Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max – Best Smartphone with Excellent Battery Life

With the best intentions to endorse happiness to you, with long battery life, plenty of highlights, and no genuine weaknesses Apple brings to you the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The new camera system is the headline feature of the iPhone 11 Pro. Apple pulls off a spectacularly obvious move this year. It made the phone quite a bit thicker as well as put a larger battery inside. The iPhone 11 Pro is around 0.01 inches (0.4mm) thicker with 0.3 ounces (11 grams) heavier compared to the iPhone XS. However, unless you’re relatively comparing them directly, you won’t even notice (and then, it’s quite subtle). If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 7, the difference is somewhat even more noticeable, however, due to the 11 Pro being a full 1.7 ounces (50 grams) heavier.

Great Battery Life- Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Great Battery Life
Great Battery Life- Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is a refurbished version of the iPhone 11 Pro as it is very much better in battery life, has a better design, and camera resolution, and is a better design as well. However, the only difference with the real thing is the aspect ratio of the phone which is almost a 6.5-inch screen which is quite a lot bigger and heavier and longer. Even though the size might be a hassle to some, it fulfils the condition by being a phone that can survive at the end of the day without being ever plugged in!

Even though the rumour might be true that the iPhone 11 Pro Max was humbled by note 10 Plus as well as the iPhone 11 pro, when the question of streaming arises, it gives you the upper hand over the former two when it comes to real-world performance. Based on a different combination of activities that people are quite interested in, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has a seamless battery performance.

Even after rigorous use of the battery, if it is left uncharged at the night it would still have quite a lot of juice to survive even the next day until you get to the office to charge it. You are also offered an 18W charger inside the box with the iPhone which might lag somewhat behind the quicker and stellar chargers such as Samsung and Huawei. You can wirelessly charge it as well.

Huawei P30 Pro – Next to iPhone 11 Pro Max

Huawei P30 Pro – Next to iPhone 11 Pro Max
Huawei P30 Pro – Next to Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The Huawei P30 Pro is a prominent phone with its 4200 mAh battery. It is long enough to survive without an outlet for about 2 days. It, however, is not all about the battery life of this phone. The credit also goes to the software trickery the engineers put into to make this which is the power optimization that gets the real job done. It also boasts about quick charging because of the accessory Supercharge technology that allows you to charge your phone under 70 minutes from empty to full.


This will tell you almost everything regarding the battery life of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.