How e-Wallet MuchBetter can Benefit Canadian players

MuchBetter e-Wallet
MuchBetter e-Wallet

MuchBetter e-wallet is a form of the smart payment application and a kind of eWallet that is exponentially becoming one of the most extensively used ones in Canada for money transactions at online gaming sites. The inception of eWallet was in 2017 and expeditiously became the go-to banking method for transacting deposits as well as withdrawals at many online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks. 

This eWallet is also available across Canada and can be utilized with iOS as well as Android devices, and provides streamlined deposits with withdrawals. 

An increasing amount of online gaming sites are agreeing to accept the MuchBetter e-Wallet as a banking method due to its effervescing popularity. Even though the mainstream currency is still Euros and U.S. dollars, depending on your location you can also have an e-Wallet as an additional payment method with one of them being in Canadian dollars.

The company is established in the United Kingdom and it is a guaranteed safe and secure payment service factoring in that it is licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Additionally, MuchBetter e-Wallet is a part of the Electronic Money Association, which is quite a reputable as well as recognized trade body across Europe.

Reasons why MuchBetter is an amazing choice

Reasons why MuchBetter is a great option- MuchBetter e-wallet
Reasons why MuchBetter is a great option- MuchBetter e-wallet

As you can vividly see how magnetically MuchBetter e-wallet has emerged as a huge player in the eWallet market, just some of the most distinguished awards they have won contain: 

  • The Best Startup Innovation of 2019
  • Payment Innovation of the Year of 2018
  • Mobile Payment Solution of the Year of 2019 SBC Awards 

The salient reasons why MuchBetter is an amazing banking option at online casinos are: 

  • In the entirety of the e-Wallet industry, it has the lowest gambling fees
  • A convenient way to maintain online gambling accounts.
  • Quick transactions for both deposits as well as withdrawals (at majorly all online casinos the processing times are imminent). 
  • MuchBetter rewards from the online gaming sites as well. 
  • High-end safety as well as security for financial transactions. (Some of the security measures in place contain device pairing, touch ID process, dynamic security codes, a customized financial review system, and complete financial as well as personal information for MuchBetter users is kept in the cloud). 

Getting started on MuchBetter has never been easier because all you need to do is install the app and fund your account. After this, you are good to go!

Funding methods on MuchBetter

Methods of payment on MuchBetter- MuchBetter e-wallet
Methods of payment on MuchBetter- MuchBetter e-wallet

The major funding methods for MuchBetter available in Canada are as follows: 

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Interact bank cards
  • Bitcoin

Before you begin utilizing MuchBetter at online gaming sites you need to verify your account, which is quite a quicker as well as an easier process. The deposits and withdrawals at online gaming sites are exactly that utilizing the trustworthy e-Wallet. 

Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawal procedure on MuchBetter
Withdrawal procedure on MuchBetter e-Wallet

Here is the much more convenient process for transacting deposits as well as withdrawals at the online gaming sites utilizing MuchBetter: 

  • Enter the gaming site you play at by logging in it.
  • Browse the payments, cashier, or banking section.
  • Choose the MuchBetter option.
  • Click deposit or withdrawal.
  • Enter the figure you desire to deposit or withdraw from your online gaming site account. 
  • Verify the transaction. 
  • If the transaction was approved, you will be notified on your phone via the MuchBetter app.

MuchBetter gifts members with an arbitrary weekly draw there the rewards are about $100. Every time you spend around $10 at an online betting site or pay a deposit of a minimum of $20 you will be awarded one point and also admitted to the weekly draw and the yearly one too. Here the winner gets a free trip to Las Vegas

MuchBetter is customized for online gaming transactions and due to that, the company is partnered with a lot of online gaming sites in Canada as well as around the world. If you enjoy an online casino, sportsbook, or poker room and utilize the MuchBetter service you can also get mobile notifications when that site is providing you with bonuses and promotions. This is quite advantageous, as you won’t ever be able to miss a chance to sparkle your gaming bankroll. 

MuchBetter provides convenience as well as security while making transactions at online gaming sites. These are two of the major reasons why MuchBetter is flourishing to become the #1 eWallet in Canada. It can be utilized for all kinds of transactions as well as purchases online something that sets MuchBetter apart is the fact that it is well-optimized for online gaming sites. Due to this, utilizing the trusted eWallet offers things that other eWallets are unable to. 


The MuchBetter e-Wallet app is quite a method of online payment that is spreading like wildfire in Canada. As you might have already witnessed the sheer advantages that this app can offer you, it must be easier for you to make an online transaction.