The new five free puzzle game apps for your iPhone to download now

Five puzzle game apps to download

There are so many game apps on iTunes for your iPhone, but puzzle games have their own charm. Puzzle games can be of different themes and variety and to play them you need to stimulate your brain and think logically. These games divert your mind and act as stress relievers. Here are the new five free puzzle game apps for your iPhone that you can play right now with your cell phone.

1. Dr. Mario World

Dr Mario World game app

Dr. Mario World, beautiful game app from Nintendo where you have to match capsules with viruses and watch them disappear! By matching three objects of the same color vertically or horizontally you can clear them. Dr. Mario and friends have virus-busting skills, and you can use leftover half-capsules to strategically zero in on especially meddlesome viruses. Take your time, because each puzzling configuration of viruses must be cleared using a limited number of capsules. Keep calm to plan your approach, and you’ll rid Dr. Mario’s world of viruses in no time!

This game app requires iOS 11.0 or later and offers in app purchases for more difficult levels to cross in the game.

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2. Jewel Castle

Jewel Castle

Jewel Castle from superbox is another free puzzle game app which even works offline. In this game gorgeous and beautiful Jewel Castle awaits your challenge. Match 3 or more of the same colored jewels!

Stages will challenge you with various missions and jewels! Connect beautiful jewels to experience a fantastical effect! You can even enjoy with your friends all over the world through Facebook Login.In addition to special gems that you combine for more powerful moves, the game also gives you a slew of bonus items like hammers, gem exchanges, and bombs to help you get out of a sticky situation. As a free game, Jewel Castle features banner ads that run along the bottom of the screen and don’t affect gameplay in any way, though you can opt to buy the game for $1.99 to remove them for good. The app requires iOS9.0 to run all smooth.

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3. Line Color

Line color game app

Released in June 2019, Line Color is a straightforward puzzle game with the goal of painting a line from the starting point to the finish line. While the premise is simple enough, the gameplay is actually quite challenging, as you need to dodge obstacles of various shapes and sizes.

Though the game is free their VIP Access offers a weekly subscription for $5.99 after a 3 day free trial. Upon purchase of this subscription, you will immediately receive: 3 rare characters, 200% coin earned on level-up, 250 bonus coins daily and remove all ads. This app requires iOS 9.0 to run all smooth.

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4. Twist Hit!

Twist Hill

Twist Hit! is another free puzzle game that will have you fill in rings within tree trunks to make them grow into beautiful trees that range from willows and evergreens to oaks and palm trees. To grow your forest, however, you’ll need to dodge black obstacles that change in length and numbers as you form rings — otherwise, you’ll have to start over from scratch.

To stop the ads troubling you in your game play you need to get the subscription to the game with $3.99. This app requires iOS 9.0 to work all smooth

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5. Slices

Slices game app

Slices from the good job games is another free game app. You can tap in one of the outer circles to place the current slice. Complete a circle to blow it up along with adjacent circles. Complete levels to play with new slices! The app is free but you can have the subscription offers  Weekly First Class Membership offers a weekly subscription for $7.99 after a 3-day free trial. It gives you unlimited tickets and removes ads. This app requires iOS 8.0 and above compatible device to run all smooth.

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Now enjoy these free puzzle game apps on your iPhone and have fun.