Which Slots Game Represents Roulette Game At Online Casinos?

Which Slots game represents roulette game at online casinos
Which Slots game represents roulette game at online casinos

The roulette game is a table game and the main thing that attracts the players is its wheel. In roulette, this amazing wheel has a ball and when you spin the wheel the ball rolls and the ball lands on any one of the 36 or 37 (for American Roulette) numbered slots imprinted on the wheel.

These slots are painted with red and black colours. The wheel of Roulette is operated by a dealer called a croupier. The dealer also manages the bettors and announces the time to stop betting with a “No more bets” caution.

The bets are placed on the roulette layout called the betting area with the help of different colour chips purchased at the casino. You can play one single number, two numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers and others at a time.

The ratio of winning depends on the way you bet on those numbers. If you bet on one number you win a maximum return of 1 to 35, and if you play on 4 numbers then you are winless. The betting area consists of 1 to 36 numbers arranged in three columns and one or two zeros (American Roulette uses two zeros). Roulette is played on the basis of two famous and basic rules known as La Partage and En Prison. There are certain gambling terms used for different types of bets in roulette such as straight-up, split-bet, and others.

All things said, there is a slot game that represents the game of roulette at online casinos.

Which Slots Game Represents Roulette Game At Online Casinos?

Slots game that represents roulette game at online casinos
Slots game that represents roulette game at online casinos

Wheel of Riches is a Slots game that represents a roulette game at online casinos. This game is powered by Microgaming and is available for all Canadians to play even on their mobile be it Android or iPhone. You need to join Microgaming-powered online casinos like Jackpot City, All Slots, Spin Casino and others to play this Slots game for free or with real CAD.

How Wheel of Riches Represents Roulette Game?

Roulette Wheel of Riches has an enormous wheel when you get to the game and a roulette table betting area. The game wheel is set up with 39 segments. 37 of them have the numbers of a roulette wheel and each segment is separated with a different colour. There are two additional segments that are labelled Spin and Bonus and these two sections activate the bonus games – the Free Spins bonus game and the Multiplier bonus game. This game is fun, and exciting and has great payouts.

How To Play Wheel of Riches?

To play Wheel of Riches Slots first understand its structure and the game rules which are simple.

As said above the Wheel of Riches wheel is numbered from 0 to 36, but with the Spins slot and Bonus slot, the wheel has a total of 39 segments. As per traditional roulette, the zero is green, but the two bonus segments are black. Instead of only black and red, the wheel uses four colours for the whole numbers: red, yellow, aqua and magenta. The colourful combination not only keeps your attention, but it provides you with additional betting possibilities.

You are given a wide range of different chips to use for betting. They start at only 0.10 credits, and they go all the way up to 100 credits. The maximum bet is also very high. You can bet up to 100 credits on a single number, 200 on a line and 400 on corners. On 2:1 odds, you can bet up to 800 credits, and you can bet up to 600 credits on 3:1 and 4:1 odds. The top payout in the game, before bonuses, is 3,600 credits.

You can undo your bets at Wheel of Riches Slots

If you make any mistakes, the game has a convenient Undo button. Pushing the button takes back the last chip you placed, but if you change your mind again, you can just click the Redo button to go back to how it was. The total of your bets is displayed on the bottom left of the betting table. When you win, your total winnings for that spin are displayed on the top left.

You don’t have to limit yourself to only one bet here. You can place multiple bets on the Bet Board at the same time, and each bet is independent of the other bets that you’ve placed. And, each pays out accordingly. When you’re ready to play, you click the required Chip display to select the chip size you want. Place your bets and watch the wheel spin to see if you land on a winning combination with this online casino game. An Even-Money bet, for instance, offers odds of 2:1 while a Straight Up bet offers odds of 36:1. The bets are similar to the bets you’d find in the roulette with inside bets, outside bets and many different betting options.

When you have placed your bets, all you have to do is click the big, round Spin button. Unlike traditional roulette, you do not have to wait forever for the wheel to stop spinning. The spinning stops in about eight seconds. When the wheel stops, your winnings are immediately tallied, the betting table is cleared and you are ready for the next round.

The Two Bonus Games At Wheel of Riches Slots and How Do They Work

Free spins at Wheel of Riches
Free spins at Wheel of Riches

Wheel of Riches includes two bonus games. When the wheel stops on Spins, the Free Spins bonus game is activated. This gives you a chance of winning on up to five spins with the same bets instead of only one spin. When you land on the Bonus segment, the Multiplier bonus game is activated, which gives you an extra multiplier on your total bet value.

This shows that the Free Spins bonus game offers up to five free spins. If the wheel stops on the Spins section, the Free Spins bonus game activates. You then play the Free Spins bonus game right on the game wheel. You have to click on the Spin button to see how many free spins you’ll get and those free spins are then automatically activated.

Note that the Multiplier Bonus Game offers you random multiplier values on your total bet. If your wheel stops at the Bonus position then the Multiplier bonus game activates. You’ll then click the Spin button to spin the bonus reel and see if you win a random multiplier value.


Q1. What is the theme of Wheel of Riches Slots?

The theme of Wheel of Riches Slots is all about the television show, Wheel of Fortune. This one is one of the most popular and sought-after games in television history because of the appeal and fun that it has brought to its audience. With the bright colours that are appealing and the sound effects, if you have the right strategy, the rewards are good.

Q2. Can I play Wheel of Riches Slots for real money?

Yes you can play Wheels of Riches for real money, and you should know a thing or two about the following gameplay:

  1. The wagers have different numbers that range from 0-26.
  2. Once there is already a bet, you can press spin and watch the wheel as it goes around. All of the spaces will either land on the appropriate value of the win, the free spins one, or a bonus of a random multiplier.

This means you only need to focus on the screen really and what it means.

Q3. What is the game stake?

When playing these Slots you require a minimum coin size of 0.5 and the size of a maximum coin of 10. It is a system of fixed odds.

Q4. Where can I play Wheel of Riches online?

You can play wheel of Riches online at any Canadian-friendly online casino that is powered by Microgaming.


These are a few slot games that represent roulette games at online casinos.