Remade Makes the most Beautiful Smartphones

Do you know the most beautiful new iPhone you’ve ever seen is not from Apple?

French Company Remade offers the Cutest Phones

Remade Makes the most Beautiful Smartphones 1

The fact is the French company Remade used to buy used iPhone 6 and 7 models and repair it and solve any issues they find prior to striping them and repainting them in some fancy colors like rose, orange, bronze, raspberry, foam, and sapphire. Of course, it could be called as a refurbished phone. But actually, it is completely new as it is re-manufactured.

Refurbish iPhones with Vibrant Colors

Remade Makes the most Beautiful Smartphones 2

The company has every facility that is required to manufacturing a smartphone like white-coated lab workers in a clean room partaking components while machine and robotic arms pass part units down the line. Actually, it is a proprietary process the company has developed to powder coat the back of the phones in amazing colors. Although it is still a work in progress, it actually offers the best of iPhone without any technical glitch which was displayed at Mobile World Congress 2019.

Complete Industrial Process Applied

Remade Makes the most Beautiful Smartphones 3

As the trend about phones was definitely still delicate, the colors displayed at the MWC19 were particularly fragile. The motive of this presentation was to present these flashy and new colors to the partners to see which ones seem the most attractive. Although the complete industrial process was not fully applied to these samples, it was processed individually and manually especially for the event.

It is as Good as New

Remade Makes the most Beautiful Smartphones 4

As per the Remade French company, there is absolutely no risk to reproduce the phone intended for final sale. This is the reason for MWC, where you can see lots of products before they are finalized.

Future is Bright

Remade Makes the most Beautiful Smartphones 5

No doubt the future looks as rosy as one of Remade’s iPhones as the company has opened operations in Florida and has plans to start selling phones in the US this summer. Although the focus is on iPhone 6 and 7 right now, the company also sells iPads and is planning to apply the same process of repairing to newer models of iPhones as well.