Travel Insurance on Demand App Available to Canadians on iPhone- How to Claim

Travel Insurance on Demand App now available to Canadians for iPhone- How to claim

Travel Guard Group Canada, an AIG company, has launched a new travel insurance app that allows customers to purchase coverage on demand straight from their smartphone.

Canadian customers outside of Quebec can now cost-effectively optimize travel insurance through hourly coverage options. The app uses the smartphone’s location data to determine when to start and stop the insurance coverage.

The app allows customers to register for insurance for a single trip or even purchase annual plans. AIG is looking to offer more flexible ways to purchase insurance.

In a statement, AIG Canada’s Chief Operating Officer Marc Lipman said: “We’re always looking for new ways to keep pace with our travellers and by offering this innovative, fast and easy way to purchase travel insurance, our travellers can get more convenient coverage for when and how they want to use it. The app enables consumers to gain protection in only 90 seconds after filling out the four fields required.

To add further convenience, consumers can activate the purchased insurance by swiping the app button “on” at the start of their trip and “off” at the end of it, or use the app to pre-set the desired departure and return dates for an upcoming trip.”

Features of Travel Guard on Demand App

Travel Guard App

Some of the features of the Travel insurance on-demand  app are as follows:

  • You can sign up on your phone at once
  • Activate your insurance for the duration of your trip.
  • You can activate your insurance for an hour, a month or a year; it’s up to you
  • Also schedule a future trip so you never forget to activate your coverage
  • You can set the app to notify you at Canadian airports and land borders when crossing over to the US as a reminder to activate your coverage.
  • Have travel insurance coverage at your fingertips, at your convenience.

Note that travel insurance is provided from age 16-55 and coverage is available for residents of Canada (excluding Quebec)

Travel Guard on Demand is available as a free download on the App Store. The app requires any device running iOS 10.0 or later which means works on iPhone 5 or higher.

Travel Guard App- How to claim insurance coverage

How does this app work?

Travel Guard On Demand allows you to purchase, use and manage your travel insurance right from your phone.

Purchase your coverage in blocks of time, based on a set number of days and use your coverage by the hour when you travel. It’s a usage-based app that counts down the number of hours you have used from your purchased block of time.

You need to set your iPhone’s location services to “on” and the app sends you real-time reminders to ensure that your coverage is turned on or off, depending on where you are.

Once on – it tracks your unused balance to the nearest hour.

Also, you never need to notify AIG of your travel dates.

You can purchase blocks of time as follows: 1 day    5 days    8 days    10 days    15 days    30 days    60 days    90 days

Each block of time you purchase is valid for 365 days, with no refunds for unused time.

The insurance coverage includes Emergency Medical Expenses of C$ 2,000,000; Emergency Dental Expenses of C$ 1,500; Trip Delay of $ 1,500; Baggage & Personal Effects Total coverage of $ 1,600 plus other assistance benefits.

How to file an insurance claim?

To claim for emergency medical and dental benefits:

You must contact at 1-866-878-0192 or collect at 416-646-3723 before seeking medical attention and a failure to call will result in your being responsible for 30% of any eligible expenses incurred unless your medical condition prevents you from calling, in which case you must call as soon as medically possible or have someone call on your behalf. AIG will make every effort to pay providers directly. Receipts for incurred expenses including those for subsistence allowance expenses are required.

In addition, you authorize any hospital, physician, other medical service provider or any other organization or person that has any records or knowledge of “me or my health conditions” to release to the Insurer and its affiliates, third-party administrators, agents, legal representatives and reinsurers any such information for the Medical Questionnaire (when required), the insurance policy and any subsequent claim.

To claim for trip cancellation, interruption and delay benefits:

You must notify us immediately of a cancellation, interruption or delay no later than the next business day following a cancellation, interruption or delay. You must provide:

  • Proof of all non-refundable, prepaid deposits or payments
  • Completed documentation if a medical condition was the cause for cancellation
  • Complete unused transportation tickets and vouchers
  • Receipts for subsistence allowance expenses
  • Original receipts for new tickets
  • Reports from police or local authorities documenting the missed connection or travel delay; and
  • Invoices and receipts from travel service providers.

To claim for rental car collision damage protection benefits:

If you have purchased this optional coverage and you wish to submit a claim, you must provide:

  • Your car rental invoice
  • Your rental agreement with the record of the damages that existed when you picked up the car
  • The police report and rental car agency report including estimate of repair costs.
  • You must file your claim within 30 days of the loss or damage in the case of a claim under Rental Car Protector Coverage.

Note that all claim information should be sent to: Travel Guard , Attn: Claims Department, 120 Bremner Boulevard, Suite 2200 Toronto, ON M5J 0A8