How To Watch Shows Without Internet On Apple TV App

Apple TV Shows
Apple TV Shows- Apple TV app

Apple has rolled the new TV app for Canadians two months back which lets you watch some of your popular and favourite shows like Game of Thrones even without any internet or WIFI. Apple’s new TV app is available with iOS 12.3 update, lets you subscribe to TV and movie channels, as well as renting films and shows directly from Apple and you can subscribe to channels and have all the entertainment on your handset.

This means with the free iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 software update, you can now subscribe to Apple TV channels within the Apple TV app, paying for only the ones you want and watching on-demand directly in the app. In the US, Apple TV channels include popular services such as HBO, Starz, Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, EPIX, Tastemade and new services like MTV Hits, with more to be added over time. In Canada right now Smithsonian channel at $3.99 and Acron TV  at $8.99 are available.

Download TV Shows and movies in Apple’s TV app

Watch Shows Without Internet
Download Apple TV Shows offline

If you wanna download TV shows and movies in Apple’s TV app you need to simply navigate to the show you want to watch, either by searching or by browsing the various lists and sources in the app. For TV shows, you’ll need to be signed up for a subscription to watch a series, but you can do that from within the app. Just scroll down to the section titled Subscribe to Apple TV Channels to subscribe right inside the TV app, using a standard App Store subscription.

Then, once you’ve found a series or movie you want to watch offline, just tap the download arrow next to the episode. The shows will now download, ready to be watched later. Note that there is 7 days free trial before you subscribe to the Apple TV app.

Watch Shows Without Internet

Watch offline TV shows and movies in the TV app

Watch offline TV shows and movies in the TV app
Watch offline TV shows and movies in the TV app

To watch your downloaded shows, tap the Library tab, and then tap the Downloaded entry in the sidebar. This will show you all your downloaded movies and TV shows. This is also where you find any of the videos you added yourself, from your own iTunes library.

Note that once you start to watch a show there is a time limit to it and that varies from region to region You have to watch that show within that time limit say 40 hours or even less.

This time limit doesn’t apply to videos you’ve added yourself. But if you mostly watch videos downloaded from elsewhere, or you have a huge media library of your own, then there are better options for a third-party app to use like Infuse. Also if you already subscribe to any TV or movie channels, then it won’t cost you any more to use Apple’s app.

Apple TV App Subscriptions

Download Apple TV shows
Download Apple TVshows offline

Note that through Family Sharing, up to six family members can share subscriptions to Apple TV channels using just your Apple ID and password. Subscribers can watch and download shows and movies both online and offline, making the Apple TV app the first and only place where HBO subscribers can download movies and shows such as “Game of Thrones” for offline viewing.

Also, you can enjoy personalized recommendations of shows and movies from more than 150 video apps and streaming services and over 100,000 iTunes movies and TV shows, including the largest collection of 4K HDR titles available to browse, buy or rent, all within the new Apple TV app. The Watch Now section features Up Next, where you can quickly find and watch your favourites with activity synced across devices, as well as explore expertly curated collections based on a secure and comprehensive understanding of users’ viewing interests.

Apple kids movies
Apple kids movies

There is also a new dedicated Kids section where you can find handpicked shows and movies for kids. Also, there is a sports section where you can find games and receive notifications about your favourite teams and leagues.

You can find your purchased movies and shows from iTunes in the redesigned Library tab, now organized by Recently Added, Downloaded, Genres and more.

If you’re already subscribed to an external service like HBO Now, keep in mind that you’ll have to sign up separately for it through the Apple TV app if you want to download episodes. You can try it out for a week to see if you like it, and then you need to decide if you should cancel your regular subscription or stick with Apple TV.

  • Once you’ve upgraded your device to iOS 12.3, open the Apple TV app. You should be in the Watch Now section by default. If you not, press Watch Now in the lower left.
  • Scroll down to the section that says Subscribe to Apple TV Channels.
  • You’ll see a selection of circular icons representing various services like you press on HBO.
  • A new page for HBO will open. Press the big button that says Try It Free.
  • The Apple Pay prompt will pop up, so use Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode to approve the purchase. The fee varies depending on the service.
  • Agree to the Apple Media Terms & Conditions.
  • All done now. If you need to know how to cancel your subscription before the trial ends, you can even do that too.
Apple TV Movies
Apple TV movies

Finally remember that the new Apple TV app is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV customers in over 100 countries with iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3, and will be available on Mac this fall.

The Apple TV app offering Apple TV channels and iTunes movies and TV shows will also be available on all 2019 Samsung smart TVs and select 2018 models.

With AirPlay 2-enabled Samsung smart TVs you can effortlessly play videos and other content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac directly to your smart TVs. But you must update to iOS 12.3 or macOS 10.14.5 to play or mirror to AirPlay 2-enabled smart TVs.

Also eligible for VIZIO, LG and Sony smart TVs that will be able to enjoy AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support later this year. This fall, Apple TV+, Apple’s original video subscription service, will be available in the Apple TV app.


We hope that your questions have been answered when it comes to watching shows without the internet on Apple TV App with your iPhone.