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Overall Review

Jackpot Joy - Slots

Jackpotjoy Slots is a great apple game for the people who can’t visit the slot machines. It’s got an interactive user interface and the graphics are pretty amazing. What we really like about this game is its features such as different slots and daily bonuses.

However, it lacks a little bit in the “blinks” section especially in sound and the coins are a little bit expensive. Still this is a great game and you won’t get bored with this game.

The Pros

  • Easy to install and play
  • Good graphics and animation
  • Lots of slots design to choose from
  • Daily bonuses like free spins & coins

The Cons

  • The sounds could have been better
  • Expensive coins & hangs sometimes

The review

Jackpotjoy Slots standouts among millions of slots games from iTunes. It’s a simple slot simulator for entertainment only. However, it is quite different and interesting from other slots games. It works both on iPhone and iPad and it is optimized for iPhone 5 or later. It’s only 67.6 MB and easy to download and install. Once you install the game, you can jump straight to the slots and start playing.

Secrets of the Phoenix Slots

Playing this game is as really easy. It has got an amazing collection of slots features that includes but not limits to All Pays, 10, 20, 25, 50 & 100 line games, Cascades, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, Stacked Symbols and many more.

It’s a free game and you can start playing this game right away. It gives you free daily spins and free coins. So you do not need to buy coins to play this game. However, if you want to continue, you can always buy coins through in-app purchases. But they will cost you this time and it starts from $ 4.59. But you can also win back coins here and we had some lucky swings in this game in a few tries.

This app comes with 35 different slots games and above that there is always one more new slot after 2 weeks. So it will take you a long time to finish all of them. The slots are quite interesting and their graphics are really bright. We used an iPhone 6 and it looked really amazing. However, we wonder it won’t look that vivid on the small screen of iPhone 5 or 4. The animation is decent enough and with lots of variation in slots and design, this game will keep you gripped with it.

The new version of 2.6.2 has got some bug fixes and now it doesn’t lock when you win coins. It also has a couple of new features that you can expect from a decent slot game. However, we think the sound in this game could have been better. But if you want to play only for the love of slots, it won’t bother you that much. Overall, this is an easy and interesting slot game and worth playing.  So head to Jackpotjoy Slots and start playing. Happy swings.