Music Apps Every iOS User Needs

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Music Apps Every iOS User Needs

Finding the right music doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially with the help of the right app. There are plenty of options, so there’s no excuse for iOS users not to have a robust music collection. Before users had to rely on shady file downloading apps like Limewire, but now new doors have opened. Users no longer have to risk riddling their iPhones with viruses in the pursuit of new music. There’s already a slew of new options for music lovers, & the number of new music apps is staggering.

The App Store is absolutely packed with music apps, but only a few of them are worthwhile. Every year dozens of potentially helpful music apps are released. There’s little to no quality control, but fortunately, the amount of competition quickly weeds out the basic apps. In a market that’s evolving at lightning speed, sub-par apps can’t survive long.

Even though this proven fact helps users find new apps, the amount of good music apps is equally daunting. With so many quality apps to choose from, users have to do a little research. Each music app has its strong points, so we compiled a list of music apps that meet any need. They are great ways to find something new, so get ready to fill up your playlist!

Our Recommended Best Music Apps for iOS Users

Music App #3: Groove

Music Apps
It’s time to download new songs!

Out of all the underdogs, this release is quickly rising to the top. Their massive collection of music & enticing user options is rapidly converting iOS users to this app. To get access to over 40 million songs, all clients have to do is download the app. Groove brands itself as free, but this is just a 30-day offer. To continue accessing quality music, users need to pay $9.99 a month. This may sound like a high fee, but it’s actually quite reasonable once you explore your options.

The best thing to do if you are on a budget is to sign up for the 30-day trial program. From there you get access to a staggering amount of music that can be downloaded directly to your iPhone. Once you are signed up, it’s time to start downloading as many songs as possible. All users have to do is play a song, tap on the 3 dots icon & tap Add to collection. This saves the song on your iPhone, so download as many tracks as possible before the 30 days are up.

Having a time limit can be stressful, but it also gives a sense of exhilaration while hunting for new music. This is a completely free way to get all your favourite songs. If you still crave 24/7 access to new music, sign up for their plan once the 30-day trial is up!

Music App #2: Shazam

Music Apps
Find out any song title!

For those of us who don’t know what song we are hearing, this app is a godsend. This innovative app allows users to discover any song title simply by holding their phone up to a speaker. It instantly runs the sound of the music through their databases & comes up with the title within seconds. They also provide purchasing options & real-time charts. This app will revolutionize the way you identify music, so download it today!

Music App #1: Pandora Radio

Music Apps
Don’t ever go without new music again…

There’s a reason why Pandora is one of the most downloaded music apps ever created. They offer a simple & free way for users to enjoy the music they love. Fill out a minimal amount of information & the app can start recommending songs based on its algorithm. This targeting is surprisingly accurate, so before long your playlist will burst at the seams with new music. Technically the app is free, but to enjoy ad-free music users have to pay $4.99 a month. This is a great way to find new tunes, so start exploring your options!


These are some of the music apps every iOS user needs to experience at least once.