4 Best Sleep Tracking Devices for 2021

Sleep-tracking technology is getting more and more common these days and it’s no longer just a secondary feature of fitness trackers. This can begin to make changes in your lifestyle for better living.

There are many different products on the market promising to measure your nightly rest and each has its own set of pros and cons.

I have picked the best 4 sleep trackers for specific purposes in this list!

1. Beddit Sleep Tracker

Beddit Sleep Tracker
Beddit Sleep Tracker

Beddit is a great sleep tracker that will not interfere with your sleep. The Beddit shrinks the sensor so that you will not even feel it there. Just at 2 millimeters thin, you can also track all kinds of sleep data using the Beddit app, including snoring, sleep duration, quality, respiration rate, and also your heart rate. The tracker also instantly knows when you’re asleep so you don’t have to worry about anything.


2. Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat
Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Withings is known to produce several excellent trackers, and this sleeping mat is one of the best devices around. You simply have to put it under your mattress, and it will keep track of your sleep cycles, snoring episodes, breathing, disturbances, and more. Through this app, you’d be able to chart your sleep, watch for problems, and monitor conditions, like sleep apnea, to improve your sleep.

This device also offers personalized suggestions on how to get a better night’s sleep based on your results.


3. Lookee Ring Sleep Monitor

Lookee Ring Sleep Monitor
Lookee Ring Sleep Monitor

The Lookee Ring is a finger sensor meant for serious monitoring purposes. It records blood oxygen levels and heart rate during sleep to detect sleep problems. It also vibrates to warn you if blood oxygen levels fall below a certain so that you can customize for your situation, using the related Lookee app.

This ring can work for 16 hours on a single charge, and you can charge it in about two to four hours. You can also pair it with sleep apnea treatments or other serious illnesses where monitoring sleep health is critical.


4. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app
Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app

In case you use Apple Watch, you can download Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app free and use so long you don’t mind sleeping with your Apple Watch on. In this Pillow app, you can set an alarm clock also but its real worth is in accurate sleep tracking that monitors your heart, sleep stages, and the overall progression of your sleep cycles.

It offers a multitude of graphs and comparisons along with long-term tracking reports displaying your sleep variations over time. It’ll also record sounds of snoring in your sleep if you want.



These are the most powerful and popular sleep tracker devices that you can use to improve your sleep and overall health!