding the manufacture around the neck which is the weak point of any cable so it might not be the best wire for you to put to use but it certainly is something that can live up to those houses which contain pets because they like to chew on anything and everything. The cost price is $38 on Amazon.

6. Zus Kevlar Cable

6 Best Lightning Cables for your iPhone 2

With a length of 4 feet and MFi certified, the Zus Kevlar Cable survived a tug-of-war with a dog and came out without a scratch on it. This is because of the addition of Kevlar with the finishes of nylon braiding. It can survive up to 15000 bends due to the above two ingredients. The atrocious entanglement of the wire won’t happen to this cable and it also comes with a Velcro tie. A very sharp feature of the cable is the USB connector that is attached at 90 degrees and so it helps the cable to fit into many different spaces. The cost price is $11 at Amazon.


These are the few best lightning cables for your iPhone to charge.