U.S. Elections Popular Among British Columbia Bettors

donald trump hillary clinton caricature

British Columbia’s residents are wagering tons of money on the US election polls already.

The Trump-Clinton showdown finally underway. B.C.’s bettors have already made the U.S. presidential debacle more popular than the Super Bowl. Only Canadians can place bets on BCLC’s PlayNow.com betting portal. It shows that Canadians are watching the U.S. presidential race with great interest.

The B.C. Lottery Corporation has reported that more than $533,000 has been wagered on American politics via the PlayNow.com online betting portal. The presidential race has garnered a whopping $391,000 in total bets.

Did Trump Scandals Increased Odds?

PlayNow.com has recorded more individual bets for business tycoon Donald Trump compared to Senator Hillary Clinton. Around 48% have wagered a total of $142,000 on Trump with more than 721 wagers. The potential payout once Trump becomes president will have more than $534,000. Mr. Trump holds 7/4 odds of claiming the presidency.

“I think the jump in popularity does correlate with his campaign,” said Doug Cheng with BCLC, “With having Donald Trump being such a controversial candidate, there is that excitement factor that you really wouldn’t get with other candidates.”

Is Clinton a Clear Winner Already?

trump versus clinton

BCLC’s Doug Cheng has mentioned than more than $250,000 dollars have been wagered on the U.S. elections from over 2,000 wagers, Senator Clinton currently has around 85.7% chance of winning and a 17/50 odds.

Senator Clinton is very popular among Canadian bettors since there are big profits once she wins as president. Around 36% of bettors have wagered around $243,000 with more than 546 wagers for Mrs. Clinton to claim the presidency. The payout for Clinton supported will total to more than $311,000.

Are you betting this week? Be sure to make a decent wager for a clear winner, but keep in mind to manage your bets in a sensible manner.