Top 5 Online Slot Game Designer and Gaming Platforms

Top 5 Online Slot Game Designer and Gaming Platforms 13

There are many companies that design not only the slot games which you find online to play but several of it also supplies a complete online casino software gaming platform which powers online casinos.

Every company offers their own gaming platform or range of casino games with their own unique selling proposition and every gaming platform or range of casino titles are unique and will have an assortment of games that offer players something unique.

Whenever you opt for an online casino site to play just find out which software gaming platform they are using, and if it is one of those that are mentioned below then you will find what you can expect from the casino.

1. Microgaming

Top 5 Online Slot Game Designer and Gaming Platforms 14

Microgaming is popular for having the largest assortment of casino games available through their downloadable gaming system. In addition, they also offer a no download, Flash-powered gaming platform with a large collection of title available.

They introduced their original gaming platform and banquet of games back in 1994 and have been expanding their offerings and adding new games to their platform ever since.


Top 5 Online Slot Game Designer and Gaming Platforms 15

Playtech is yet another very successful company online gaming development company that has been delivering online casino gaming platforms and thousands of different casino games for almost two decades now. The range of games that Playtech provides has been so popular that it is available in almost every land-based gaming venue.

Playtech initially designed online slot and casino games and then made them available to land-based gaming casinos, whereas IGT initially started supplying land-based casinos with slot games and then switched to make them available to online casinos.

You can find several slot games offered at Playtech powered casinos, and like many other gaming companies, like Microgaming, they also provide both flash powered and no downloadable version games along with a fully downloadable gaming platform.

You will also be able to play casino games designed and supplied by Playtech on mobile phones and mobile tablet devices as Playtech have recently introduced their very own mobile gaming platform complementing their online range of games amazingly.

3. IGT Interactive

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If you have ever played land-based casinos, you would have probably come across slots designed and created by a company called IGT, it is one of the biggest suppliers of land-based slot games and has had years of dedicated experience in regards to designing slot games that appeal to all types of slot players.

IGT has released their own online range of slot games which include several land-based slot games, and they also launched their own offshoot company known as IGT Interactive.

When you find any IGT Interactive slot games online you will be able to find they can be accessed via a no download gaming system. Without downloading any software you will be able to play these games if your system is Flash equipped.

4. NetEnt

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This software development company have earned a name in the Guinness Book of Records for one of their progressive slot games as this game paid out one of the largest ever progressive jackpot won online.

You can find a range of slot games on this gaming platform and all are unique to those gaming platforms mentioned above and they are known to design more bespoke slot games which you would have never come across.

The NetEnt gaming platform also provides a no downloadable version of a span of games which are not just slot games, but you will also find Video Poker games and a unique set of different Card and Table game variants on offer. Of course, all types of players would be able to find something or the other to play suiting their taste and preferences.

5. Quickfire

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Through quickfire, you would be able to access a range of casino games. This platform allows you to play games supplied from multiple different casino game designers, and when you want to play the largest assortment of casino games in no downloadable version, you need to choose an online casino which uses Quickfire as it is the most preferred platform. You do not have to go to another online casino to play those games!