3 iPhone Slots Games You Must Play

There are myriads of iPhone slots games, but there are some counted ones that can offer you that excitement and thrill that you look for in addition to winning a big payout. Developing an app that is exciting, engaging and interactive is not an easy task, still, there are some amazing iPhone slot games that are available for you to enjoy and experience the most enticing games.

Let’s find out those three iPhone apps that are the best iPhone slots games that you would love to play anytime anywhere with a chance of winning big. Each one of these games can help keep engaged in the action with free tokens, excellent customer support, and friendly co-players. If you want to win big on your iPhone slots games, below mentioned are some of the most promising and engaging ones you must give a try at least once.

Born to be Rich Slot Machine

Born to be Rich Slot Machine- iPhone slots
Born to be Rich Slot Machine- iPhone Slots

Smash Atom Software is mostly known for its storybook games for children. But with the release of the iPhone app ‘Born to be Rich’ changed this perception altogether overnight. This realistic game is made to provide the most engaging and authentic slot experience you can ever have outside of a casino. There are two types of players – one who prefer to have an automatic spin so they can play without getting worried; others prefer manual spin to feel they can control their fortune and it is in their own hand. This is from some of the few games to select, supporting players coming from all zones and styles of play. Coupled with high-quality graphics which are just amazing and suitable for the iPhone, what else could you ask more from an iPhone slots game?

Big Win Slots

Big Win Slots
Big Win Slots- iPhone slots

The most critical aspect that pinches often with most slots games is that you get the coins only once a day. This means you can run out of coins very soon and anytime. In that case, you either have to request your friends to sign up, buy coins, or wait for a whole day to keep playing. But there is no such issue with Big Win Slots. It comfortably resolves this issue by offering you free coins every four hours, making it possible for you to keep playing religiously throughout the day.  This game also gives you an option to select between three and five reel machines, thus providing sufficient variety to ensure you are happy and excited for your next win.

If you have played some of the games then you will immediately realize how highly addictive and engaging Big Win Slots are.  It is packed with a leaderboard to analyze your winnings and compare them to the rest of the world. This is also equipped with some of the most fascinating and satisfying payout animations that you have ever seen, you just need to remember you must not get carried away with the play ending up playing too much!

Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino
Big Fish Casino- iPhone slots

Big Fish Casino’s popularity and acceptability to the players are quite evident with the fact that it has already received nearly 40,000 perfect reviews from players on iTunes. This game is indisputably one of the best slots apps across the globe. And it’s not difficult to understand the reason. It has something for everyone to play and enjoy. You can find high-end rooms for high rollers, traditional players, and even for the newbies.

You, being a new player, can start with a whopping 100,000 chips, and can then earn daily chip bonuses just for playing. The fact is you get even more free chips every half hour. This is an app that guarantees you’ll remain in action throughout due to its excitement and wins.

In this app, you also get a social element that is not actually found in many other slot games. It not only allows you to play with your friends but also with myriads of other people from across the globe. Like all Big Fish apps, you do not have to bother about enduring ads or adware. And if you get frustrated with hitting the slots, it also offers you a variety of other casino classics, which includes Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and many more. If you are looking to experience the thrill and excitement of winning big, Big Fish Casino is the best bet you can try.

So, these are the top three iPhone slots apps that can bring Las Vegas to your fingertips and help you enjoy the real treasure of the gaming experience.


These are some of the iPhone slots games that you should certainly give a try.