5 Best IPhone Wireless Chargers to Use

If you own an iPhone and looking for the best iPhone wireless chargers to use in coming 2019, we can help you pick top 5 picks. Having iPhone is not enough! You also need to have other various accessories also to run it smoothly to get the best of your device. Such types of accessories have become mandatory for getting a quick charge before you start your day. These accessories are also universal among all phones making them a great charging investment.

Top 5 Wireless iPhone Chargers

  1. Choetech

5 Best IPhone Wireless Chargers to Use 1

This is one of the best picks for 2019 when it comes to the best iPhone wireless charger. This is an amazing stand-up charger with a customized design. With a smooth matte finish, it aligns with your iPhone gently when placing it down on to it. It costs around $20 and it is definitely worth a look and price.

  1. Anker the Power Port 5

5 Best IPhone Wireless Chargers to Use 2

This is again a great standing up the wireless charger. Its tailor-made custom curved design is just timeless but comes in only black color. It too has an extremely smooth design and it will give you a nice feeling when you place your phone onto this smooth matte finish charger with some sleek grip on the bottom for keeping it firm. When it will be in the charging mode you can see a blue led light in the front of it turns on. You can have it with a 12-month warranty and can cost you for around $20.

  1. Anker Wireless Charging Pad

5 Best IPhone Wireless Chargers to Use 3

Yet another wireless charging pad from Anker made it to the list of top 5. This non-slip pad is custom designed with grippers on the bottom to keep it firm. With the Anker branding in the center of the pad, this makes this charges special and lucrative as it features blue led light along the sides of it. It can actually illuminate a dark room thus acting as a night light when you are going to sleep and looks great on placing it on a desk. You can buy it around $22 and also get a convenient 12-month warranty.

  1.  Aukey Wireless Charger5 Best IPhone Wireless Chargers to Use 4

If you are not in a mood to spend more on the charger, you probably should buy the Aukey Wireless Charger. It has a nice design with non-slip pad and grip on the bottom to keep hold of the phone in place. It’s quite lightweight and tiny enough to fit in your palm. You can have it around $12 thus it can be said to be a nice bargain.

  1. Seneo

5 Best IPhone Wireless Chargers to Use 5

The last best iPhone wireless charger for 2019 is the Seneo. Of course, this again is another stand-up charger having over 5000 reviews and counting. With a sleek design that comes in both black and white, its smooth matte finish keep your phone on place proving fast charging. You can get it for around $19 and definitely it is a wireless charger worth checking out.


Have you planned which cordless charge will best suit your budget and need? If not, give it a thought and get the best of it!