Best Post Apocalyptic Games To Play On iPhone

Best Post-Apocalyptic games to play on iPhone
Best Post-Apocalyptic games to play on iPhone

The subgenre of Science-Fiction, Horror Fiction, Science-fantasy, and Post-Apocalyptic games are set up in a world where the civilization of the planet Earth has been doomed. The triggering event could be natural, climatic, man-made, medical, as well as imaginative. The player, in these games, needs to prevent an apocalypse event, while also fixing the consequences as well as the impact of the event. These games are supposed to happen in a non-technological future world, or the kind of environment where the dispersed aspects of technology and society have become vestigial.

With the inclusion of Babylonian and Judaic, there are different ancient civilizations that developed the apocalyptic as well as the mythology that handles the nemesis of the globe as well as the human race. The player takes control of the protagonist in the ruins of an entirely decimated environment and thrives for as long as possible. Some of the most considerable Post-apocalyptic themes are Supernatural Phenomena, Ecological Collapse, Resource Depletion, Dysgenics, Divine Judgment, etc. Below are some of the best post-apocalyptic games on the iPhone.

Best Post-Apocalyptic Games on iPhone

1. Day R Survival

Day R Survival
Day R Survival

Single-player, Multiplayer, Role-playing, and Action video game, Day R Survival was developed by TLT Geims, OOO for Android as well as iOS. There are 4 pleasing modes that the game brings for you Real Life, Online, Sandbox, as well as Medium. It is set in a humongous world and features the crafting element. It also features an amazing story, where you portray the role of the protagonist, a remnant survivor who must deal with third, danger, hunger, and myriad brutal enemies during the gameplay.

Utilizing the Carting option, you can develop weapons, items, equipment, as well as other aspects to progress in the story. Your final objective is to thrive in the post-apocalyptic environment destroyed by the nuclear war, and you need to avoid radiation. Survive and struggle for as long as possible, create shelter, forge items, and collect food to stay healthy. Day R Survival also contains amazing features like Surviving in Post-apocalyptic, Live Chat, Hardcore Shelter, Developing your Skills, Online Mode, Crafting System, Co-op Mode, Endless Possibilities, etc. As it is one of the best post-apocalyptic games to play on the iPhone, do check it out.


The storyline of “Day R Survival” revolves around your character’s quest to find their missing family and navigate the dangerous wasteland. As you explore the vast open-world environment, you’ll encounter various challenges, including scarce resources, deadly radiation zones, mutated creatures, hostile survivors, and the constant threat of hunger, thirst, and illness.

Your primary goal is to scavenge for supplies, craft essential items, and manage your character’s vital needs to stay alive. You’ll need to gather food, water, medicine, and other materials while avoiding or combating the dangers that lurk around every corner.

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter non-playable characters (NPCs) who may offer quests, valuable information, or trade opportunities. These interactions can help you progress in the game, gain valuable resources, and uncover the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world.

Features and Mechanics

“Day R Survival” offers several features and mechanics that enhance the gameplay and provide a challenging survival experience. Here are some notable features and mechanics of the game:

  1. Open-World Exploration: The game presents a vast open-world environment set in the post-apocalyptic Soviet Union. Players can freely explore various locations, including cities, towns, military bases, and wilderness areas, each with its own unique challenges and resources.
  2. Survival Mechanics: “Day R Survival” emphasizes realistic survival mechanics, where players must manage essential needs such as hunger, thirst, fatigue, and radiation exposure. Finding and consuming food and water, resting, and protecting against radiation become crucial elements in the game.
  3. Crafting and Scavenging: Players can scavenge resources from the environment, including items like food, water, medical supplies, weapons, and materials for crafting. Crafting allows players to create essential items, weapons, armour, and tools to aid in their survival and exploration.
  4. Character Progression and Skills: As players progress in the game, they can level up their character and allocate skill points to improve various attributes such as combat proficiency, crafting abilities, and survival skills. Skill development enhances the character’s effectiveness in different aspects of survival.
  5. Role-Playing Elements: The game incorporates role-playing elements by allowing players to make choices and decisions that impact the storyline and character progression. Players can align with different factions, complete quests, and interact with NPCs to shape their character’s journey and relationships.
  6. Turn-Based Combat: “Day R Survival” features turn-based combat mechanics, where players engage in tactical battles against enemies, including mutants and other survivors. Players must consider their character’s skills, equipment, and resources to strategically overcome encounters.
  7. Diseases and Medical System: Diseases and illnesses play a significant role in the game. Players must manage their character’s health, administer medical treatments, and be cautious of infectious diseases prevalent in the wasteland. The medical system adds a layer of realism and challenges to survival.
  8. Shelter Construction: Players have the ability to construct their own shelters, providing a safe haven from the dangers of the wasteland. Building and upgrading a shelter allows players to store supplies, rest, and defend against threats.
  9. Trading and Bartering: Interactions with NPCs and other survivors offer opportunities for trading and bartering. Players can trade resources, equipment, and crafted items to acquire essential supplies or obtain valuable resources from others.
  10. Dynamic Weather and Day/Night Cycle: The game features a dynamic weather system and a realistic day/night cycle. Weather conditions, such as rain or snow, affect gameplay mechanics, and the darkness of night poses additional challenges and risks.

Graphics and Immersive Experience

“Day R Survival” offers a unique graphical style that contributes to its immersive post-apocalyptic experience. While the game does not boast cutting-edge graphics, its visuals effectively capture the desolate and gritty atmosphere of a world ravaged by nuclear war. Here are some aspects of the graphics and immersive experience in the game:

  1. Art Style: The game features a hand-drawn art style that combines realistic and stylized elements. The environments, characters, and items are depicted with a detailed yet slightly rugged aesthetic, reflecting the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic world.
  2. Atmospheric Lighting: The game utilizes lighting effects to enhance the atmosphere and create a sense of realism. The dynamic day/night cycle, with its shifts in lighting and shadows, adds to the immersion and brings a different feel to the gameplay experience during daytime and nighttime.
  3. Environmental Details: The environments in “Day R Survival” are rich in detail, showcasing the ruins of cities, abandoned buildings, and sprawling wastelands. The attention to detail in the world design helps create a believable and immersive setting for players to explore.
  4. Weather Effects: The game incorporates weather effects, including rain, snow, fog, and storms. These weather conditions not only add visual diversity but also impact gameplay mechanics, affecting visibility, movement speed, and the availability of resources.
  5. Animation and Effects: While the game’s animations are not highly complex, they are effective in conveying the actions and interactions of the player character and the surrounding environment. Additionally, various effects, such as radiation hazards or combat animations, contribute to the immersion and intensity of the gameplay.

2. Carmageddon


Another Single-player, Action, and Vehicular Combat video game was developed by Stainless Games. The game is heavily inspired by the movie Death Race 2000. It is set in realistic environments including industrial areas, deserts, caves and cities. It has a certain level set and allows you to finish every level in a designated amount of time. The protagonist needs to select his own vehicular game and go insane with the deadly weapons. Prospect the entire game world, fight against the computer-based vehicle and transform the environment into a battlefield.

Decimate your opponent’s vehicles utilizing missiles, guns, as well as a rocket launcher and collect mad experience points. Enforce upgrades with the help of those points and boast about your driving skills. Finish every level by destroying pedestrians, vehicles, as well as enemies. Carmageddon provides main features like Twenty-eight opponents, Thirty-Playable Cars, Eleven different Environments, Customize Control Layout, unique Sound Effects, enormous Maps, and much more. Check it out as it is one of the best post-apocalyptic games to play on the iPhone and you’ll enjoy it to the death.


In the game, players assume the role of a skilled driver participating in the Carmageddon tournament, where the objective is not only to win races but also to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible. The game’s dark humour and over-the-top violence are key elements of its narrative.

While each game in the series has variations in its story and setting, the general premise remains consistent. Players compete against rival drivers in a series of races set in various locations, ranging from cities to industrial areas and even surreal environments. The races take place on open-ended tracks filled with pedestrians, AI-controlled opponents, and destructible objects.

The storyline often involves a mix of racing, vehicular combat, and humorous elements. Players can earn points and rewards by not only crossing the finish line first but also by causing havoc and taking out opponents using a variety of weapons and power-ups. These weapons range from traditional machine guns and rockets to more outrageous and unconventional tools, such as giant magnets or cow launchers.

While there is typically a loose narrative framework in each game, the primary focus is on the freedom to explore the open-world environments, engage in chaotic and destructive gameplay, and unlock new vehicles, upgrades, and levels as the player progresses.

Features and Mechanics

“Carmageddon” offers several distinctive features and mechanics that set it apart from traditional racing games. Here are some notable features and mechanics of the game:

  1. Vehicular Combat: The game focuses on vehicular combat, where players engage in aggressive and destructive battles with other drivers. The objective is not only to win races but also to inflict damage on opponents and wreak havoc on the environment.
  2. Open-Ended Environments: The game features open-ended environments with sprawling maps that encourage exploration and provide opportunities for creative destruction. Players are free to roam and discover hidden areas, shortcuts, and alternative routes.
  3. Destructible Environments: The environments in “Carmageddon” are highly interactive and destructible. Players can smash through objects, crash into buildings, and plow through pedestrians, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.
  4. Wide Variety of Vehicles: The game offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and attributes. Players can select cars, trucks, and even unconventional vehicles such as tanks or monster trucks, each with their own handling, speed, and durability.
  5. Weapons and Power-Ups: Players have access to an arsenal of weapons and power-ups to use against opponents. These include traditional weapons like rockets and machine guns, as well as more outlandish tools such as oil slicks, giant magnets, or explosive sheep.

Graphics and Immersive Experience

The graphics and immersive experience in “Carmageddon” have evolved over the years as the game series has progressed. While the earlier entries had more simplistic visuals, the newer iterations have embraced advancements in technology to enhance the graphical fidelity and immersion. Here are some aspects of the graphics and immersive experience in the game:

  1. Visual Design: “Carmageddon” features a distinct visual style that blends elements of realism with exaggerated and cartoonish aesthetics. The environments are often vibrant and colourful, with detailed textures and varied landscapes, including city streets, countryside areas, and industrial zones.
  2. Vehicle Detailing: The game pays attention to the detailing of the vehicles, with unique designs and varied models that reflect the game’s humorous and over-the-top nature. From classic cars to larger-than-life monster trucks, the vehicles are visually appealing and offer a sense of personality.
  3. Special Effects: The game incorporates a range of special effects to enhance the visual impact of gameplay. Explosions, sparks, smoke, and debris contribute to the chaotic and destructive atmosphere, immersing players in the intense vehicular combat experience.
  4. Environmental Interactions: The environments in “Carmageddon” are interactive and responsive. Players can witness the destruction caused by their vehicles, including crumbling buildings, scattered debris, and dynamic physics-based reactions. These interactions add to the immersion and reinforce the sense of impact.
  5. Lighting and Weather: Lighting effects play a crucial role in creating atmosphere and immersion. The game implements realistic lighting models, including dynamic shadows, reflections, and ambient lighting, to enhance the visual quality. Additionally, weather effects such as rain, snow, or fog add an extra layer of visual diversity and atmosphere to the gameplay.

3. Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die 2

Another Single-player, Action, Racing, and Zombies game, Earn to Die 2 was developed by Toffee Games. The game integrates the aspects of Side-scroll as well as platforms and is set up in the post-apocalyptic world that zombies have overridden. The main task of the game is to steer your vehicle and transport it from a fierce location. You are the final survivor and you need to choose only between two options either fighting against zombies and plough your way through them or having your brain eaten. Utilize your driving skills and kill any zombies in your way. Collect different coins and utilize them to unlock other vehicles.

The game contains many different vehicles and every vehicle is equipped with weapons. Pick your ride as well as dive into the world where you need to crush all the zombies in your way using your exceptionally well-trained driving skills and weapons. Utilize boosters to enhance your speed and drive as far as it is possible. The prequel was Earn to Die and this game introduces many new features, environments, zombie types, and vehicles.

Earn to Die 2 provides cool features like Destructive Vehicles, developing Zombie Smashing Machine, a unique and new Story mode and much more. With engaging gameplay, exciting mechanics, and amazing visuals, Earn to Die 2 is one of the best post-apocalyptic games to play and experience.


“Earn to Die 2” is a sequel to the popular zombie survival racing game “Earn to Die.” The game follows a post-apocalyptic storyline where the world is overrun by zombies, and players must navigate through hordes of undead to reach a safe haven. Here is the storyline of “Earn to Die 2”:

In a world devastated by a zombie outbreak, the protagonist finds themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. With limited resources and a broken-down car, their only chance of survival is to reach an evacuation ship located in a safe zone far away.

The player’s goal is to upgrade their vehicle, overcome obstacles, and plow through waves of zombies in order to reach their destination. The journey is divided into multiple stages, each with different environments and challenges.

As the player progresses, they earn money by smashing zombies and covering distance. This money can be used to purchase and upgrade various parts of their vehicle, including the engine, transmission, tires, and weapons. These upgrades are essential for overcoming increasingly difficult obstacles and larger zombie hordes.

Features and Mechanics

“Earn to Die 2” offers several features and mechanics that contribute to its gameplay experience. Here are some notable features and mechanics of the game:

  1. Vehicle Upgrades: The game provides a wide range of vehicle upgrades that can be purchased using in-game currency. These upgrades include the engine, transmission, wheels, armour, and weaponry. Upgrading these components enhances the vehicle’s performance, durability, and zombie-smashing capabilities.
  2. Multiple Vehicles: Players have access to different vehicles as they progress through the game. Each vehicle has its own unique characteristics, such as speed, strength, and fuel efficiency. Unlocking and upgrading new vehicles is crucial for tackling increasingly difficult challenges.
  3. Diverse Environments: The game features multiple environments to explore, ranging from deserts and highways to factories and cities. Each environment presents its own set of obstacles, zombies, and terrain types, providing variety and challenges throughout the gameplay.
  4. Zombie Smashing: The core mechanic of the game revolves around smashing through hordes of zombies with the player’s upgraded vehicle. Zombies can be crushed, dismembered, and sent flying as players drive over them. The more zombies are destroyed, the more money the player earns.
  5. Obstacle Navigation: The game incorporates various obstacles and challenges that players must overcome. These include ramps, broken bridges, crates, and debris. Skillful maneuvering and timing are necessary to successfully navigate through these obstacles and reach the next checkpoint.

Graphics and Immersive Experience

“Earn to Die 2” features graphics and an immersive experience that enhance the post-apocalyptic zombie survival theme. While the game doesn’t prioritize hyper-realistic graphics, it offers a visually appealing and engaging experience through its art style and atmospheric elements. Here are some aspects of the graphics and immersive experience in the game:

  1. Visual Style: The game adopts a stylized and slightly cartoonish art style. The environments, vehicles, and zombies are designed with attention to detail, featuring vibrant colours, distinct silhouettes, and exaggerated features. This art style adds a unique charm to the game and helps it stand out.
  2. Environmental Details: The game’s environments are rich in detail, depicting a desolate and destroyed world. The backgrounds showcase ruined buildings, abandoned vehicles, and scattered debris, reinforcing the post-apocalyptic setting and creating a sense of isolation and danger.
  3. Vehicle Design: The vehicles in “Earn to Die 2” are visually diverse and showcase different levels of customization and upgrades. The design of each vehicle reflects its functionality, such as reinforced exteriors, modified frames, and improvised weapons. Upgrading the vehicles visually transforms them, making players feel a sense of progression.
  4. Zombie Variety: The game features a variety of zombie types, each with unique appearances and animations. From standard walkers to more dangerous and grotesque zombie variants, the visual diversity of the zombies adds excitement and challenge to the gameplay.
  5. Particle Effects: The game incorporates various particle effects to enhance the visual impact. These effects include sparks, smoke, explosions, and blood splatters. They provide satisfying visual feedback when players crush zombies or collide with obstacles, making the gameplay more engaging and immersive.

4. 60 Seconds!

Best Post Apocalyptic Games To Play On iPhone 1
60 Seconds!

An Adventure, Point-and-Click, Survival, as well as Rogue-like video game, 60 Seconds was created and released by Robot Gentleman for multiple platforms. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic-themed world, and it provides a Single-player mode only. You are supposed to play the protagonist named Ted, who behaves as a responsible citizen. The gameplay shows us that the protagonist is stuck in some sort of complexity and needs your help to solve the problem.

You are only offered sixty seconds to suggest and help the protagonist in an endearing, mad as well as action-packed from the protagonist’s house searching for utilizable supplies as well as family. Everything in the game from thing to time will be against you. Many levels are available, and every level provides many objectives to overcome. To thrive, you will need quite particular resources and much more. 60 Seconds contains prominent features like the 1950s Inspired World, Plan your Strategy, Scavenge, Post-apocalyptic Environment and much more. Hence it is one of the best post-apocalyptic games to play on the iPhone.


“60 Seconds!” is a darkly comedic survival game that puts players in a race against time as they navigate a post-apocalyptic world. The storyline of the game revolves around the following:

The game begins with the player assuming the role of Ted, a suburban family man, who is going about his daily routine in his home. Suddenly, a nuclear alarm sounds, signalling an impending nuclear strike. Ted has only 60 seconds to gather his family and supplies before seeking shelter in the fallout shelter located in his basement.

In those frantic 60 seconds, the player must make split-second decisions on what to grab and who to save. They must navigate through their house, collecting essential items like food, water, and tools while also making choices about which family members to prioritize.

Once the time is up, Ted and his family rush into the fallout shelter, where they will have to survive for as long as possible. The fallout shelter serves as their sanctuary in the post-apocalyptic world, shielding them from the dangers of radiation, hunger, and uncertainty.

Features and Mechanics

  1. Time Pressure: The game revolves around a time-based mechanic, giving players only 60 seconds to gather supplies and family members before the nuclear strike. This creates a sense of urgency and forces players to make quick decisions under pressure.
  2. Resource Management: Once inside the fallout shelter, players must manage their limited resources, including food, water, and various items. Rationing supplies, scavenging for additional resources, and making tough choices about resource allocation are crucial for survival.
  3. Decision-Making: The game presents players with a variety of choices that impact the survival of the family. Players must decide who to save, what supplies to prioritize, and how to handle different events and encounters. Each decision can have consequences, leading to different outcomes and branching paths.
  4. Random Events: Throughout the game, various random events occur that affect the gameplay and story. These events can range from encounters with other survivors to unexpected situations, and even strange occurrences. Dealing with these events requires quick thinking and adaptability.
  5. Exploration and Scavenging: Players can send family members on expeditions into the wasteland to scavenge for supplies. Exploring the wasteland presents risks and rewards, as players may encounter hazards, radiation, or valuable items. Managing exploration and balancing the risks is vital for survival.

Graphics and Immersive Experience

“60 Seconds!” features a distinct art style and immersive elements that contribute to its gameplay experience. While the game’s graphics are not highly realistic, they effectively convey the post-apocalyptic setting and the dark humour of the game. Here are some aspects of the graphics and immersive experience in “60 Seconds!”:

  1. Art Style: The game adopts a cartoonish and stylized art style with hand-drawn visuals. The characters, environments, and items are depicted with a quirky and exaggerated design, adding to the game’s unique charm.
  2. Post-Apocalyptic Atmosphere: The graphics effectively portray a grim and desolate post-nuclear war environment. The backgrounds showcase destroyed cityscapes, crumbling buildings, and debris-littered streets, creating a sense of devastation and isolation.
  3. Character Design: The characters are visually distinct and memorable, with exaggerated features and animations that capture their personalities. Each family member has a unique appearance, adding depth to their individual stories and interactions.
  4. Interactive Shelter: The fallout shelter is the main hub of gameplay, and the graphics showcase its interior with various rooms, objects, and supplies. Players can interact with the shelter, moving characters around, managing resources, and exploring the environment for items and events.
  5. Event Illustrations: The game includes illustrated event cards that depict various scenarios and encounters. These illustrations, along with accompanying text descriptions, provide a visual representation of the events and add immersion to the decision-making process.

5. Heroes of Steel RPG

Heroes of Steel RPG
Heroes of Steel RPG

Another Rogue-like, Single-player, Dungeon Crawling video game, Heroes of Steel RPG is a video game with Turn-based Tactics and aspects developed and launched by Trese Brothers. The game is set in a fascinating environment and allows the player to pick his playable character available every character has its set of skills, some weapons as well as abilities. The player, in the game, needs to order a team of four members and campaign himself on an amazing adventure to save humanity from the world of monsters and villains. The player pulls strings of the world from a superficial perspective and can juxtapose himself with his four heroes that are set in the post-apocalyptic historic-themed world.

It provides a stupefying story that revolves around the gods. While gameplay, the player can transform the environment, communicate with non-player characters, fight enemies in turn-based combat as well as collect loot, treasure chests, and resources to collect experience points. The game will have additional content, as the player earns enough materials or points. With highly engaging gameplay, stellar mechanics, as well as ground-breaking graphics, Heroes of Steel RPG is one of the best post-apocalyptic games to play.


The storyline of “Heroes of Steel RPG” takes place in the fantasy world of Steel, where darkness and danger loom over the land. The game follows a group of four unlikely heroes who are thrust into a quest to save their homeland from impending doom. Here is an overview of the game’s storyline:

The peaceful kingdom of Reldin is under threat from an ancient evil known as the Archmage. As the Archmage’s dark forces rise, engulfing the land in chaos and despair, four individuals from different walks of life find themselves drawn together by fate.

The first hero is a courageous warrior, skilled in combat and armed with a sense of justice. The second hero is a masterful archer, deadly with a bow and possessing keen instincts. The third hero is a powerful mage, wielding arcane spells with great proficiency. And the fourth hero is a versatile rogue, skilled in stealth and subterfuge.

United by a common goal, these heroes embark on a perilous journey to confront the Archmage and his minions. Along the way, they encounter treacherous dungeons, menacing creatures, and other individuals who can aid or hinder their quest.

Features and Mechanics

“Heroes of Steel RPG” offers several features and mechanics that contribute to its engaging gameplay experience. Here are some notable features and mechanics of the game:

  1. Party Creation and Customization: Players have the ability to create and customize a party of four heroes, each with their own unique abilities, skills, and playstyles. They can choose from different classes, such as warriors, archers, mages, and rogues, and customize their attributes and equipment.
  2. Turn-Based Combat: The game features turn-based combat encounters, where players strategically plan and execute their actions in a grid-based battle system. Each character has a variety of skills and abilities that can be used strategically to exploit enemy weaknesses and coordinate powerful attacks.
  3. Character Progression: As players progress through the game, their characters earn experience points and level up, gaining access to new abilities, skills, and talents. This allows for character specialization and growth, tailoring the party’s strengths to suit different playstyles.
  4. Exploration and Questing: The game offers a vast world to explore, filled with towns, dungeons, and other points of interest. Players can interact with NPCs, engage in conversations, undertake quests, and uncover the lore and secrets of the game’s world.
  5. Choices and Consequences: Throughout the game, players are presented with choices that can impact the storyline and the relationships between characters. These choices can have far-reaching consequences, influencing the course of the game and the fates of the heroes and the world they inhabit.

Graphics and Immersive Experience

“Heroes of Steel RPG” offers a graphical style and immersive elements that contribute to the overall experience of the game. Here are some aspects related to graphics and immersive experience:

  1. Pixel Art Visuals: The game employs a pixel art style, featuring detailed and vibrant pixelated graphics. The handcrafted visuals create a nostalgic and retro feel, reminiscent of classic RPGs, while still offering a visually appealing and cohesive world.
  2. Atmospheric Environments: The game showcases a variety of atmospheric environments, including lush forests, eerie dungeons, bustling towns, and treacherous caves. Each location is intricately designed with unique details and visual cues that help to immerse players in the world of the game.
  3. Character Sprites and Animations: The character sprites are well-crafted and showcase distinctive designs for each class and character. The animations bring the characters to life, portraying their movements, attacks, and interactions with fluidity and charm.
  4. Battle Visuals and Effects: During combat encounters, the game showcases dynamic battle visuals and effects. The use of spells, skills, and special abilities are visually represented through colourful animations, adding excitement and impact to the battles.
  5. Artistic Design Choices: The art direction of “Heroes of Steel RPG” captures the essence of the fantasy genre, with attention to detail in the design of creatures, NPCs, and architecture. The artistic choices contribute to the immersion, making the game’s world feel cohesive and believable.

6. Drive with Zombies

Drive with Zombies
Drive with Zombies

Another Racing, Single-player, Action, and Shooting game developed by Tapinator, Inc, Drive with Zombies takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by zombies. The game sets the player into the persona of the last survivor and offers him to pick his ride and begin the struggle for his life. He can steer the controls of his vehicle utilizing tile controls and the final task is to battle the zombies and defeat them utilizing the machine gun that is equipped with the ride.

Dodge any challenging obstacles, defeat some zombies who jump onto your car and turn your car all over to kill them. Click on the red arrow to shoot bullets at the zombies. You can utilize the obstacles to get the zombie off. Prospect the game world, search for weapons as well as a gas station to thrive even longer. The game contains many different weapons containing AK-47, Pistol, Machinegun and much more. Drive with Zombies contains core features like three multiple Zombies, Six different Weapons, Achievements, Vehicles, Addictive gameplay and more. Do check it out.


In “Drive with Zombies,” the world has fallen victim to a devastating zombie outbreak. Players find themselves as one of the few survivors navigating through post-apocalyptic cities infested with hordes of the undead. The game’s storyline revolves around the player’s mission to escape the city, rescue other survivors, and uncover the cause behind the zombie apocalypse. Here is a summary of the storyline:

As the game begins, the player assumes the role of a lone survivor, trapped in a city overrun by zombies. With limited supplies and a damaged vehicle, the survivor embarks on a desperate journey to reach a safe zone and reunite with any remaining family or friends.

The player must navigate through various city districts, each teeming with different types of zombies, obstacles, and hazards. Along the way, they encounter other survivors in need of assistance. The player can choose to rescue these individuals, expanding their group and increasing their chances of survival.

Features and Mechanics

  1. Car Combat and Upgrades: The game revolves around car combat, where players use their vehicle to mow down and eliminate hordes of zombies. Players can upgrade their vehicles with various weapons, armour, and performance enhancements to increase their chances of survival.
  2. Intense Zombie Encounters: The game features intense and fast-paced zombie encounters, with swarms of undead relentlessly pursuing the player’s vehicle. Players must strategically navigate through the city streets, avoiding obstacles and employing evasive maneuvers to escape the pursuing zombies.
  3. Resource Management: Players must manage limited resources, such as fuel, ammunition, and vehicle health, as they scavenge the city for supplies. Balancing resource consumption and acquisition is crucial for prolonging survival and reaching objectives.
  4. Rescue and Recruitment: Throughout the game, players encounter other survivors in need of rescue. By saving these individuals, players can expand their group of survivors, unlocking new abilities, skills, and advantages. The rescued survivors can contribute to combat, resource gathering, or provide support in other ways.
  5. Exploration and Missions: The game offers an open-world environment with various districts to explore, each presenting unique challenges and objectives. Players can undertake missions and side quests, uncovering the secrets of the city and advancing the storyline.

Graphics and Immersive Experience

“Drive with Zombies” offers graphics and immersive elements that contribute to the overall experience of the game. Here are some aspects related to graphics and immersive experience:

  1. Visual Presentation: The game features detailed and visually appealing graphics, showcasing post-apocalyptic city environments, abandoned streets, and hordes of zombies. The visuals effectively convey the atmosphere of desolation and danger, immersing players in the world of the game.
  2. Vehicle Design and Animation: The vehicles in the game are well-designed and rendered, with intricate details and realistic animations. From the player’s vehicle to the various types of zombie-infested cars, the visual representation of the vehicles adds to the immersion and creates a sense of authenticity.
  3. Zombie Variety and Animation: The game offers a variety of zombie types, each with its own distinct appearance and animations. From slow and shuffling walkers to agile and aggressive runners, the zombie designs and animations contribute to the immersive experience and add to the intensity of encounters.
  4. Particle Effects and Explosions: During car combat and zombie encounters, the game features impressive particle effects and explosions. These effects, such as debris flying, sparks, and fire, add visual impact and realism to the gameplay, enhancing the immersion and excitement of the action.
  5. Lighting and Atmospheric Effects: The game effectively uses lighting and atmospheric effects to create a sense of realism and immersion. Dynamic lighting, shadows, and weather effects like rain or fog contribute to the overall visual experience and add depth to the game’s environments.

7. Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway is another Seamless Car Racing, Action, a video game for Android as well as iOS. The game concentrates on specific Survival elements and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. It has a single-player mode and contains different kinds of weapons cars and multiple other stuff. The game world is festooned with zombies as well as obstacles and the final task of the player is to thrive for as long as possible by tackling obstacles as well as slaying zombies.

The game provides violent gameplay wherein the player needs to defeat the zombies who jump onto the side of his car. It is enjoyed playing from the third-person perspective and the car is only able to move either in the right or left direction. There are many different cars some of them are locked. Every car equips with unique weapons. To recruit other vehicles the player needs to finish objectives. Every zombie has its health bar that can be emptied by striking other cars or shooting him. If a myriad of zombies covers the car, the game will end.

It contains different environments and allows the player to prospect everyone and engage himself in the endless gameplay experience. Zombie Highway provides main features like 3D Graphics, Three different Environments, Eight Levels, Eight different Zombies, and more. Do give it a shot, you’ll enjoy it.


In “Zombie Highway,” players find themselves in a world overrun by hordes of relentless zombies. The game’s storyline revolves around the player’s struggle for survival as they navigate through endless highways infested with the undead. Here is a summary of the game’s storyline:

As the game begins, the player takes on the role of a survivor who, along with a small group of fellow survivors, is trying to escape the city besieged by zombies. The objective is to reach a safe haven located far away from the urban chaos and the relentless pursuit of the undead.

The player’s journey takes place on a series of never-ending highways, where they must drive as far as possible while avoiding the constant attacks from zombies. The highways are filled with abandoned vehicles, debris, and obstacles that players must navigate through to stay ahead of the pursuing undead.

Along the way, the player encounters various types of zombies, each with their own unique abilities and challenges. Some zombies may cling onto the vehicle, attempting to pull the player out, while others may leap onto the car, causing damage and hindering progress. The player must use their driving skills, reflexes, and available weapons to fend off the zombies and stay alive.

Features and Mechanics

“Zombie Highway” offers several features and mechanics that contribute to its gameplay experience. Here are some notable features and mechanics of the game:

  1. Endless Survival Gameplay: The game features an endless gameplay structure where the objective is to survive as long as possible while driving along the zombie-infested highways. The game does not have predefined levels or a campaign but focuses on achieving high scores and surpassing previous records.
  2. Driving and Navigation: Players control a vehicle as they navigate through the highways. The game offers intuitive and responsive controls, allowing players to steer, accelerate, and brake to avoid obstacles and zombie attacks. Driving skills and quick reflexes are crucial for survival.
  3. Zombie Attacks and Defense: The highways are filled with zombies that relentlessly chase and attack the player’s vehicle. Zombies may cling to the car, causing damage and slowing down progress. Players must shake off or eliminate the zombies using various means, such as swerving, crashing into objects, or using available weapons.
  4. Diverse Zombie Types: The game features different types of zombies, each with its own unique characteristics and challenges. Some zombies are more resilient and difficult to remove from the vehicle, while others possess special abilities like leaping onto the car or attacking from a distance. Dealing with these varied zombie types requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making.
  5. Weapons and Power-ups: Players can acquire and use weapons to fend off the zombies. These weapons range from handguns and shotguns to more powerful firearms and explosives. Additionally, power-ups may appear on the highways, providing temporary advantages such as increased speed, invincibility, or additional firepower.

Graphics and Immersive Experience

  1. Visual Presentation: The game features visually appealing graphics that contribute to the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The environments, such as the highways and surrounding landscapes, are detailed and showcase the desolate and zombie-infested world. The visual design effectively creates a sense of danger and urgency.
  2. Zombie Design and Animation: The zombies in the game are well-designed and animated, with varying appearances and characteristics. The visual representation of the zombies, from their decaying features to their menacing movements, adds to the immersion and creates a sense of threat and unease.
  3. Vehicle Models and Damage: The vehicles in the game are accurately modelled and showcase realistic damage effects. As players encounter zombies and obstacles, the vehicles sustain visible damage, such as dents, broken windows, and debris. This visual feedback immerses players in the intensity of the zombie attacks and emphasizes the need for defensive maneuvers.
  4. Particle Effects and Explosions: “Zombie Highway” features impressive particle effects and explosions during gameplay. Crashing into obstacles or using explosive weapons creates visually stunning effects, such as debris flying, sparks, and smoke. These effects enhance the immersive experience and add visual impact to the action.
  5. Lighting and Atmospheric Effects: The game utilizes lighting and atmospheric effects to create a moody and immersive setting. Dynamic lighting, shadows, and weather effects like rain or fog contribute to the overall visual experience. These effects enhance the sense of realism and help immerse players in the post-apocalyptic environment.


What are the best post-apocalyptic games available for the iPhone?

Some of the best post-apocalyptic games available for the iPhone include “The Walking Dead: Season One,” “Fallout Shelter,” “This War of Mine,” “Death Road to Canada,” and “Day R Survival.”

Are these games free to play or do they require purchases?

The availability and pricing of post-apocalyptic games vary. While some games offer free-to-play options with in-app purchases for additional content, others may require an upfront purchase. It’s recommended to check the App Store listings for specific pricing information.

Can I play these games offline?

Yes, many post-apocalyptic games on the iPhone can be played offline. However, some games may require an internet connection for certain features or to sync progress with online servers. It’s advisable to check the game’s description or in-app settings for offline play availability.

Do these games offer multiplayer options?

Some post-apocalyptic games provide multiplayer options for cooperative or competitive gameplay experiences. For example, “Death Road to Canada” offers local multiplayer, and “Fallout Shelter” allows players to visit other players’ vaults. However, not all games have multiplayer features, so it’s essential to check the specific game details for multiplayer options.

Are these games compatible with the latest iPhone models?

Most post-apocalyptic games are designed to be compatible with the latest iPhone models. However, it’s recommended to check the game’s system requirements and compatibility information on the App Store before downloading.

Can I transfer game progress across devices?

Many post-apocalyptic games offer cloud saving or syncing options, allowing players to transfer their game progress across multiple devices. This feature is typically linked to the player’s Apple ID or an account within the game itself. Check the game’s settings or support documentation for instructions on transferring progress.

Are there regular updates and new content for these games?

Developers often release updates and new content for popular post-apocalyptic games on the iPhone. These updates can include bug fixes, gameplay enhancements, new features, and additional storylines. It’s advisable to enable automatic app updates or check the game’s App Store listing for information on updates and new content releases.

Can I play these games with a controller?

Some post-apocalyptic games on the iPhone support external controllers, offering an enhanced gaming experience. Compatible games typically work with MFi (Made for iPhone) certified controllers. Check the game’s description or settings to see if controller support is available.

Are these games suitable for players of all ages?

Post-apocalyptic games can vary in terms of content and age appropriateness. Some games may contain violence, mature themes, or require strategic decision-making. It’s advisable to review the game’s rating, description, and user reviews to determine their suitability for different age groups.

Where can I download these games?

Most post-apocalyptic games mentioned can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Simply search for the game title in the App Store app on your iPhone, and follow the prompts to download and install the game.


Even though this genre isn’t quite explored yet by the millions of gamers around the world, it still is quite an enjoyable experience to be a part of. The above games will definitely offer you the time of your life while playing them.