What are the Mini Games offered by Unibet Canada

Mini Games offered by Unibet

Below are some of the mini games by Unibet Canada. In our last post, you found out about the bIngo games and tournaments that you can play in real CAD at Unibet casino. Unibet Bingo also offers various fantastic mini-games in between the Bingo gameplay which is simply wonderful to enjoy. Mini Games are a new concept in online bingo that combines bingo playing with online Bingo or slot games. Mini-games offer the same thrill and excitement normal Unibet slot machines provide but they come embedded in the bingo games.

About Mini Games by Unibet

About Mini Games by Unibet
About Mini Games by Unibet

Mini-games have nothing to do with bingo, even though they are found in the bingo suite. They are effectively scaled-down versions of the slot machines you can find in the Unibet casino. What’s great about mini-games is that they are simple to understand and easy to play, so you can enjoy them alongside bingo.

Mini-games are found within the bingo gameplay. Unibet has embedded such in the gameplay, so both bingo and the minis can run alongside each other. It means you can play mini-games while the bingo is going on. This is something many gamers have enjoyed, as bingo is effectively a hands-off game!

Once you’ve bought your bingo cards, all you can do is sit back, cross your fingers and watch the numbers appear. But some players enjoy taking a punt at mini-games while it’s all going on.

Mini-games are slots. They work exactly the same as slots, although some features may be different. They work best on desktops but you can also play mini-games on smartphones and tablets.

Mini Games by Unibet

Mini-Games at Unibet
Mini Games by Unibet

All mini-games in the Unibet bingo suite will sit to the right of the bingo game. When you enter a bingo hall, you will see a scroll list of mini-games available, to the right of the screen and underneath your balance, the live chat option and the information button.

Simply scroll across the mini-game options until you find one that suits you. For example, you decide to play bingo on The Pitch in the Unibet suite. There is a six-minute wait between rounds and it’s a slow draw anyway, so you have plenty of time on your hands. So, you scroll across and find Road Toad in the mini-games. The game will load quickly and you can set a minimum bet, so you stay in control of how much you stake!

Here are few of the best Mini Games by Unibet to play

Road Toad

Road Toad
Road Toad- Mini games by unibet

A simple slots game of five reels and four rows. There are 40 Paylines here, with high-paying symbols, a random Resin feature and Free Spins available. Road Toad offers two types of Wild, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for those! The Wild Toad will randomly jump in on the rightmost reel and trigger a series of respins. After each respin the toad will jump left to the next reel, on the same row. The Wild Toad can also be hit by a truck, at which point it expands to cover the entire reel! You can land eight free spins at any one time.

Plot Slot

Pop slot bingo
Pop slot bingo- Mini games by unibet

This farmyard-themed game offers mystery spins on top of its normal gameplay, so you never know when a spin will be awarded! Plot Slot offers just three reels, with three rows on each. That is nine symbols overall, making this a very straightforward slots game. It is this simplicity that is what’s so beautiful about mini-games — they are meant to be quick and easy to understand, so you can then go back to focusing on the bingo!

In Plot Slot, get three identical symbols on a pay line to win. Because there are only nine symbols, there are just five pay lines to worry about. There is also a ‘Second Chance’ feature here, where you get two of the same symbol on one reel, but not the third! In this instance, you get a second chance to spin that last reel, with the other two locked.

Poe’s Treasure

Poes treasure
Poes treasure- Mini games by unibet

Poe’s Treasure will definitely be the mini-game for sea travellers. There are three bonus symbols you can collect while playing this slot game alongside bingo — and if you find them you can explore the treasure island. Poe’s Treasure is a five-reel game with just three pay lines. That gives you 20 pay lines!

When you collect three bonuses the bonus game will be triggered. Here, you will have to decide where you enter the treasure island, with three shovels at your disposal. There is a treasure to be found, with gems equating to money. But be careful, if you hit a rock you lose a shovel and losing three shovels ends the bonus round!

Wild One

Wild One Bingo Game
Wild One Bingo Game- Mini games by unibet

This Wild West-themed mini-game is perfect for fans who love respins. There are a number of different Wilds that can activate respins here. There’s the buffalo skull stick respin, in which the Wild will stick to the reel while the respins are taking place. You can also land Star Scatters, which give a money payout if you land two or more symbols anywhere on the reels. The big payout players are looking for on Wild One comes from the ‘wanted’ symbol. Nail three ‘wanted’ symbols and you will receive a triple payout. These ‘wanted’ symbols appear at random, even during free spins!

Money Mansion

Money Mansion
Money Mansion- Mini games by unibet

This game is another 3×3 game, just like Plot Slot. However, the big difference here is not just the visuals. In Money Mansion there is a multiplier wheel that will spin before the start of each game. This multiplier wheel can increase the wins of a current spin depending on what the multiplier lands on. These are:1x 2x 3x 5x 10x and 20x.

King Stones

King Stones
King stones- Mini games by unibet

There are 25 paylines on this game, running across five reels. It’s all about chasing gems in this game and players will be hoping to land the multi-coloured Wild! King Stones has a higher minimum bet than many other mini-games, so is the perfect game for a more experienced slot player.

At all the games you can bet on high stakes, enter tournaments and complete challenges in the Bingo suite. But you can also keep a steady profile if you’re new to bingo and bet on very low stakes.

Just like on all slot machines in the Unibet suite, you can set betting limits on the mini-games. To do this, simply click on the side of each game where there will be a bet limit option. This might be $10 a day, more or less, depending on what limit you want to set yourself.

This section is also where you can find information on the mini-game you’re about to play. It is always advised to read through the information about the game before you start. This way you can understand more clearly what the winning combinations are, record the Wilds and Scatters, as well as work out what to do when a bonus round is triggered!

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These are a few games offered by Mini games by Unibet. Do give them a shot before picking your favourite.