Top 5 Free iPhone Games of 2020

Last year was filled with surprises, and the new wave of free iPhone games were no exception. In the last few years, the App Store has become absolutely packed with quality games. Every year, more developers race to create the next big game. The stakes are high, since these releases can make or break their careers. This competitive environment has paved the way for a slew of new iPhone games.

Out of all the developmental years for mobile gaming, none were more more iconic than 2020. Last year users were greeted with a tsunami of new iPhone games. This massive amount of releases may be overwhelming, but they managed to raise the bar higher. To showcase how much progress was made, we created a list of the most popular iPhone games of 2020. All these releases can be enjoyed on an iPhone 6 to iPhone X, so there’s no excuse not to get a piece of the action!

Best Free iPhone Games of 2020

Free iPhone Games
Help this heroine tackle adversity!

iPhone Game #5: Cally’s Caves 4 – When playing, it quickly becomes obvious that this game was made for gamers by gamers. Their passion shines through this surprisingly high quality action game. The game maintains its free status, which is refreshing after getting bombarded by too many freemium games. In this adventure, players help a twelve-year-old girl named Cally find a cure to a curse. She is armed to the teeth, so help her get her vengeance!

Free iPhone Games
Test your reflexes with this fast paced game!

iPhone Game #4: Crossy Road – Out of all the freebies in the App Store, this is easily the most entertaining. To survive a never ending round, users have to guide their characters across a myriad of dangerous obstacles. The game is so simple that it borders on hypnotic, but it’s appeal still can’t be ignored. Any fan of Frogger or similar games will fall head over heels for this release.

Free iPhone Games
Try to maneuver through this alien invasion!

iPhone Game #3: Breakneck – When aliens take over the planet, one man in a spaceship is humanity’s last hope. Users get front row seats to the action as they blast enemies and escape alien fleets. Unfortunately, their only spacecraft is incredibly hard to steer. It’s clunky design forces users to get creative while escaping death by inches!

Free iPhone Games
Use your wits to conquer this strategy game!

iPhone Game #2: Clash Royal – When it comes to developer Supercell, users already expect a high quality game. Clash Royal reaffirmed this stereotype by being one of the best free iPhone games of 2020. The game throws users into a strategically charged battlefield. Everyone has a King tower and two smaller flanking buildings. From there units can be placed on the battle fields by selecting cards from the deck. Taking on strangers has never been this challenging, so don’t miss out on the action!

Free iPhone Games
Race around at breakneck speeds!

iPhone Game #1: Asphalt 8: Airborne – Instead of trying to be realistic, this game breaks all the rules in the name of entertainment. In many ways, Gameloft outdid themselves with this delightfully irresponsible racing game. Everything is bursting at the seams with colors and action, while the levels add extra unforeseen obstacles. Compete to see if you can reach the finish line before it’s too late!