Top Apple Developments to Expect in 2020

Out of all the companies with promising futures in 2020, none can compete with Apple. During the last year, Apple proved to investors why it’s the most respected tech giant on the market. Various facets of the company experienced record growth, especially their stocks. Apple shares opened at $157.92 and closed at $289.80 on December 31st, 2019. This impressive 80% 12-month growth is unheard of amongst most corporations and added a staggering $530 billion to Apple’s market cap. Last year was Apple’s best performance on the stock market since 2009, and this growth wasn’t limited to shares.

Through a series of releases that expanded their target audiences, Apple was able to revive iPhone sales. Catering to budget-conscious consumers paid off, since the iPhone XR was Apple’s best-selling iPhone of 2019. The demand for these devices was so high that their camera sensor supplier Sony struggled to keep up with the orders. Various sources claim that Apple sold between 185 to 190 million iPhones in 2019. Combined with its spectacular stock performance, it’s safe to say that Apple is back on top of the market.

Even though Apple’s market capitalization is valued at $1.3 trillion, they are poised to exceed these records in 2020. This exceptional forecast is based on many factors that cover everything from new features to bold redesigns. To showcase what users have to look forward to, we compiled a list of the top Apple advancements in 2020. These new developments have major implications since they have the power to shake up the entire industry. Discover what this tech giant has planned by exploring the novelties on our list!

Most Anticipated Apple Developments in 2020

The iPhone 12 is finally going to shed the iPhone X design.

Development #3: iPhone 12 – This is Apple’s flagship device, so it will set the tone for 2020. The internet is already awash with rumours, but only a few are credible enough to quote. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecasts that users will have 5 new iPhones to choose from. One 4.7-inch model, 5.4-inch & 6.1-inch dual-lens models as well as a 6.1-inch & 6.7-inch model with triple-lens cameras. This impressive lineup should also boast new designs, larger batteries, sensor-shift image stabilization & touch sensors. All these features have been corroborated by respected industry leaksters, so the bar is set high for Apple’s next round of iPhones!

Users are in for a sleeker design- 2020

Development #2: iMac Redesign – This year marks the 22nd birthday of the iMac, and Apple is planning on giving it a makeover. This is welcome news since the design is in dire need of a facelift. Despite being equipped with faster processors and hardware, the aluminum iMac design has been largely unchanged since its introduction in 2007. Users have been blessed with Retina display and multiple upgrades, but a new design is inevitable. Its current bezels are too big to proceed within 2020, and Apple isn’t a stranger to this inconvenient truth. The company is planning on unveiling a new iMac this year, and this time it’s finally going to look as good as it performs!

Apple is going to harness the power of 5G in 2020.

Development #1: 5G Capabilities – When it comes to the smartphone capabilities in 2020, 5G compatibility is the next frontier. Boasting speeds of 100 gigabits per second, 5G is over 100 times faster than its predecessor 4G. This disparity is massive and has a major impact on how people share and stream data. Fifth-generation cellular wireless networks are already available on all 4 major US carriers and in 31 major cities.

This number is set to grow exponentially in 2020, so the race is on between mobile developers to create devices that can handle this new network. At least one of Apple’s 5 new iPhones is expected to be compatible, which will allow fans to get in on this revolution without sacrificing the features they love.


These are a few Apple developments you can expect to be done by 2020.