Does iPhone Have a Powerful Battery to Play Slots for Hours?

iPhone battery to play slots
iPhone battery to play slots

iPhone battery is quite powerful and is considered the best smartphone to play slots online. Recently a Canadian iPhone lost at sea was found by a scuba diver with 84% battery intact after two days lying in the seabed.

Though Apple doesn’t provide a projected lifespan for the iPhone battery because the lifespan of a battery is influenced by how the battery is used and charged.

If you wish to know how long your device’s battery will last, it’s important to understand two things that are battery life and battery lifespan.

Battery Life is the amount of use you get from your device’s battery before it needs to be recharged. This is usually measured in hours.

Battery Lifespan is the amount of time your battery is usable before it stops being able to hold a charge long enough to power your device. This is usually measured in years. Battery lifespan is actually determined by something called a charge cycle, which doesn’t necessarily have a time associated with it.

Apple says that the batteries in its devices will maintain up to 80% of their charge capacity through a “high number” of battery charge cycles. The company doesn’t provide an exact number probably because it has so many different devices and batteries, and there are so many use factors involved in battery life. 

Certain activities, like talking or watching a video on the Internet or playing slots on 3G, use more power and necessarily decrease battery life quicker than having the iPhone on but not in use would. From a full charge, Apple says the iPhone offers up to eight hours of talk time and eight hours of Internet use on 3G, 10 hours of Internet use on Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video, or 40 hours of audio, as well as 225 hours of standby time in an iPhone 5 device. Battery life for earlier iPhone models may vary.

iPhones use lithium-based batteries with electrons that must be kept moving occasionally. Apple recommends going through at least one charge cycle, known as completely charging your battery and then allowing it to completely empty, per month to keep the phone’s battery healthy.

Check battery when playing slots on iPhone

Check iPhone battery
Check iPhone battery

Running out of power when you are in the middle of winning a jackpot in slots is frustrating and may impact your mental well-being. Therefore you can check the battery level using the battery icon on the screen when you are busy playing slots. By itself, the battery icon provides limited information on the remaining battery life. You can adjust the settings to get a more accurate reading on the amount of power left in the battery.

Look at the battery icon at the top of the screen to get a general idea of the remaining battery life. The amount of green in the icon shows the amount of battery power remaining. If the battery icon has red in it, you have less than 20 percent of your battery level remaining.

Now Tap “Settings” on the Home screen.

Touch “General” and tap “Usage” to open the Usage screen.

Scroll down the screen and tap the “Battery Percentage” switch to change it from “Off” to “On.” The percentage of the remaining battery power will appear next to the battery icon.

Also, we recommend playing slots on iPhone with your phone charger beside you so that when you see the battery left to below 30% you can plug in the cable and continue with your game as well.

How to get longer iPhone battery span?

iPhone battery span
Check iPhone battery span

To get the longest lifespan out of your battery, Apple recommends you run the latest version of your device’s operating system. New OS offers better power- and battery-management features.

You need to avoid extreme temperatures. Try to avoid letting your device get hotter than 95  F (35 degrees C), or colder than 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) as that can damage the battery.

Also, some cases can cause devices to get hot when they charge. If your case has that issue, remove it when charging your device.

For long-term storage, use a half-charged battery. If you’re going to store your device for a long time, charge the battery halfway and then turn it off. Every six months, charge it back to 50% and then turn it off again.

Always use the Hold switch to lock the device when it’s not in use

Don’t use the screen’s backlight except when needed.

Usually, it is up to eight hours of talk time and eight hours of Internet use on 3G or 4G and is significantly longer when measured in Wi-Fi use, video and audio playback, or standby time. You can maximize the battery life by keeping the iPhone at room temperature, adjusting phone settings, and running the battery down to empty at least once per month.

You can reconfigure many settings on the iPhone to increase its battery life. Many default settings decrease the battery life by keeping the phone active, even if it doesn’t need to be. To save battery life, Apple recommends changes such as dimming the iPhone screen, disabling push notifications and fetching new data less frequently, minimizing the use of location (GPS) services, using airplane mode in areas with less coverage, and turning on auto-lock.

Also, remove any unwanted apps that are running at the backend of your iPhone to increase the battery span.

With these useful points in mind, your slots for iPhone will be a fantastic gaming experience for you.


We hope that you found the answer if the iPhone battery can withstand slots on it.