7 Outstanding Games and Fun Apple Watch Apps That You Can Have

The seven outstanding games and fun Apple Watch Apps that you can have
The seven outstanding games and fun Apple Watch Apps that you can have

As you wind up you are eager to know which new apps are available at the app store. Well, there are hundreds of new apps for your iOS devices be it iPhone, iPad or Apple watch. Here we have picked for you seven such outstanding games and fun Apple Watch Apps that you can have easily.  

All you need is to visit your app store or click on the link provided hereunder for each app and download them on your watch or iPhone. Few of these are free or may contain in-app purchases to get more features out of it, but that’s your choice to use the in-app purchase or not. Many though have a cost ranging from CA$1- $3 because they are new apps and take time to be all free of cost.

Some amazing Apple Watch apps

1. Trivia Crack

Trivia crack app
Trivia Crack app- Apple Watch Apps

If you love Trivia games then this app is a must where you can challenge your friends and enjoy the six different categories of games. With hundreds of thousands of exciting questions in over 20 game languages, you can socialize as you play with the chat feature.

Trivia Crack Game App
Trivia Crack game- Apple Watch Apps

You can win six crowns as you crack the questions in these games. This app requires an iOS 10 or later iPhone device.

Click here to download now on any of your iOS devices including the Apple Watch

2. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies Game app
Tiny Armies- Apple Watch Apps

Tiny Armies is a turn-based strategy on your wrist as little armies respond to your swipes, carving their way through a ‘fog of war’ in randomized single-screen arenas, and wiping out opponents. Perfect when you fancy a spot of conquest, but only have a minute to spare in this fast-paced game. You can play solo or battle your friends face to face or jump into iMessage to battle across the world.

Tiny Armies app
Tiny Armies app- Apple Watch Apps

This app costs CA$1.39 at app stores and require an iOS 10 or later device.

Click here to download it now

3. Twisty Color

Twisty Color app
Twisty Color- Apple Watch Apps

Since watchOS 3, devs can have the Digital Crown control any interface element. Twisty Color takes advantage of this, having you twiddle a ‘Twister’ in the screen’s centre. In this game, you have to match the colour of its surface to incoming bullets.

Twisty color app
Twisty Color app- Apple Watch Apps

Screw up three times and you’re done. It’s not exactly Super Hexagon, but Twisty Color is cheap, cheerful, actually feels like it was made for Apple Watch, and perhaps hints at better things to come for gaming on the platform.

This app requires an iOS 9.0 or later device and costs CA$ 1.39

Download this app now

4. Tamagotchi Classic

Tamagotchi app
Tamagotchi app- Apple Watch Apps

Tamagotchi, the handheld game toy that has sold over 80 million units worldwide and now Bandai Namco has launched Apple Watch support for the Japanese virtual pet game you thought you’d put behind you. Check on your Tamagotchi’s status and health meter, get alerts and take care of it directly from the Watch with a menu of its needs including meals, snacks, toilet and light. This means you can take care of your Tamagotchi’s needs directly from your Apple Watch, like sending it to the restroom or feeding it.

Tamagotchi game on apple watch
Tamagotchi app- Apple Watch Apps

There are two fun modes to raise your Tamagotchi! -There’s a Toy Mode that recreates the original Tamagotchi devices from back when they first hit the scene, and a fully coloured, touch screen enabled App Mode that you can switch between whenever you want! App Mode on this app is the only place in the world you can experience and raise Tamagotchi with special colours.

This app costs CA$1.39 and is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later devices.

You can download this new game here

5. Lifeline

Lifeline app
Lifeline app
Lifeline game app
Lifeline game app

Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival against all odds where you will help Taylor make life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Acclaimed writer Dave Justus weaves a gripping interactive story through the aftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon. Taylor is stranded, the rest of the crew are dead or missing, and Taylor’s communicator can only reach you.

As Taylor works to stay alive, notifications deliver new messages throughout your day. Keep up as they come in, or catch up later when you’re free. You can even respond to Taylor directly from your Apple Watch or your iPhone lock screen, without launching into the app.

This new app costs CA$2.79 and is compatible with iOS 8.0 and over devices.

Click here to download it now.

6. Runblade

Runblade app
Run blade app

Run Blade takes you on the magical journey through awakening the arcane Runes on your blade, casting mighty spells and gearing up with magical Artefacts! Make your way to the Forgotten Halls to fight the rising darkness! Created from start to finish as an Apple Watch original title, Runeblade is a casual take on adventure games and is crafted to provide the optimal gaming experience on a smartwatch.

Runblade game app
Run blade app

In Runeblade, the order of the War Mages is faced with an impossible situation. After millennia of slumber, their own gods are awakening only to turn corrupted and determined to destroy the world. The order selects a champion to continue the fight against the evil, but time is running out as the wrath of the Arai is already seeping into the world. Play over 1000 levels of this game and enjoy the fantasy title.

This game is free to download and requires iOS 10.0 or later devices.

Click here to download it now.

7. Walkr

Walkr app
Walker app

Walkr is a fun galaxy adventure game where you get over 100  fascinating planets and 30+ mission goals that motivate you to walk more Walkr is the second offering in a series of health-conscious games from Fourdesire, creators of the Plant Nanny app with more than 10 million players! Hop on the Walkr spaceship and begin your adventure across the boundless cosmos.

Walkr app
Walkr app

With Walkr in your pocket, your daily steps are automatically recorded and converted into energy fuel for your spaceship The app tracks and records the number of calories you burn and recommends daily fitness goals.

This free app is compatible with iOS 8.0  and above devices.

Click here to download it now

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This article will help you a lot if you are by yourself and have quite some time to yourself. You can download some of the best Apple Watch Apps mentioned above and pass the time.